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Attilathehungry comments

Posted in: Testimony begins in lawsuit accusing Japanese police of racial profiling See in context

IF the police are investigating a specific crime, and the person being stopped fits the description of the suspect, then by all means stop and question.

BUT...if there was no crime, and the stop is based on mere bias and pretext, then you are under no obligation to co-operate beyond showing (showing, NOT giving) your zairyu card. No searches, no random questions. The only thing to do is say, "sorry, I'm a little busy. Can I go now?" until you are able to escape.

And don't try to dazzle the police with your perapera nihongo.It will only cause more trouble.

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Posted in: Police practice of stopping and questioning comes under media scrutiny See in context

The Catch-22 is that Japanese citizens don't have to carry ID. So a naturalized citizen can (and is) still hassled to show their passport etc. when they are under no legal obligation to do so. And Japanese as a whole roundly reject the implementation of a national ID. You do not have to 'prove' you are Japanese. That defeats the purpose of naturalizing.

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Posted in: Gaza truce talks still deadlocked; Netanyahu sets date for Rafah offensive See in context

There will be no war criminals to send to the Hague because, God willing, they will all be dead in the rubble of Rafah- the Hamas dirtbags need to be eliminated.

As to the whining about casualties among the children of Gaza, Hamas KNEW that they were attacking Israel from a territory that was half children, yet they did it anyway. What did they expect to happen? Not to mention, the idea of genocide is ludicrous. The population of Gaza grows by 50,000 people every year- some genocide. I guess the Jews just dont know what they are doing.

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Posted in: Israel pulling some troops from southern Gaza; plan to clear Hamas from Rafah See in context

Antique: nice dodge there. You know very well the answer is zero and zero. There are no Jews left in any of the surrounding Arab countries, certainly none in the government. Why is that, I wonder? I bring it up to highlight the utter hypocrisy of complaining about Israeli treatment of its minority communities while completely ignoring the utter depravity of the Arabs when it comes to their dealings with the Jews who used to live there. Used to live there....

Wallace; you are wrong. The destruction of Nazi Germany did not create hundreds of thousands of new Nazis. The destruction of Imperial Japan did not create hundreds of thousands of new Imperial die-hards. The destruction of Hamas and the removal of their hands from the collective throat of Gaza will create prosperity and peace for the Gazan population, things they have not known since Hamas took power.

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Posted in: Israel pulling some troops from southern Gaza; plan to clear Hamas from Rafah See in context

Interesting that Arabs make up 21% of the Israeli population yet only 3% of elected officials. I would love to see comparable figures for the surrounding territories- What percentage do Jews make up in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, etc. and how many Jewish elected officials are there in those countries?

I'll wait for you to look it up.

As for the state of the Hamas war, it is coming down to the end now. All the Gazans demonstrating for a cease fire can rest easy- there will be a long cease fire once the Hamas terrorists have been eliminated.

There is a certain irony in the criminal regime in Tehran whinging about embassies. Are they so forgetful of their own history? Their so-called revolution delighted in violating the embassies of sovereign nations and killing/kidnapping the staff therein.

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Posted in: Biden tells Israel's Netanyahu future U.S. support for war depends on new steps to protect civilians See in context

If Hamas is a terrorist organization, then surely the responsibility for the civilian deaths rests on THEM, not Israel. The war would end tomorrow if Hamas surrendered, and released their hostages.

The idea that this is some kind of 'genocide' is ludicrous. What kind of genocide sees the population of the so-called victims INCREASE every year for a half century? Give me a break.

As for the aid workers, they are responsible for themselves. Swanning around a war zone in the midst of a conflict is not smart. Especially when the lion's share of any aid provided would go to Hamas (as has been the case for the past 15 years).

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Posted in: Biden tells Israel's Netanyahu future U.S. support for war depends on new steps to protect civilians See in context

Hey, just curious... what new steps are being asked of HAMAS to protect civilians?

What is really happening is that this issue is dragging Biden down in the polls. So he makes public announcements like this, while quietly whispering to Netanyahu, "look, just get this DONE, man! And before November."

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Posted in: Israel strikes across Gaza as U.S. says it will block another cease-fire resolution at U.N. See in context

NB: sadly too many Palestinians aren't interested in a 2 state solution. They perfer a one state solution- theirs, with Israel being destroyed. "From the river to the sea", remember? How is Israel supposed to negotiate with people like that?

Again, it seems like the so-called "genocide" is quite slow motion. Even if we believe the inflated and inaccurate numbers provided by Hamas, less than 30,000 Gazans have been killed in more than 4 months of intense fighting. That is a remarkably low number, and also represents less than 2% of the population. Some genocide...

As for the ghetto-like society, perhaps for some. But the leaders of Hamas and the PA live in luxury, having reaped billions in illicit gains. Not to mention, Gaza was far from a 'camp' before this attack. It was thriving, vibrant, there were 3 star hotels and restaurants (just check TripAdvisor), hardly a refugee camp as most people imagine.

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Posted in: Israel strikes across Gaza as U.S. says it will block another cease-fire resolution at U.N. See in context

Hamas, what you are doing is known as "reaping the whirlwind". You wanted a death struggle, you got it. The so-called 'innocent' civilians in Gaza have had more than 15 years to throw the terrorist scum out and did not do so, Rather, they coddled and encouraged them, with the overt support of UN groups like UNRWA.

Gaza was not occupied when the terrorists attacked on October 7. It was simply pure evil in human form.

For those calling for sanctions on Israel, what sanctions do you propose to put on Hamas? Or is it OK for Hamas to remain in power in Gaza for you. It is kind of hard for Israel to try and negotiate, when the other partner in the negotiation starts from the perspective that Israel should be eliminated and all Jews should die.

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Posted in: Israeli PM says U.N. agency for Palestinians must close; Israeli warplanes strike Gaza See in context

15 million refugees were created when India and Pakistan separated. They didn't get a separate and special agency. Nearly a million Jews were ejected from various Muslim countries in the 1940-50s. They didn't get a separate and special agency. So why do a few hundred thousand Arabs?

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Posted in: Cease-fire efforts for Israel-Hamas war gain steam, but agreement still appears elusive See in context

There is no way that Hamas should be rewarded with a state after the horror they unleashed. The only thing Hamas needs is to be erased from the face of the Earth. Unfortunately, in their heart of hearts most Palestinians actually prefer a one state solution, 'from the river to the sea'. The very existence of a Jewish state as a neighbor is anathema to them- reminds them of their past failures to kill all the Jews in the area.

If you want a cease fire, a good start would be if the so-called 'peaceful innocent' civilians of Gaza would turn over all Hamas members to the IDF, along with the hostages and all weapons used to attack Israeli civilians. If they were to do so, the war would be over in a day.

But that won't happen because Hamas enjoys widespread support among the people of Gaza. And as long as they support Hamas, they will pay a price.

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Posted in: Israel pounds central Gaza, as thousands of Palestinians try to escape See in context

...and the IDF is on a "genocide mission" for "decades". Sure. The poorest, least effective, and slowest genocide in human history. A genocide where the targeted population has grown by 500% since 1967. Enough of the hyperbole.

Same with "refugee camps". There are no "camps" in Gaza in the way most people think. Gazans weren't living in tents in camps, trekking for water and doing their laundry in the sea. Perhaps in 1949, but no longer. The places labelled as "refugee camps" today have high rise apartments, wifi connections, cafes, and markets. Yet more Hamas propaganda that needs correcting.

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Posted in: Israel pounds central Gaza, as thousands of Palestinians try to escape See in context

Antique- yes, it is all on Hamas. Well, Hamas and the other islamofascists living in a fantasy land of grievance and wounded pride.

They had the chance for their own nation in 1948 and threw it away. Now, their chance of actually returning to Israel is exactly zero. Third and fourth generation 'refugees', kept impoverished by their brothers and fellow Muslims, fed a diet of anger and bitterness. They are the only group to have their own special UN organization to help them keep the blood flowing. The only one that refuses to accept reality.

Israel exists, and will exist, as a Jewish state. There are more than 20 Arab states, and more than 50 Muslim states, where the Palestinians could easily have been accommodated. Yet they weren't.

And yes, the 'right of return' is a fantasy, and a cruel joke. Unless you ALSO accept that all the Jews were were abused and forced out of the above mentioned Arab/Muslim states can 'return' and demand their property back.

As for Gaza in particular, they were given a chance in 2005. A chance to make something for their children, and for themselves. Aid money to create a flourishing economy, a thriving democracy, and a secure state. They chose to throw it away and keep nursing on hatred.

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Posted in: Israel pounds central Gaza, as thousands of Palestinians try to escape See in context

Very true. The people of Gaza have let Hamas grow in their midst, fully aware of Hamas' genocidal goals. The UN cooperated by feeding the fantasy 'right of return' to them.

Well, the bill is due.

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Posted in: The right to protest is under threat in Britain, undermining a pillar of democracy See in context

Endangering public safety and welfare by intentionally clogging up the streets is obviously a crime. The protest could just as easily be held on the sidewalk or in a park.

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Posted in: Somber Bethlehem marks Christmas with vigil See in context

Resistance to what? The Israeli occupation of Gaza?

Oh yeah. Doesn't exist. Never mind.

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Posted in: Syrians cancel Christmas festivities in solidarity with Gaza See in context

I wonder if the Jews in Syria did the same…

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Posted in: Israeli airstrikes kill dozens across central and southern Gaza See in context

Sakura: you might also want to read about the 'Jewish Nakba', which happened after the state of Israel was formed. Nearly a million Jews were expelled from various Arab/Muslim countries with no compensation or pity.

The problem here is that Hamas is still trying to fight wars that have been lost. Smart countries like Jordan and Egypt (not to mention the Abraham Accord nations) are facing reality and willing to move forward. Iran and their proxy terrorist groups are unable to do so, and are trying to disrupt the process with these attacks.

There is no oppressor/oppressed narrative here. It is a ridiculous neo-Marxist simplification of history to see it that way. The only 'genocide' is the one that Hamas and their ilk would love to unleash on Israel, if they had the power do so.

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Posted in: Israeli airstrikes kill dozens across central and southern Gaza See in context

We can always re-fight history- there WAS a 'two state solution' in 1948. It was rejected by the Palestinians and their Arab backers, and Israel was attacked in an attempted genocide. Successive generations saw more attacks, and more defeats of the Palestinians and their backers. Time for them to admit defeat and recognize the reality that Israel will continue to exist. And will continue to kick their asses until they do.

Then, we can talk about peace. Palestinians receive billions of dollars in aid every year. More than enough to make a flourishing and independent society, but the money is stolen by thugs and terrorists. Instead, they prefer to nurse old grudges and allow themselves to be used as puppets by the mullahs in Iran. Well, that time is ending.

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Posted in: New York will set up commission to consider reparations for slavery See in context

Exactly. The budget of New York can easily stretch to accommodate this latest pander /s

Nothing like guilty white liberals to pour more slop into the government trough.

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Posted in: U.S. envoys work for new hostage release deal, scale-down of Israel-Hamas war but say no timetable See in context

Richard: if you want to see mass murder, just look at what Muslims do to each other. Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, far worse than anything Israel as ever done.

If you are agaiinst human rights, women's rights, LGBT rights, then by all means support Hamas and the Palestinians.

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Posted in: U.S. closes 2 rail crossings in Texas so agents can help process migrants See in context

"Process" migrants? What does that mean... take their names and release them into the country. How about refuse to let them enter in the first place? Or detain them until they can prove their claims for refugee/asylum status? It really isn't that hard to figure out.

The human smugglers in Mexico and central America are getting rich due to America being so soft. Thousands of fit looking young men turn up every day. None look like they have had an arduous journey on foot from somewhere far away. All relatively well dressed, carry similar backpacks, are clean, shaven, and with neat haircuts. Again, not looking like they just walked 1000km to the border. Obviously, they paid human traffickers to carry them to the border and then just bounced across. The image of the poor, starving family struggling along the long road to freedom is a myth and a lie.

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Posted in: U.S. envoys work for new hostage release deal, scale-down of Israel-Hamas war but say no timetable See in context

The people of Gaza are learning that if you lie down with dogs, you get fleas. Years of supporting Hamas, looking the other way when Hamas fired terror rockets from their gardens, built tunnels under their schools and so on, have led them to today.

And even so, the IDF has been remarkably restrained and merciful.

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Posted in: Talks on border security grind on as Trump invokes Nazi-era 'blood' rhetoric against immigrants See in context

Typical media spin. The ACTUAL problem- millions of people flooding the US illegally, is only briefly discussed. However, the REACTION of the GOP is discussed in excruciating detail.

How about reporting on why so many of the so-called 'refugees' are actually young, fit men. Who seem remarkably well dressed, well fed, well groomed and well equipped despite having supposedly made a long and harrowing journey of hundreds of miles on foot to get to the border. Or report on the busses and trains that ferry them to the border. I even heard one network referring to a human trafficker as a "guide" who was hired by Chinese migrants to help them cross into the States.

But no. Every syllable that drips from the lips of the Bad Orange Man is more important, and must be put under the microscope.

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Posted in: Israel faces new calls for truce after killing of hostages raises alarm about its conduct in Gaza See in context

The IDF is a professional military force and conducts itself as such, much like the British Army, US Army, German Wehrmacht, and so on. But sadly, when fighting an enemy that pays no respect whatsoever to any semblance of humanity or proper conduct, tragedies like this will happen. The difference is that the IDF will make an honest effort to evaluate what happened and take steps to prevent it. Would Hamas?

The whole 'whose land is it' narrative is moot. Israel exists, and will not give any land back to people that left in 1948. That is simply the way human confilct works. Jews from Algeria, Morocco, etc cannot go back and claim THEIR land again. Muslims who fled India during the partition can't go back to India and claim their land. Why are Palestinians different? Simply, they are not. But they have been fed propaganda and lies from fellow Arab/Muslim countries for decades, they have been given false hope to keep them upset and easy to exploit. And the results can be seen today.

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Posted in: Biden impeachment inquiry authorized by House Republicans, despite lack of evidence See in context

There are two separate issues here- Hunter's taxes and Joe's impeachment.

As for the business dealings, the goalposts have been moving steadily. From the 2020 Presidential debates when Joe said "my son made no money from China" and "we never talked about his business". That changed to "we weren't in business together" and now finally "not financially involved in business". Which means of course that Joe WAS involved in Hunter's business dealings, just not financially.

The impeachment is another matter. There doesn't need to be a direct pipeline to Joe Biden for his conduct to be illegal. If any of his family benefits directly from Joe's actions, he is also guilty on bribery or influence peddling charges.

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Posted in: Israel strikes across Gaza as offensive leaves both it and U.S. increasingly isolated See in context

Yes, stop the genocide in.....where? No genocide in Gaza, the population there GROWS every year. Plus the supposed "geniciders" make constant efforts to reduce civilian casualties. Can you say the same for Hamas?

No, the only solution is that Hamas is erased from human history. Gaza is rebuilt (without the help of scandalous groups like UNRWA) and re-educated. Allowed to thrive, free of racism and hatred of their neighbors. Blooming in the desert, as it was pre 2005.

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Posted in: Israel strikes across Gaza as offensive leaves both it and U.S. increasingly isolated See in context

If you truly support Palestine, then you would cheer Israel's efforts to eliminate Hamas. Terrorism and propaganda are two of the biggest impediments to the Palestinian people actually making progress towards joining the community of nations.

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Posted in: Biden takes tougher stance on Israel's 'indiscriminate bombing' of Gaza See in context

No audio or cameras because Biden has become a gibbering moron, he cant even read the teleprompter or his prepared notes without making major blunders.

If you want peace vote for Trump. No new wars in the Middle East, targeted killings of a few key terrorists, the Abraham Accords, elimination of ISIS.

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Posted in: Israeli defense chief resists pressure to halt Gaza offensive, says campaign will 'take time' See in context

Also, Peter, what land do you think Israel has to "share"? It is a tiny little country now, the size of one or two Japanese prefectures. By contrast, the Arab countries around it are huge- 30 to 50 times the size of Israel. Yet Israel has to "share"?

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