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Augie Janke comments

Posted in: Japanese people aren’t happy with their looks: survey See in context

Personally i think Japanese men amd woman are very good looking. Weird that they dont view themselves that way..

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating 4-month-old daughter See in context

Personally I feel People like this guy NEED to receive counseling while in jail (child is in protective custody as well). Instead of locking him up for 5-10yrs give him a 6 month-1yr sentence and while there he has to receive counseling. Hopefully when he gets out of jail he will have received the proper help along with a mandatory weekly anger management and counseling sessions. Then start him off with supervised visits until a case worker determines there is no danger to the child. This way a family may be spared the continuing cycle of abuse will stop. If your in prison or jail, it should be mandatory to receive specialized counseling from day 1. To many times people go to jail and thats it! They get out and some have learned there lesson but most or a large number havent learned anything other than they got "caught". Look at America's penal institutions and the rates at which people go right back to prison. The Japanese government and people have a higher sense of social order than the rest of the world (doesnt mean they are perfect, far from it) but thats why i believe that 'they" could be the first to institute something like this and the results will speak for themselves (either for or against it)

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 4-year-old son See in context

I was abused growing up. He not only hit me all the time but the verbal abuse went with the beatings. Sister and mom got it to! I almost shot my father because i wanted the abuse of the family to stop...LUCKILY i didnt kill my father because he has turned into a very good grandfather and we get along great most of the time. He hasnt touched my mom, sister or I since i was 16 which was when he and I got into a fist fight over him choking my mother in a chair. He turned to Jesus and was convicted and delivered of the evil in his heart. I am happy to say i helped my sister forgive him as well. I look back and think of how everything could have went down and it scares me (I had my hunting rifle loaded and was walking down the stairs. Half way down the stairs I stopped and stood there for a minute and for some reason i turned around and went back to my room and sat there with this loaded rifle in my hands). Point of my story? People like this NEED help. My father was severely beating by my grandfather while growing up. My grandfather also blamed my dad for the death of there son (my dads little brother who was 1 year younger). My dad had a extremely bad child hood then 2 months after graduating high school he was drafted into Vietnam were he was in the 101st Airborne Div. Anyways there are millions of stories like mine. My father overcame severe drug and alcohol addictions (He was an IV drug user of Heroine, coke, weed, pills, EVERYTHING! Thank God he was delivered of ALL of these things by God through Jesus. I am proud of my dad for overcoming sooo much! As bad as this kids injury is, i NEVER went to the hospital and I got knuckled up by a 6'6 250pound man from as far back as I can remember. I have 3 kids and I never BEAT THEM, but i did discipline them with spanking and yelling :) this man just needs to break the cycle! Which isnt easy

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Posted in: A bionic hand in many ways as good as a graft See in context

this is amazing! beef up the motors and give them a really good bionic hand :) I see the military being interested, can u say super soldier? Anyways this is so cool for people out there that cant use there hand or were born without 1! In a few years, this will be common place once they teach other doctors how to do it! Again Thank you and great job!

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Posted in: Artificial intelligence future wows Davos elite See in context

I agree with Kristianna, there is nothing to fear. These robots are programmed they are not free thinkers. As long as your program is good, then so will the Robot.

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Posted in: Housewives going crazy home alone all day behind facade of normal life See in context

First and foremost..A woman that is a housewife has the GREATEST value. Why? A wife is the glue of the family. She keeps everyone grounded in the family unit. She is indispensable! Anyone can work, but how many woman can truly take care of there families (children and husband). It is laughable at some of the comment on here how a housewife is a parasite or somehow adds no value. Ask ALL the deviant children running around the US if they had a good mom at home. More times than not, they dont! Mom is out working and so is dad and no one is raising the children. If a woman works thats fine to! I personally see more VALUE in housewives than one who works...my wife, cooks and cleans and that adds a LOT of Value to our family, but its her smile and the way she takes care of our family that means the most! I thank GOD everyday for my amazing wife!

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