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I used to carry 12 cards. SOme cards are now linked with each other. I am not after for payment. I am after for the points accumulated. If I used my Wallmart Amex Card every 5th and 20th of the month, all purchases are 8% discount and another 5% worth cash-back in terms of points. My Airline Mileage card is increasing even though I have not traveled by air for 14 months already by just using one of these 4 cards.

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Would-be Apple-Pay users in Japan will just be frustrated for a long time. Japan Felica-NFC, in order to be operable, one must have valid address in Japan and should ONLY be linked in banks or credit cards based in Japan.

All Felica-based in Japan are already usable to many shops. My Ponta Credit Card, since two years ago is connected to SHELL GAS stand. My T-Card is usable to Family Mart and several shops. My Wallmar American Credit Card is tied-up to SEIYU. My WAON/AEON Card is tied-up to several shops. All these above-mentioned 4 cards is all I need every day because the point/payment system in the cash-register have these 4 cards buttons these days. Of course, not to be outdone is my PASSMO CARD (I choose not to link this to my credit/bank account).

Other than PASSMO, all my cards are acquiring and accumulating points with equivalent MONETARY UNIT. So even if APPLE-PAY will be around here in JAPAN, I have no interest of getting one.

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Mitsubishi MRJ will start flying in 2017, in which 200 aircraft will be built by then. Most probably, the manufacturer of this new early-warning plane will be Mitsubishi.

Out of 220 F-15J, only 12 were built in the United States. The rests were built inside Japan. Also Kawasaki and SHin-Meiwa Aircraft Companies were building propeller planes since 1920's.

Therefore, Japan has the full-industrial capability to build both Jet and Propeller aircraft.

Undoubtedly, Japan is also one of the a top-caliber countries in avionics and electronic surveillance.

Also, Japan had developed a very powerful software that can even control missile defense and missile-attacking system. It is called TRON developed by Tokyo University in early 1980's.... according to some, is even more sophisticated than ADA programming language used by US Military.

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Some economists computed that the money that the tourists spend (if the money comes from outside the country their are visiting) has benefits of 2 to 4 folds. So for 1 dollar that a tourist spend will have 2 to 4 dollar worth of money that is given to the host country.

Tourism also have some indirect benefits.

It is just normal for us, the taxpayers here in Japan to provide them such facilities as sign of respect and welcoming. Anyway, Japan economy outside Japan is even greater than the economy inside Japan. The assets and money of Japan and Japanese companies worldwide is more than 8 trillion US Dollars, much bigger than the 5 Trillion US Dollar worth of the Japan local economy.

There is no problem if the food are made to be Halal-conformant, as long as the labor/capital spent on those foods are added to the costs and not subsidized by the peoples tax/money. Besides only few religious groups are still believing that the things that comes inside their mouth will make them clean and nice person or being. When Muslims tourists travel to other countries and exposed to other civilization, their fanaticism will be diluted. They will surely realize that dining at Hooters or in going out in Roppongi do not make them bad person. Likewise going to the Church or Mosque everyday do not make them good people.

The other point here is for the Muslim countries to be more friendly and accommodating to other religions. Some Muslim countries are even hostile and unwelcoming even to other Muslims is Islamic denominations. Muslims are usually intolerant and immature and and one-sided beings. Japan is one of the few countries who are matured enough to offer quality of life to foreigners.

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Japan will offer them lots of delicious foods, clean and safely prepared and nicely-presented.

Not only for Muslims but also for Hindus, some Christian sects etc,.... when they visit and probably live in Japan, they will understand, possibly re-educated and fully-aware that it is not the one (food) that comes inside their mouth that make or will make them nice, upright and clean people BUT THE ONE (the thing) that comes to the mouth. Being tactless, loud mouth hypocritically, mouth with strong opinion, sarcastic in expression, and the likes will bring them trouble.

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Yes Timtak, I noticed that both Tokyo-Metro Subway lines and JR Lines (at least in the East-Japan Railway Company), that one by one, the roof of several hundred stations (as far as I roughly counted them), a 20-KW or 25-KW solar power generation system for each station are being built. While they are building Solar Power in several stations, and maybe planning more, they are gradually changing the fluorescent lamps with LED lamps. It should be noted that the BRIGHTNESS of Japan stations (both subway and JR elevated and surface train) are 50% brighter than in the USA or anywhere in the world.

Also, Tokyo-Metro Subway system are not all underground. Out of about 1,300-km Tokyo-Metro Subway lines, only 400-km are underground. Tokyo Metro Subway are planning to install almost all surface-and-elevated train stations with solar power generation systems. At present, less than 10% of all elevated/surface train stations of both JR and Tokyo-Metro are equipped with Solar power generation systems. There are plenty of room for expansion.

Also, the battery technology of Lithium and other materials are advancing gradually. You will notice in cars that one-charging can already power the car to run for more than 200 miles. Soon it will be more than double of that capacity. The advancement in storage capacity of electric cars are applicable also to solar power storage. Also solar panels are now salt-degradation proof. Solar panels near the sea can be built in the very near future.

A good link for up-to-date info:

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In the Previous article mentioned in "Techon.Nikkeibp" the FEED-IN TARIFF LAW of Japan motivated private individuals and companies to generate electricity (mainly from solar) and sold all of them to the regional grids. About 4,500 stores of 7-Eleven, each generating 10KW, will add to the grid before this year ends. Also about 2,600 stores of FAMILY MART will sell 10KW each stores to the grid before this year ends.

The article above is only one of the small-to-medium size companies joining the FEED-IN TARIFF (FIT) POLICY of JAPAN. That company mentioned in this article is only one of the several hundreds medium producers now joining the FIT business. Some big companies are now producing 110 to 300 MW power and will soon be connected to the grid.

IN JAPAN as of March 2014 report, the total capacity of renewable energy-based power generation facilities that were introduced in Japan after the implementation of the FEED-In TARIFF (FIT) policy reached 8,950,000kW (8.95 Giga-Watts) at the end of March 2014. Combined with the capacity of facilities that were installed before the implementation, the total capacity became 29,554,000kW (excluding that of large-scale hydraulic power generation facilities) THIS is 29.55 Giga-Watts power, This is equivalent to 16 to 26 Nuclear Reactors.

Solar power generation facilities account for about half of the 29,554,000kW capacity (14,315,000kW). And the total capacity of non-residential (10kW or higher capacity) solar systems reached 7,339,000kW, surpassing that of residential systems (6,976,000kW) for the first time.

Also, the total capacity of renewable energy-based power generation systems certified as FIT facilities became 68,642,000kW, a 66% increase from the end of February 2014 (41,205,000kW). The rapid increase in the total capacity of certified systems is accounted for by the total capacity of certified non-residential solar power generation systems, which increased by 72% from the end of February 2014 (36,516,000kW to 63,038,000kW). In other words, it increased by 26,520,000kW, which is equivalent to the capacity of 26 nuclear power plants, only in a month.

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Abe is the man. Abe is the PM of Japan. He is not the prime minister of the world and he is not heading the coalitions of the liberal environmentalists.

Abe is just the right man for Japan.

USA/Europe in the early 19th centuries were killing baleen whales just for oils and Japan did not mind them. US/European whalers are killing whales without eating them... just for the oil. In the 19th century, US/European whalers invented rocket harpoon with air blower hole on the tip which inject air to Baleen whales while they are still alive so that when they died, they will not sink into the oceans.

Taiji people are hunting them just for food.

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Curve display and chassis maybe easier to grip but more difficult to to operate with just one hand.

I think, this time, Samsung is making it curve just because they could (technologically), not because they should.

1,000 USD price is not worth it.

The reason why I am not buying Surface Pro and Windows 8 phone is because of over-price tag. Exactly the same reason applies to this Curve Samsung SmartPhone.. The products are conceited enough to be over-valued with several more hundred dollars than their equals in other brands. So I am sure, I will not be buying this curve smartphone, perhaps till I die.

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I wen to Akihabara yesterday. There is no more the long lines for iPhones. The charts of the 3 cellular phone companies all show, AVAILABLE for 16GB, 32GB etc and for all colors. It even said, all models and colors will be yours in 15minutes. MOCHIKAERI DEKIMASU. And a lot of them were also buying an additional 9,800Yen for APPLECARE, accordingly because without APPLECARE, virtually, Apple Customer Care is frustrating.

But still I congratulate Apple for such a huge die hard fans for every small and incremental features it added for every new model release. Most of the early buyers of iPhone 5S/5C are owners of the previous models.

But for me, I am happy with my Android Phone and Android Tablet with external SD card slot which can I can be able to read all the manuals and documents related to my work. I am just paying 1000 yen for voice plan and not paying for any data plan at all for I have a company-given WiMax portable router.

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the market handed down its verdict:

US stocks rise; BUT Apple falls after launching 2 iPhones

is everywhere in the news

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Air Asia, accepting only through credit card booking, will not prosper in Japan. Most of sales in Japan are through travel agency or by online voucher, to be redeemed or to be paid through multi-function terminals in convenience store like LOPPE of LAWSON and FAMILY MART, similar payment in 7-ELEVEN and some payment in SUNKUS and in 3-F, and MINISTOP.

Convenience Store payment is the core of Japanese online and advanced payment for everything including Disney on ICe, concert, airline and shinkansen tickets etc.

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In September, I will start buying CALROSE or Australia-KOSHI-HIKARI.

I will no longer buy mixed-origin rice although cheaper by about 200yen per 5-Kg package.

If there is no available Calrose or Australia Koshi-Hikari, I will buy HOKKAIDO NANATSUBOSHI or KIRARA. Hokkaido rice is the farthest rice variety source sold in Tokyo area. It is very rare that Hiroshima/Kyushu/Shikoku rice are sold in Tokyo Areas.

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According to AFP:

Japan mayor ready to apologize to comfort women

TOKYO (May 16, 2013 13:48)

The maverick mayor of Osaka on Thursday offered to meet former comfort women to apologize for their suffering after causing an international storm when he said they served a necessary role in wartime.

I think I have to apologize firmly for what Japan did as I talk to former comfort women, Toru Hashimoto, who is co-leader of the national Japan Restoration Party, told a television interview.

I will tell the comfort women that I am sorry for having had such a system no matter whether it was forcible or not, Hashimoto said. It was a disgraceful act and should never be repeated.

But Hashimoto, who jointly heads a national political party and has been mentioned as a possible future prime minister, insisted the system was not unique to Japan.

Japan was not the only one doing so,he said. Everybody was doing bad things. I think Japanese people should offer objections if there is a misunderstanding of facts in the world.

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The death match was executed by the IJA because they did not please the emperor, gen Tojo and Gen Yamashita. Everywhere in Asia, Japanese attack could crumple enemy divisions and regiments in just one month. Bataan surrendered after more than 3 months of bitter fighting. There was a lot of pressure from the Emperor and Gen. Tojo regarding Bataan Siege.

The Japanese thought that out of 80,000 USAFFE (Filipinos and US Soldiers), they had wiped-out 50% or more because of modern tanks and thousands of Zero bombers and ground-attack plane.

When the USAFFE surrendered, the Japanese were caught surprise that there were still 75,000 troops well alive and kicking.

Their ego was so hurt and they later found out that US Scout and 8,000 Philippine scout was the main reason of the many casualties on the Japanese side. So all known US and Philippine scout were bayoneted and tortured while marching. Whenever they say US and Philippine scout fell down on the road, they immediately killed them.

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The Defense Cooperation is now much more relevant on CHINESE AGGRESSION on the SENKAKUS which becoming bolder and bolder each time passes by. It is not unusual that shooting war may erupt because if waves of modern fighter jets are used by CHINESE Air Force, Japan cannot and have no capability to drive them away except for shooting and ready to fight for it. SHowing and scrambling F-15 jets cannot scare equally-armed and agile Sukhoi S-27 and SU-30.

Earlier today, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported that "Chinese military planes, mostly fighter jets composed of UPGRADED Sukhoi SU-27 and SU-30, made more than 40 flights close to Tokyo-controlled islands at the centre of a territorial dispute on a single day this week.

The flights took place on Tuesday, when eight Chinese marine surveillance ships entered the 12-nautical-mile territorial zone off the islands in the East China Sea, which Japan calls the Senkakus and China calls the Diaoyus, the Sankei Shimbun newspaper reported.

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I was there when I was single..... several times actually.

I was there when I got married, and have kids.

At one point, I purchased 1-year pass... almost every weekend (Sat and/or Sunday), I went there with my kids spending just 3-4 hours bought popcorn then go home. While at Disneyland, my wife spent the 4-6 hours for relaxation and cleaning the house.

When the economy is bad, instead of traveling abroad, just spend the money within Japan and let the Japanese economy trickle with every Yen you spend. And Tokyo Disneyland is one of these places to spend... Of course, Disneyland is not for the loner-type, no lovers etc.

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anyone should avoid swimming in a stagnat water, or even partially-stagnant water. This also applies to swimming pools not properly cleaned after the long winter season.

Much more freightening than flesh-eating bacteria is the BRAIN-eating bacteria which enter to the brain through the nose.

There is no cure for the brain-eating bacteria. After 2 months, meningitis will occur then no more than another month you're dead.

About 10-20 people are victims of this bacteria in the USA and about 100-200 worldwide. each year.

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Each day passing by, it has now become easy to worry that this KIM Der Leader`s increasingly bellicose statements may really force this 29-year-old immature near-crazy leader to save face and indeed bring the 60-year-old truce in the peninsula back into an actual shooting war.

In a sense, the North Koreans have nothing much to lose. Their people are starving and the world community has isolated them with debilitating economic sanctions. Inflicting a first strike blow on a super power may just give their warped minds an endorphin rush… the political equivalent of an orgasm after a rape.

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The attacks on Apple center on complaints over Apple`s repair policies in China -- specifically its practice of only replacing faulty parts rather than providing new iPhones, as it does in other markets.

In the US and North America, it is clearly implied that warranty replacement phones can be either new or refurbished.

There's a lot of iPhones, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, being returned for various reasons. If you receive a warranty replacement, you will never know if that replacement iPhone is new or refurbished. Usually APPLE will not repair your faulty/defective iPhones upfront and would not return the same iPhone unit back to you. They will give you repaired/refurbished (recycled) iPhones coming from the same clients with the same situation as you. The unit is was coming from someone else which was subsequently repaired by Apple technicians for several days. Rough estimate could be that only 1 out of 5 replacements are real brand-new. 4 could be just recycled/refurbished.

Of course in countries like China, specially after this incident, they will say that all replacements are new. But maybe who knows, it could be true in mainland China only.

An iPhone unit getting out of China's factory has only US$70 value or even less. In Mainland China, 70 dollars maybe less burden for Apple to give as replacement than repairing/refurbishing a broken unit. It does not even matter if the replacement (NEW) phone has another 1 year warranty because 70 dollars is not that expensive either,

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The message of the US is for the NK not to intimidate the US and Allies with nuclear weapon because massive retaliation from the US Air force is possible.... that Kim Der Leader should be afraid of the US airforce capability, how much more when the US Navy is added.

Kim should be reminded by this B2 fly-by that in 1962, the world stood still for one-week when 1/3 of the US Nuclear warheads (about 8,000 pieces) were up in the air at any given time ready to strike the Soviet Union. Never under estimate the resolve of the USA when it is threatened.

Kim should know that no one can ever threatened the US Air Force much more of the US Navy. The billions of dollars in research, when revealed, if ever revealed, is very scary, new weapons and weapon system ahead of our time. How much more when US Navy research is added.

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The volume of Pollen this season is much higher than last year. Usually I wear mask during the peak of Cedar only, about 2-3 week time frame in the month of March.... but this season, I am wearing mask since 3rd week of February. Sometimes, I even wear mask before sleeping. This is the mask with menthol or Eucalyptus sponge within the mask itself.

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This is not a magnificent breakthrough, though something worth to be admired and honored for pushing forward the communication super highway ahead of its usual pace. The usual pace of advancement in communications technology is somehow related to the Moores Law of Integrated Circuit, which states that every two years, the processing speed and performance of the microprocessors (as they are made by millions of transistors) is DOUBLED.

The current technology is no doubt can achieve that speed already. The current technology of LTE is 10-MHz wide in the spectrum of 800MHz, 1.7GHz, 1.9GHz, and 2.1GHz. (This is specially true in the case of AU and Softbank. Docomo may have been using the 20-MHz bandwidth. 10-MHz bandwidth using MIMO/OFDM/SDMA can already have an upload/UPLINK of 20 to 30 Mbps. (for the sake of computation, lets make it 25-Mbps,

If you multiply 10-MHz bandwidth by 40 to make it 400-MHz bandwidth, and multiply 25Mbps x40 = 1.0Gbps, then it seems to be that it is not difficult to achieve. But multiplying the current technology of 10-Mhz by a factor of 40 does not necessarily mean getting just 1.0Gbps because the factor 40 is applicable only to 2-D computation like the technology of FDMA/TDMA. The technology involved in the current LTE is Orthogonal-Frequency Division and Spacial-Frequency Division.... somthing like 3-D. The volume of data (and its speed) when the bandwidth is doubled will not increase arithmetically but somewhat like exponentially.

But as I said it many times before here, the wireless speed is nothing if there is no advancement in FTTx, specifically in FTTA or Fiber-To-The Antenna. All cell-cites and antenna (up to the top of the tower, must be connected by a stable 10-Gbps Fiber Optic Link. The current technology is somewhat stuck at 1-Gbps. There are still so many challenges in 1-Gbps optical link on top of the tower (antenna) so making it 10-gbps is really not an easy task.

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MAD or mutually-assure-destruction initiated by REAGAN is the best policy of survival and best deterence to attack.

The futile French Maginot Line facing the German front built for several years at enormous capital PROVED TO THE WHOLE WORLD that DEFENSE IS NOT THE BEST DEFENSE. Offensive and possesing severe retaliatory Power is the best defense.

So go on Japan, maintain a potent force that can have severe retaliatory power but instead of maintaining 3 million army (just like during WW2), maintain only about 350,000.

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The patrol boats, according to some news forum, are 40-meter (132 feet) high-speed ships not necessarily for war against the Chinese Navy.

Accordingly, they are intended for Chinese Poachers and thieves/pirates attacking the natural resources of the Philippines, even those seas within the 12-nautical miles uncontested waters. Chinese poachers are fond of harvesting and stealing sea horses, corals, star fish sharks etc in order to increase the libido of the Chinese Communist Party members. Many rich chinese including communist party members still believe that these natural and traditional medicines are better than the US-made Viagra. Before FIJI, PALAU etc got high-speed vessels from AUSTRALIA, Chinese Thieves and Poachers are rampantly stealing precioius sea resources as if PALAU/FIJI territorial seas are CHINESE LAKE within the MAINLAND

At several instances, CHINESE NAVY take opportunity of these Chinese Poachers/Thieves in a disguise of protecting allegedly their fellow Chinese (Taxpayers) Citizens..... but actually is already moving in advance of taking territories of other countries. This is also called as CREEPING ATTACK STRATEGY.

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The Philippines, according to several forums and blogs, has modest growth in economy so She can already buy missile frigates and anti-submarine and anti-aircraft defense. So I think, if Japan change or amend its constitution, the Philippines can convert the patrol boats into guided-missile frigate and anti-submarine ships. According to some news forum, the ships can be of 1,000-ton high-endurance open-seas patrol crafts.

In parallel with negotiation with Japan, the Philippines is re-arming the two Hamilton-Class Cutter (bought from USA at 1 Billion Yen each). The arms are said to be enhanced RADAR, Torpedo Tubes and 76mm-or-120mm canons.

In parallel with Japan purchase, the Philippines is already in the final stage of negotiation of buying two MAESTRAL-CLASS guided missile corvette from ITALY. Similar deals are also in the initial negotiation of frigates from South-Korea.

The Philippines also has a lot of marine engineers and deck-officers from Merchant Marine SHips and has the ability to maintain ships on their own. About 30 of the Philippine Navy SHips are WW-II vintage and still working fine. About 40 helicopters of the Philippines were Vietnam-war vintage and are still flying. 70% of the world's ocean-liners are manned partially or wholly by Philippine marine engineers and boilers and engine mechanics. So what the Philippines needs are friendly nations offering friendly price of modern hardware.

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JAPAN is more friendly than the USA with the Philippines. At 1 Billion Yen each, the ships are brand-new

1 Billion Yen is almost the same price USA sold 2 40-year old ships (Hamilton-Class Cutter). The USCCG Hamilton and USCGC Dallas. When the USA sold these 2 junk USCGC Hamilton-Class Cutter, the ships were stripped-off with RADAR Equipments, Phalanx Close Support Systems, All the automated cannons and firing mechanisms. The Philippine installed MANUALLY-OPERATED 25mm chain gun, six mounted 50-caliber guns and two 20mm cannons as replacement for the equipment removed. The RADAR installed is for Surface-ship scanning only.

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this is possible. Well for those salarymen (including foreigners) in Japan, take a closer look to your pay slip given Friday last week (January 25). Your income tax is defintely higher than the previous month by 2.5%

From January 25, 2013 until Dec 25, 2037, all income tax payers salary in Japan will be deducted by additional 2.5% as an addtional income tax contribution to the Economic Recovery of the Tohoku regionss due to the Tohoku Great Earthquake (3/11/2010) and additional support for the economy.

Although 2.5% increase in income tax does not necessarily translate to 2.5% GDP growth, it will stabilize and insulate Japan from external forces such as Euro/Greek crises etc.

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2nd, the lacerations on the women's precious part is 95 to 99% accurate, though a little bit antiquated but accurate though. if the women's private part is just like a wall clock, if the lacerations are on the 11, 12 or 1 o'clock, the men's pistol forcibly enter that private part. If the lacerations are in 5 6 and 7 o'clock, then men's pistol was allowed by the women to enter it gently.

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Posted in: Prosecutors urge 5-year sentence for former judo champion over rape charge See in context

This past two decades is the known as the period of modern forensic science. All evidence must be proven by science, not by merely testimonial, circumstacial and emotional evidences.

Modern forensics can accurately determine whether the liquide (o r g a s m) from women was produced by consensual (enjorment of sex) or not.

2nd, the lacerations on the women's precious part is 95 to 99% accurate, though a little bit antiquated by accurate though. if the women's private part is just like a wall clock, if the lacerations are on the 11, 12 or 1 o'clock, the men's pistol forcibly enter that private part. If the lacerations are in 5 6 and 7 o'clock, then men's pistol forcibly or the women did not want it to enter.

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