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Hope this is not the message of JAL against the backdrop of a sunset.

Hope this message can tansmit across to all levels and serve as a timely reminder to the JAL staff.

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Posted in: There is a real hope that Japan will come in with perhaps as much as, well, several hundred million dollars, to help with the reconciliation and reintegration effort. See in context

Since the end of WWII, American policies in Middle East had flip-flopped which caused rampant growth of anti-American or Western sentiments, for the staunch support of Israel.

Why should Japan pays for a mistake in the US foreign policy in Middle East?

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Fancy to let the Americans lead the rescue and aid efforts.

Look what happened to people in New Orleans after Katrina came and swept it away.

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After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the USA is the only superpower in this world of mess. Also, As a key member of NATO, what do you expect? No Action, Talk Only

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