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Any violence done to the protestors but Americans will result in all of the Americans kicked out.

Yuri, though I share some of your sentiments, if you think the Americans are going anywhere soon, even in the event of killing Okinawans, you are sadly mistaken.

You should know by now that the USA kills without guilt or reason and the central Japanese governements fear of the USA (mainly dipolomatic) prevents any move towards normalising what is a terrible burden for Okinawa.

What is needed is large-scale, organised protests over a long time period around the bases. Okinawans are voters, remember that. Ultimately this is the only language that government will understand.

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A very important point, nigelboy.

Massacres and terrorism are what other countries do.

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WWII actions of the Imperial Japanese Army are acknowledged by many ordinary Japanese. The whole subject - including Nanjing - strikes at the heart of their national identity and notions of "pride, honor and shame" which, although largely absent in the West, are integral concepts of the Japanese psyche.

But Nanjing has become so much more than a mere attrocity. It has become a devisive issue cynically manipulated by those who seek to perpetuate the divide between two neighbouring Asian identities.

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I mean, if what occurred in Nanking in December/January of 1937/38 was just a "conventional fight" in the eyes of many Japanese, then what exactly would constitute something worse than that?

Um, how about...

Crippling your enemy to the point that they are no-longer able to fight in any serious manner, ignoring their attempts to arrange surrender so that you can drop two atomic devices on ordinary citizens with the intention of making a statement of intent towards the Soviet Union. THEN, promulgating the lie that the atomic bombings were necessary in order to save American lives.

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In the years when Mao's ruled China, from 1949 to 1976, the Nanking massacre has been virtually ignored in official records. Why is that? Because it was formerly the capital of the Nationalists, the side fighting the Communists in China's civil war.....

Dude, if you're going to copy a whole body of text you might as well quote the original author:

There. Did it for you.

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Something so monumental which is part of your country's history needs to be remembered

Nanjing wasn't monumental by the standards of the 1930s-40s or by today's standards.

The Nazi holocaust was monumental; The American atomic bombing was monumental. Nanjing was not.

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Not saying Japan gets off because of that. Certainly not. They need to own up, as a population.

No, I'm not sure the Japanese need to own up to anything, and certainly not at the behest of any foreign nation.

Modern Japanese want to move forward with their lives. You really can't continue to blame them for the crimes of the past, especially not unless you are willing to face the crimes of your own nations first.

Furthermore this constant 'moral high ground portrayal' of the Japanese as ignorant, quietly fiendish devils is sickening. I swear that most of you have never even been to Japan - your just hear fame the flames for whatever personal reason you may have.

Japan Today is truely an odd place to be at times. So much hatred towards the very nation it promotes. The Japanese are very proud of their pacifist constitution. Many ordinary Japanese that I have met are deeply embarrassed by their goverments occasional sabre rattling rhetoric and American-influence foreign policy. To continually suggest that they are in some way responsible, or at fault, for not wanting to carry the burden of the past is plainly senseless.

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Japan hasn't faced up to its past. Leave China out of this for a second and whatever agenda they might be pursuing. Kawamura's statement alone should have greeted with condemnation from the Japanese public, but it wasn't. Whereas if the alternative occured in Germany, the German population would be furious at such disgusting denial. Japan can't keep burying its head in the sand.

Most Japanese understand that they can't be held responsible for the actions of Japanese imperial soldiers which occured during wartime 60 years ago. A brief google on the subject will also show that crimes of the past have been apologised for on numerous occasions by several Japanese leaders.

The Japanese approach is not one of denying, rather, it's more a grim acceptance and desire to move on. You could learn something from this, too. It's also unwarranted for any foreigner to point a finger at the Japanese as a whole and demand that they should be doing or thinking this or that. It's for the Japanese nation as a whole to decide how best to deal with their own troubled past.

From my own perspective I see only two camps returning to the issue of Nanjing with regularity: The Chinese and the USA. Both have their own troubled and violent histories which have yet to be faced publicly. Likewise both have an interest in keeping the issue of Nanjing alive in the public mind.

For the USA it is this inter-Asian rivalry which helps maintain their presence in the region. Their self-proclaimed role as benign defender of liberty and freedom against supposed Chinese/NK agression has been repeated ad nauseam.

For the Chinese the constant reminder of Japanese agression is necessary ever since Japan decided to align it self with the West (USA) rather than with their closer kin accross Asia.

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Whatever the facts of Nanjing (and there can be no doubt that Japasnese soldiers DID commit a terrible crime there), I also feel that the memory of that poor city is now, cynically, used as propaganda to stir and perpetuate divisive inter-racial fear and mistrust. The major of Nagoya DOES NOT represent or speak for the Japanese population - he represents himself. Attempts by some posters here to link this to some fictional inherent Japanese bloodlust are cheap and only add to the problem.

Furthermore, continual references to Nazi Germany and their own personal holocaust are misleading. That particular crime was a direct result of sanctioned government policy. It was murder on an industrial scale, the like of which we will, hopefully, never again witness. It has no bearing upon what happened at Nanjing. Even the most cursory referencing of the known facts can be illuminating.

Then I saw this:


One thing I've discovered about your society in the decades I've been here is this, you have a lust for blood and war. You deeply want to destroy your neighbors and you would love to wield America's military assets in order to accomplish this. Over the past decades, you have tried to put America in the middle of your scuffles with North Korea and China. I don't want to see that happen cause I know how you would turn on Americans too. Japan does not value us beyond her own selfish ambitions.

This post alone reflects the appaulingly juvenile venting which passes for debate ot JT. NetNinja, claiming to have spent 'decades' in Japan has concluded that they are nothing more than a rabble of violent, mindless animals. Not one poster saught to correct or challenge it! Why? Every word you typed runs contrary to my own, very real, experience of the Japanese. Just how any USA citizen can claim another nation has a 'lust for blood and war' and expect to be taken seriously is baffling. Nothing you say is backed by any evidence beyond your own teen angst. You actually think Japan wants to use the USA to attack Korea or China? How very sad.

Most Japanese, young and old, are too busy getting on with their lives to be too concerned with events carried out before they were born. Yes, the Japanese were unfortunate enough to have been led, during the war years, by an expansionist government which used all manner of nationalistic rhetoric to get the population behind their pointless adventures. You could say the same for any number of countries of the time...or even of now. But what choice did they really have? To smear an entire population as bloodthursty is idiotic at best.

I see no reason to continue rubbing Japanese noses in Nanjing. Yes, the Japanese were agressive and they paid a terrible price for the crimes of their leaders. Now let go. Please.

As for NetNinja's assertion that the Japanese would like to use the USA millitary...Most Japanese that I speak to would like nothing more than to see an end to the USA millitary presence in their land but feel powerless to do anything about it. Further than that, as I said, they are far too busy getting on with their lives.

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