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Posted in: Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward to begin legally recognizing same-sex partnerships See in context

has anyone watched the Japanese movie 「僕の彼女はロボワイフ」. Yes, the next thing to follow (after legalizing same-sex marriage) is legalizing marriage with Robot (Androids) where in the muscle-control emulate that of a real woman.

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Same-sex marriage should not be used as official terminology. They should use same-sex union, same-sex partnership etc etc. whatever.... for marriage is a religious thing. Marriage does includes COVENANT with God. Marriage in the eyes of religion and God, always mentioned the conjuntion "AND". ... that is Marriage have SEXUAL actions, PROCREATION (unless otherwise a mom cannot conceive due to medical reason) and REARING CHILDREN as them (parents are also children of GOD).

It is normal to have gray area in sexual orientation. But these LGBT should not go to the Ward-Office, Courts, Senate or Congress or other legislative bodies to fight for MARRIAGE rights because LGBT is not social, civil-rights nor a legal rights. They already have all the equal opportunity and privilege as a living constituents. But please don't touch the world of "Marriage". If you want to live together, go on, make them as UNION or PARTNERSHIP.

Instead of going to courts and ward-offices to fight for their rights, they should go to Mental Hospitals, for same-sex marriage is much more of a mental or cognitive problems. Imagine a man trying to emulate the wonder of being a MOTHER, with breast milk feeding their kids... Imagine a woman emulating a FATHER, who as part of religion and covenant need to pump and pump to make children. What a woman emulating a father pumping with her partner is pure mental and lustful desire.

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With the youtube video link shared above, if the speed of plane after take-off was not 120km/hour, with 5 passengers and baggages (and full-fuel tank), the plane would not simply climbed-up but had stalled probably.

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Posted in: China says Japan complicating regional security with new bills See in context

Japan is the only nation in Asia which can stand up with the bully Chinese. Without Japan, China will build fortress and ravenous exploitation of natural resources to the the body of water known as South ChiNazi and East ChiNazi.

No one will ever agree with China taking the whole body of water as their based on fabricated 9-dash lines and fake historical documents.

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Posted in: Abe says history will prove him right over security bills See in context

ABE is really right in every move he did and about to do specially in Security.

China already finished evaluating their whole-world deployment of Type-94 Nuclear Submarine, and is about to succeed in developing a copy or fake-copy of STIRLING Submarine, has already more submarine than USA etc. Also, NK is only 3 years (maximum) away of developing ballistic missile that could reach USA and cruise-missile with pinpoint accuracy of hitting Japan.

70 year after WW2, Japan should also, if possible build 70 KAWASAKI-P1 Submarine Hunter, 70 batteries of PAC-2/PAC-3 and future PAC-4 Patriot Missile Defense, 70 Aegis-equipped ships and 70 squadron (850 jets) of premium interceptors composed of F-15, F2 and F-35 (or its own 5th Gen Fighter).

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Posted in: Japan set for battle in Women's World Cup title defense against U.S. See in context

When is this battle begins? What date/time (Japan Std Time) and what channel in CATV/IP-TV will this be shown.

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Posted in: 54 SDF members sent to Iraq, Indian Ocean committed suicide over 10-year period See in context

There is no clear indicator for this figures. This is just an statistics, being used by those who opposed the New Security Legislation Bill. There were even more people who committed suicide in Koiwa/Shin-Koiwa stations (in just this past couple of years) than the 54 SDF members who did for 10-year period.

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Posted in: Japan opts for massive, costly sea wall to fend off tsunamis See in context

Visionaries are always mocked by fools. (Visionary Japan are always mocked by fools).

Just like some uptakers here are concerned that the life span of concrete will crumble in 50 to 80 years.

Heaven forbid, this is not the middle-ages. On the contrary, water-proof cement (in concrete-mixing technology) was invented by the Romans more than 2,000 years ago. Water-proof cement plus ANTI-sea-water corrosion was invented in the 18th centuries, applied to several lighthouses built in the middle of the sea which still stand to the present time.

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Posted in: Japan opts for massive, costly sea wall to fend off tsunamis See in context

Most of the uptakers here are reckless of assertion that this endeavor is riddled with corruption. Most of you do not live here in Japan who can obviously tell that your country's corruption is more severe than here in Japan ... for those who are living here, I ask you to present proof. Your assertion (about corruption) with no proof can also be denied without a proof.

You can read this link below. Or you Google FUDAI SEA WALL for more info.

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Posted in: Japan's trade deficit narrows as lower oil prices reduce imports See in context

Oil import will further decrease. 5 Power Utility Companies are no longer accepting energy from solar because of over capacity at noon time. And now, this year, Japan will apply comprehensively the NAS BATTERY technology and probably the next-gen Lithium-Ion battery used in cars to store large percentage of the energy from solar while there is sunlight (variable energy will be given to the grid real time and be controlled accordingly.

Japan is the world's top-caliber in NAS Battery and can store dozens (to a hundred) of MW of energy for 6 to 8 hours gradual re-supply to the grid. This will be the day when oil price will never go up again. In the long run, will narrow down trade deficit of Japan.

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Posted in: Oblivious Chinese tourists wander back into Naha airport’s departure area, causing chaos See in context

Wandering to some restricted areas are not uncommon specially when the separation of the arrival and departure area or lobby or passage are just ropes or temporary barricade of light materials.

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Posted in: Japan promises $4 billion in aid to prevent disasters over four years See in context

Moilol said:

China just give 100 billions USD in the last decade for africa, same for US and UE , so Japan really has nothing to brag about

There is no China here in the official UN contributors list from 1990 to 2010.

What China giving billions in Africa is BRIBE MONEY mostly.

Besides who has the proof that Japan government is neglecting the Tohoku Evacuees. It does not mean that even though you have the money, you can do everything about on your mind. Japan is a democratic country and she cannot just flatten the mountain in a short period of time and let the former coastal villagers and residents live in the new flattened mountains. Japanese govt is doing this slowly, she had bought some farmlands and uplands for possible permanent relocation. She is now considering some mega-dikes as high as 15-meters.

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Posted in: Japan promises $4 billion in aid to prevent disasters over four years See in context

Abe and Japan is doing it for humanity and we must be thankful about it. All those anti-Abe here, tell your respective countries to give 4 Billion in this endeavor instead so that PM Abe will no longer give Japan 4 Billion outside Japan.

Tell your respective countries to give billions of USD per year in Africa and other UN agencies instead of Japan so that Abe can feed the 250,000 people of Tohoku.

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Posted in: Don’t want to pay your NHK TV license fee? Beat Takeshi agrees with you See in context

Those who do not want to pay NHK yet still living Japan, please establish and create your own "galapagos island-country" and make your own rules and laws. You can build your own OTT/VOD if you like.

Paying 1,350 Yen per month is a noble contribution to the technological advancement in TV technology and Japanese society. NHK-payment law was enacted long before you came here in Japan.

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Posted in: Abe briefing document rules out Japan strike on Islamic State See in context

KA_CHAN, you seems to be living outside Japan and not even bother reading about how Japan industrial complex built more than 90% of F-15, F2, F1, F4-Phantom, all Navy ships except the Aegis Battle Systems, 18 Super-Silent diesel-electric submarine (the most sopisticated diesel-electric submarine in the world), missile systems (only that there is a self-imposed 200-km range limit). Japan just built 100% design P1 submarine hunter (rival to P8 Poseidon of USA). Japan usually buy less then a dozen 100% USA-made fighter jets then they mass produce it using Japanese industrial complex and much of the avionics and components.

But as I've said, Japan will not put boots on the ground... and need not be doing it. Proxy war is more than enough. By just giving several millions worth of ammunition and artillery shells to the Kurds will do more harm or havoc to the ISIS. And not to be granted, the Digital Trunk Radio Systems or Digital enrypted Walkie-talkie sold in Akihabara and made by Japanese UHF/VHR Field-Radio companies.

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Posted in: Abe briefing document rules out Japan strike on Islamic State See in context

The JSDF, specially the Air and Maritime SDF, were and are designed to fight the Soviet Union, China and now Russia in conventional warfare with 300 prime Jet Fighters of F-15, F2 and F4-J. Dragon Lady and some uptakers here don't know about Japan's capability. At any given time, there are several dozens of fighter pilots already in G-suits ready to take off within 2 5 minutes. at least one squadron in any airbase have fighter jets already warmed-up and ready to fly anytime and this was since 1960's.

In 1983 when the Soviet Union shot the Korean Air Lines B747 over Sakhalin, the Japan's Naval Intelligence had pickup and decoded Soviet Communications facilities right from Inland Soviet up to the pilot. That was in 1983. How much more these days. Japanese missiles and artillery are very much accurate within 200-km range, the weaponry by which Kurdistan needs. But of course, it is advisable not to offer ground forces from the JASDF.

All Japan should do immediately is to finance the Kurdistan with bullets and ammunition so that even the women soldiers of Kurdistan can take ISIS soldiers out of their territory. Air bombing of ISIS will be done once the Kurdistan Army pin-pointed their locations. Just 4 hours ago, the US coalition reported that in the last 24 hours they made more than 25 aerial bombing of ISIS equipment and several buildings with ISIS fighters in it. If Japan join the coalition, more than 40 aerial bombings can be done in 24-hours.

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Posted in: Abe briefing document rules out Japan strike on Islamic State See in context

Without criticizing PM Abe for what he should or would do, in your thinking, tell us what you will do if you are the prime minister of Japan in this case.

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Posted in: Abe briefing document rules out Japan strike on Islamic State See in context

This is not an ordinary crime of rape of Japanese outside Japan, street-robbery with murder against Japanese tourists, crime-organization's criminal act against Japanese, and the likes. In these cases, they just victimized Japanese as individual and the criminals purpose is only about money or lustful desire. Sometimes, they make demand for ransom addressed to the family or company where the Japanese works.

But this time, the purpose of the abduction and ransom demand from the two Japanese is specifically for and addressed to the Japanese Government and the it should be the government who should pay.

So I agree if PM Abe send two YUGA-CLASS helicopter carriers with as many Apaches on it. Give them hellfire missiles. Or send squadron of F-4J Phantom and join the air-campaign. If this is not yet allowed under Japanese Laws, make it as logistical support only and paint all the airplane with USAF markings.

And of course, don't forget to join the destruction of the MONEY TRAIL going to ISIS. Japan should join massive surveillance of bank transactions and individuals going out of Japan with lots of Japanese currency inside their bags and pockets. If Japanese Spy Satellites can already read plate numbers of cars, then it is easier to recognize armed men within ISIS-controlled areas.

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Posted in: KFC Japan runs out of french fries due to U.S. industrial dispute See in context

The supplier of BURGER KING french fries is McCAIN FOODS and since 1999, no longer using GMO potatoes. So for those updated fellows out there, please tell us if McDonalds is still using GMO potatoes.

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Posted in: KFC Japan runs out of french fries due to U.S. industrial dispute See in context

If it is GMO-potatoes or MONSANTO-supplied variety of potatoes, GOOD-RIDDANCE.

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Posted in: Japan tells China to stop coral poaching after 200 boats spotted See in context

I didn't know until now that Japanese (maritime) police, coast guard, the Maritime SDF and the government in general are pretty useless organization for protection of Japanese citizens and territories. All the have to do is to use the 25-mm M242 Bushmaster.

The Philippines with the weakest military in Asia, used short-barrel 12.5-mm (cal-50) machine gun to teach poachers a lesson-to-remember. It is well-known all over the world the Mainland Chinese (and to some degree Chinese Taiwan) are like locus in poaching natural resources. The will not stop nor leave until the resources are totally consumed.

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Posted in: Pasona Tech to conduct job fair for foreign students in Japan studying science, technology & engineering See in context

if you are female technology students, don't go to Japanese companies. You will become the coffee/tea maker for Kacho and Bucho twice a day, at least, every visitor that comes to the company.

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iBelive that this will become the next iRevolution. dozens of dozens of millions of apple fanboys will keep on buying iProducts with great profit margin for Apple no matter what kinds of products they would be. As Albert Einstein said: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

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Posted in: Obuchi resigns over misuse of political funds; justice minister also resigns See in context

As an analogy, SHE DID NOT SPEND people's money. She spent her party funds donated by individuals/corporations... which everybody is doing, in every corner of the world. In AMERICA and most countries, the top 50 charity organizations has a maximum of 37% utilization of donations. One of the worst is the SALVATION ARMY, only 7% utilization. That means, all the money donated are not all given to the intended recipient but used by the charity organizations but by themselves as mobilization, operational costs like electricity, water/gas, telephone, internet, and foods/partying. Same thing in DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS race. The money you gave to them are spent as mobilization and operational costs including partying and eating and drinking.

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I just installed it to my test PC several hours ago. My test PC is Dell Latitude D830 (2.2GHz Dual Core, 4GB RAM) that I bought in 2008. Just like Windows 8, Windows 10 runs faster than the Windows-7 Enterprise Evaluation that I installed in this same PC two years ago. Since my home PC and Work PC are Windows 7 and 8.1, I have no plan of migrating to WIndows 10 when this release next year.

However, just like Windows-8 promo price of 3,000yen for online upgrade from Windows-XP, I wouldn't mind upgrading again my PC to Windows 10 next year.

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Posted in: 31 climbers found in 'cardiac arrest' on erupting volcano See in context

If this is in Italy, Volcanologists will be charged in the court for MANSLAUGHTER for failure to predict the eruption well ahead of time.

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Posted in: Rivals dash to support Apple Pay for fear of losing out See in context

The usage of myy credit card linked to AEON/WAON just grew bigger this morning. AEON announced that they bought the Mall-Department store giant DAIEI.

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Posted in: Record iPhone weekend sales top 10 million: Apple See in context

This is the details for iBend

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