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Posted in: Renault-Nissan workers in India to strike over COVID fears See in context

Thats more like it. There is a raging pandemic and Suzuki and Honda and Toyota are giving their workers a paid holiday so WTF ....

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Posted in: Uniqlo appoints green Doraemon as Global Sustainability Ambassador See in context

and Water .... you cant even begin to imagine ... how much water they destroy ..

kyushubillToday 10:57 am JST

Using a cute anime character does not invalidate the truth:

Uniqlo sells Chinese made clothes which contributes to China being the #1 polluter.

These clothes are made by slave labor.

The amount of plastic Uniqlo rips through in a year is abhorrent.

But the cute character invalidates all this like magic.

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Posted in: 'Everything evaporated' - Olympic overseas spectator ban hits Japan tourism See in context

Why not claim damages from the country that perhaps caused the wide spread. Its really quite easy to just basically sulk and blame any one who gets in the way. But I see no effort, internationally as well, to demand and extract damages .... from you-know-who.

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