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Posted in: Woman arrested after 2 bodies found in burned-out car See in context

Such a shame, 3 lives wasted. They have their whole life ahead of them. Suicide is not the answer. Please help them. Take time to listen to people in trouble!!

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Posted in: Old forests critically important for slowing climate change and merit immediate protection from logging See in context

Trees are a long term crop, just like a garden. If you don't weed your garden, you have no crops. To say No to logging is like no weeding in your garden. Thinning of trees, to help make forest more wildfire resistant. Wildfires will happen, But thinning helps to lesson the harmful long term effects of a hot fire. Every living thing has a life span. Some trees don't live as long as others. Each tree needs to be looked at , as to where in its life span it is at. We can have forests, and harvest timber for use. We need more common sense, instead of a complete ban on doing anything for the forests. Thinning and growing trees can be done together. Lets us work together to help our planet.

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Posted in: Quick-thinking Japanese cab driver prevents passenger suicide at dam See in context

Finally so good news, A person taking time to care about another person in their time of need. Well done to the cab driver. We all need to help each other. Kiwotsukete

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Posted in: Elderly couple attacked by black bear in Niigata Prefecture See in context

Wild animals, once they loose their fear of humans , Will view humans as food source. to drug and put animal somewhere else, is just moving problem somewhere else. Only one answer.

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Posted in: How to motivate yourself to learn a language See in context

I started with basic small language booklet to talk to Nihonjin Fishermen. Some words , not the correct way to say or ask questions. I moved on to video tapes to listen on how to speak correctly. Found a special friend that lives in Japan all her life. Talking to someone, learning their language, seem to help me learn , what i will remember, Instead of repeating what is written. 2 years learning, i am very slow to learn. But maybe by next year, will be better at it. Reading about History and Geography of a country, helps me learn and remember too. I had 1 year of Spanish in High school. Still can remember some Spanish 40 years later. Maybe never to late to learn?

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Posted in: Biden to host Japan, South Korea leaders for Aug 18 summit at Camp David See in context

How about , inviting the Leader of China, and of North Korea to meeting too. Maybe some good can come of it?

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Posted in: Trump faces unprecedented legal peril, but will it hurt his standing with Republican voters? See in context

The term common sense , doesn't apply with those rooting for him. How much a crook, liar, thief, pervert, will these folks allow to be loose in the White House again ? Trump has sold his soul, (if he ever had one) for money. Now he wants to pull the USA down in the sewer with him. Come on people wakeup, pull your head out of his A s. Trump should be in prison for a long time..

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Posted in: Massive price increase announced for Japan Rail Pass; cost to jump by up to 77% See in context

Part of the reason to get JR pass, is to ride the trains, and enjoy the view, from ground level. Not so much to see at 30,000 ft. Will just have to budget for extra cost. Regional passes sound more like a better deal.

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Posted in: China sanctions U.S. Congress member for Taiwan visit See in context

Is the world prepared to stop buying products made in China ? That could wreak the world economy ? How far are we willing to go ? World leaders need to stop fighting and get together, and help world climate, and hunger to benefit all mankind. Are we prepared to do that ? Sadly i think not

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Posted in: A 5,000-mile seaweed belt is headed toward Florida See in context

Ready made plant fertilizer, just chop up and use. Better then Commercial Fertilizer, natural, better for the planet.

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Posted in: Graduation day See in context

Congratulations on all your hard work. Remember you can be anything you put your mind to.

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies held across Japan See in context

Congratulation to those young adults. Hope they can change how Japan works: More family friendly hours, a good living wage. New Ideas to replace old thinking. Your time is now here, Best of Luck.

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Posted in: Japan's 'Little Trains that Could' battle for survival See in context

Engineer for the day Tickets, with Guidance of Railroad Engineer ? Railroad track crew for the day ticket?

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Posted in: Japan's 'Little Trains that Could' battle for survival See in context

Trains are more climate friendly. Maybe local trains could also haul freight as well as passengers to help revenue? Bike paths or walk paths are ok for people able to walk long distances, but what about people with disabilities? Maybe a slight increase in fares could increase revenue too? Dependable service on time helps to increase ridership too. Tourists money goes a long ways to keep trains going too. How able tickets to allow people to operate train under guidance of Engineer for short sections ? or Maybe help a rail worker for the day tickets ? Many people enjoy trains, Fast and slower trains. Country side offer more views then cities too.

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Posted in: N Korea fires suspected long-range missile designed to hit mainland U.S. See in context

Here is a different idea, how about offering food to North Korea. Too help feed its people. Hunger makes animals fight. Full tummies make mellow cats

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Posted in: Japan's food industry eyes rice flour as wheat prices surge See in context

Could some rice fields , be planted with wheat or barley? maybe help with conserving water? Maybe not all land could grow wheat, but worth a try to help build soil and break disease cycle.

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Posted in: Over 100,000 foreign visitors came to Japan in July for 4th month in row See in context

Wow, or waa in Nihongo. Have wanted to visit Japan since 1975, Guess one more year for normal times to visit , ok with me. Such a neat place to visit, would'nt want to be herded around like cattle on guided tour. Good luck everyone. Maybe see you there .!!!??

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Posted in: Here's how U.S. government documents are classified to keep sensitive information safe See in context

Guess that shoe box under Trumps bed not a secure place for National secrets

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Posted in: Japanese wasabi farmers fear for future amid climate change See in context

Farmers all over the world, have daily struggle with mother nature. It is about time the rest of the world pulls their heads out, and help lessen climate change. Plant trees, grow gardens, walk or bike. Help each other.

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Posted in: Horseshoe crabs: 'Living fossils' vital for vaccine safety See in context

Long live the Horseshoe Crab, Long live humanity, If we are smart enough to care.

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Posted in: Musk warns Japan will cease to exist if birthrate continues decline See in context

The world according to Musk, Is this really news? What about some good news, like Spring Time ? People will be people.

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Posted in: Gov't confirms it will start accepting some foreign tourists in June See in context

Next year is looking like better bet for travel to Japan. I hope?

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Posted in: Robot designed to reduce burden on declining rice farmers See in context

Farming and ranching all over the world, having same problem. Younger folks moving away leaving older folks to continue the work. Working with nature is such a rewarding profession. Seeing what goes into our food makes it all worth it. Long live Farmers and Ranchers feeding the world.

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Posted in: Kikuchi chooses free agency after Mariners decline option See in context

Sad, that Seattle doesn't see a good thing by keeping Kikuchi on the payroll. Seattle seems to let go good players, that go on to great things, while Seattle is sucking hind - - -. Best of luck Kikuchi

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Posted in: U.S. sets new lower salt target for food industry See in context

There is salt and sugar in most all processed food here in US. More salt more sugar means less actual food product companies have to put in package. More money in their pockets. All people need to wake up, Big food companies are not looking to best interest of their customers health, just their profit line. Wake up everyone, demand better foods, don't except second or third best. It is your life, "Take responsibility for it". Don't wait for Government to do it.

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Posted in: Farmer referred to prosecutors for killing protected crane See in context

We have a problem here in US with Canada Geese, damaging crops along river. Too many, too little native food for them. Propane cannon for noise to scare won't work. Need to trap and move or harvest more thru season. That crane should have been trapped and moved .

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Posted in: Health ministry says 400,000 could die in Japan without virus containment measures See in context

It doesn't matter what the number is, someone will lose a loved one from virus. Please be careful, wear a mask if sick or if you have to go out. Lets help each other get thru this. No time to place blame, just be safe, use common sense .

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Posted in: 13 missing after cargo ship collides with fishing boat off Aomori See in context

Sea conditions might be a contributing factor in the accident . Will have to wait for investigation results. Language barriers too.

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Posted in: Jordan king calls IS fight a 'third world war' See in context

It is time the US stop trying to buy friends, and starts to help our own people here at home.

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