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Again with the tired old meme that the price of food would rise dramatically should illegal immigrants not be allowed to harvest it.... any serious economic study of the impact of illegal labor on the agricultural sector says that you are wrong. Most workers in agriculture are American citizens or legal residents. Illegals' portion of the sector is minimal. And yes, I think most Americans would not mind paying an extra dime for broccoli if it were harvested by legal residents.

The same applies to other sectors that are traditionally seen as dominated by illegal labor- cleaning services and restaurant work. Again, most workers in those areas are American. And again, the impact would be a few dollars on a hotel room and a buck (maybe two) on a meal in a real restaurant. Again, a small price to pay to see Americans doing those jobs and getting paid fair wages.

Final shibboleth, that there are jobs that Americans are too lazy or proud to do. Not true. Possibly the dirtiest and most dangerous job in America is coal miner. Yet it is dominated not by illegals, but by Americans. There is simply no sector of the economy that needs illegals.

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Sorry, that is simply incorrect. Latest research shows that only 25% of the agricultural labor force is comprised of illegal immigrants. Not 90%. It would be easy to replace them by simply offering decent wages to legal residents. I'm sure most Americans would be willing to pay an extra quarter for a head of lettuce that was picked by an American. The vast majority of agriculture is done on an industrial scale using massive equipment that require few operators. Your assertion is quite popular, but a shibboleth nonetheless.


Yes, the GOP won both races. What is important to note is that, in Georgia at least, millions of dollars poured in from outside the state to support the Democratic candidate- far more than the Republican. He also got celebrity endorsements and the like. He also lost. Sound familiar?

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As a card carrying member of the right wing, at first glance this teacher seems like a bit of a tool. I can only imagine what might happen back in The World if a teacher made a comment like, "you read like a fag"! And deservedly so.

However, is there something lost in translation here? Does the word "okama" in Japanese carry the same weight and negative connotation? That is the key with a bunch of non-native speakers trying to evaluate the possible impact of such a comment.

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It's sad to see the "heckler's veto" being honored in Japan. it doesn't matter if it from the left or right, there is no good reason to use threats of violence to stop someone from speaking. If you disagree with them, there are more civilized and intellectually honest ways to do so.

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So the perp was a young illegal alien from El Salvador... possible gang connection? MS 13 recruits heavily in central America. This may explain the bat in the car as well.

Another senseless crime committed by someone who never should have been in the US in the first place. The victim's family must be beside themselves with grief.

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Cleo; your friend was right. There is no difference. Any non-endangered species is potential dinner. The whole controversy is largely cultural imperialism, with western lefties trying to impose their values on others.

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Goodluck: Kushner is hardly right wing.

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Japan TOOK legal responsibility in 1965. At that time, Japan and Korea signed a treaty to normalize diplomatic relations and to settle ALL claims by South Korea for compensation. Japan offered a large sum of money to the victims, and also offered to disburse it. the SK government at that time refused, and took the money themselves. Rather than giving it to the victims, they instead spent it on infrastructure projects and gave a pittance to the surviving comfort women and others. They also demanded that the details of the treaty be kept secret for 40 years. Hardly Japan's fault.

This inconvenient truth is largely ignored in the SK media.

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So far, no indication that this was anything more than a violent idiot committing a brutal crime. Condolences to the victim's family, and if this guy is indeed the perp then I hope that Virginia has the death penalty.

Now, back to our normal political bickering.

Nishikat, there is not and never has been a Muslim ban. The action Trump took did not affect more than 85% of Muslims, including those from the most populous Muslim countries. You would think that such a ban, if it were to be enacted, would perhaps INCLUDE nations like Indonesia or Pakistan or Bangladesh if it were to actually be a "Muslim ban".

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Taj, as you said, I was narrowing the focus to Islamic terror. It is different from the others in many signiicant ways, not the least of which is its global ambitions. The other groups you mentioned had very limited scope by comparison, and tended to be narrow in focus.

As for the support for Islamist ideas, we can quibble about the numbers, but the fact remains that a distressingly large number of British Muslims support Islamist ideas.

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While the terrorists may be a minority, those who support them may not be. Nearly half of Muslims in the UK support Sharia law, think 9/11 was a Jewish/US conspiracy, more than half think that being gay should be illegal...

I think the ship has sailed.

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Takeda, guess you did't read where I wrote "at least of the ISIS/Islamic variety". Plus, the race of the suspect is irrelevant to the topic of religion. It may be that he was anti Muslim. However, it is not due to his race. There are thousands of white people who embrace Islam. You are being racist to suggest that his skin colour is relevant.

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The purpose of terrorism, at least of the ISIS/Islamic variety, is to create conditions necessary to enforce Shraria law throughout the world. To establish a Caliphate. They don't give a crap about creating division. They want to create obediance, if necessary through slaughter and barbarism. Polls of Muslims living in Europe show this to be true. While a small number actually want to participate in such acts, a rather larger number support the general aims and goals. They are what Bill Maher called "big fans" of the terrorists.

Again, who is this division supposed to divide exactly?

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Terror and fear don't create division. They create obediance.

By the way, in all this division sowing, precisely who do the terrorists want to sow division between? The division exists already. It has existed for the past 30 years, since Europe started the wholesale importation of people who do not share their values. The more of such people you import, the more division is created. No need for terrorism to do so. Rather, terrorism is the result of division that already exists.

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London is already a divided city. So are many of the large cities of Europe. There is no need to sow division where it already exists.

As for military strategy, I did do a stint in the armed forces, including a bit of training in insurgency techniques. Most terror attacks are not meant to do anything of the sort. They are to sow terror. Fear. To create compliance amonst the terrorized. To facilitate the eventual imposition of a medieval system. Not to create division.

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I always here the same old shibboleth: that terrorists are trying to "sow division" within communities. There is no evidence of this. It is a convenient leftist trope that fits with the whole multi-cultural narrative. The division is already there, between those who want a world where women and gays are second class citizens at best, and those who want a world of freedom and human rights. Terrorists want to rule a kingdom of corpses.

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The Paris Accord is yet more useless paper spewed out of the Eurocratic enclave. It has no enforcement mechanisms and does not even include restraints on two of the world's largest polluters, China and India. The US would be foolish to join such a stupid venture.

Green energy sources are naturally evolving as a result of the capitalist business cycle. Government intervention is really not necessary. Plus, the statement in the article that "the overwhelming majority of global wariming is man made" is simply not proven.

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Resolved in the 1960s as a precondition to resuming diplomatic relations. The Japanese government agreed to pay compensation to the Korean government, who in turn promised to distribute the payments to the victims. The deal was signed, sealed, and secret until recently.

However the Korean government reneged on the deal. Instead of paying the victims, they used the money for infrastructure projects. That is why the victims are still confused. If the remaining comfort women want to blame anyone, they can blame their own greedy politicians. The Japanese offered to compensate the victims directly, but the Koreans refused, obviously so the money could be used in other ways.

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Of course impartiality rules are dangerous and potentially stifling. The bottom line is, who gets to decide what is and is not "impartial"? It leaves the door open to abuse and restriction of free expression.

It's better to let the media fire away with whatever they have, and have a little faith in the general public to be able to tell the difference. There is no need for government "fairness police" to monitor each tv station and punish those who transgress.

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Takeda: the word is "attempted". Again, so what? Countries do it all the time. The US did it in Iran, Germany, during the Brexit campaign, in Ukraine, etc etc etc.

What did they actually do (the Russians)? All smoke and mirrors.

It's sad to see the left adopting the worst of the GOP tactics during the Obama years. I would have thought they were above it.

Also, no Supreme court justice was stolen. Neither was the election.

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There was no Russian interference in the election. No evidence at all that one vote was tampered with, or that one person changed their vote due to Russian propaganda. There WAS a lot of back room politicking and lobbying, but that is no different than any other election cycle.

This will all fiIzzle out within a week or two, hopefully.

I'm not a big Trump fan. He's obnoxious and a boor. I would have preferred at least 4 or 5 other GOP contenders over him. But, I would have preferred anyone over Hillary. Well, with the possible exception of Ted Cruz. In any case, he IS the president now, and it is time for people to get used to it. Put aside your petty differences and hurt feelings, and start acting like Americans.

This whole meme of being "the resistance" is ridiculous and historically inaccurate. Resistance implies occupation and military force. Neither are present. Trump won the election, he gets to preside. There is nothing wrong with being an opposition to him, but the language of resistance is nothing more than hyperbole.

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It seems the only people that really care about this whole thing are butt-hurt Democrats and Clinton supporters who just can't face the reality that they lost a sure-thing election to Donald Frickin Trump. Oh, and their syncophants in the mass media, who are also angry that their power over the public is slipping away.

Most Americans care about jobs, the economy, and security. They couldn't give a crap about whether or not someone in the Trump campaign talked to a Russian, or if Trump told people to lay off. These are non-issues to most people not living in the coastal enclaves or inside the DC Beltway.

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Definitely better signage outside the major tourist haunts. Better explanations of things like ticket machines. Also, figure out what you will and will not translate. I have seen strange signs and the like with things written in both English and Japanese. For example, "Nagaragawa River", "Mount Fujisan", "Otsuhashi Bridge".

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You are forgetting the second part of the quote, nishikat.

It goes, "until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on, until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people that only believe in jihad and have no sense of reason and respect for human life".

But you are not alone in that. I remember most of the mass media doing the same thing and selectively cutting off the important part of the statement. A statement made 18 months ago, before Trump became President.

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It's a queer kind of "muslim ban" when it only includes 15% of the world's muslims! It doesn't even cover the Muslim countries with the largest populations. So that meme needs to go.

Rather, it seems to be a ban on people from countries that are basically non functioning. That have no civil service and no document control. Makes sense to me, and also made sense to the previous President.

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Best advice- cut down on white rice. It's a killer, especially if you eat it every day. Change to genmai (brown rice) or long rice from south east Asia if possible. Also more veggies, especially rich colored ones (spinach, red/green peppers, etc.). And, avoid the pickles, they contribute to stomach cancer rates that are among the highest in the world.

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Swift; well it would stop the flow of "fresh blood" into the communities that foster terrorism. It would also slow down the demographic shift that is happening between Muslim and non-Muslim in many countries. It would also hopefully allow time for those immigrants already present to better assimilate into the larger culture around them, rather than retreating into ethnic enclaves.

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These people may be technically British citizens, but they certainly weren't brought up with anything resembling British values and culture. Not sure about the perps in this case, but in the case of Manchester the entire family were jihadi or jihadi lite. Both brothers of the perp arrested, father arrested in Libya, sister waxing poetically that her brother was "entering Paradise" as a result of his sick actions.

They tend to be born and raised in exclusively Muslim enclaves/slums of large cities in Europe. This only fosters a nasty combination of frustration and entitlement, particularly in young men.

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This is the equivalent of reaping the whirlwind. Allowing unfettered immigration while at the same time restricting peoples' economic freedom was and is a recipe for disaster. From the banlieu of Paris to the burbs of Londonistan, there are festering pools if discontent that are easily exploited by ISIS. Saying this is not Islam is simply untrue. It IS Islam, to a great number of people.

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I'm impressed. The city of Brookhaven must be paradise, for its town lawmakers to have the time to worry about an atrocity that happened 75 years ago, half a planet away....

...or perhaps they are just doing a nice round of virtue signalling. Trying to make themselves feel better with an empty gesture rather than face the genuine, but difficult, concerns that face their community.

Never mind that the Korean government resolved the issue back in the 1960s, when it agreed to accept compensation on behalf of the victims. What importance are facts when feelings are in play?

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