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Aurélien Romaric Loste comments

Posted in: Japan's cyber security minister admits never having used computer See in context

Will he stay until 2020 Olympics, most futuristic ever?

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Posted in: Gov't estimates 3.2 mil Japanese suffer from gambling addiction See in context

Casinos are built for the Olympic tourists.

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Posted in: New panda cub expected to bring Y26.7 bil economic boost See in context

In Europe, there is an old rivalry between France and England.

Is it the same with Japan and China?

mulanToday12:38 am JST

There are a lot of Chinese things that can make Japanese economy boom. Unfortunately, Japan abandoned them. Not wise.

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Posted in: Are smartphones promoting the dumbing down of humanity? See in context

Whatever these biaised studies show, I did not know the gobsmacked word and neither the pocket Harrap's paper dictionary, so I had no choice but to Google this Word telling my Android.

Also TV does it, but no computer, even with webcam for Skype language lessons, so what..?!

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Posted in: Sony exec pokes fun at Netflix at 'Blade Runner 2049' preview See in context

If you don't feel like watching a movie ????, then don't.

As the worst you say and write ???? on the 120 year old movie industry most and longest awaited sequel (35 years of great expectations ⏩), the more you give envy to watch it just to prove how wrong you are and make all your money ???? arguments void.

BR is about time ⌚, not money. Tony Scott was the producer.

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Posted in: Capsule hotels appeal to female history buffs, foreign visitors See in context

Nihon's welcoming its second Olympiad, in 1964 the few (Western only) tourists were either in hotels ???? or half-board in family guest-houses, maybe with honsens, and more than half a century later, capsule ???? places offer a ???? alternative for other Asian countries people or thrifty Westerners. Domo arigato for 2020! ???????? ⌚ ???? ????.

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Posted in: One Indonesian woman's road to a successful business In Japan See in context

On the 17 500+ Indonesian islands, even in Bali, not speaking about Java or Sumatra, neither Sulawesi nor Flores or Labuan Bajos, 90% of places to eat offer prices adapted to the population life standards.

This restaurant is for the Northern hemisphere tourists and people, so it must be different from Indonesian restaurants, but with the good relationships between Jepang and Indoneshia, it must be interesting to taste it, makasih, as well as https://www.zomato.com/jakarta/ootoya-kemang/menu

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Posted in: Reading news in the age of Trump? Think like a spy. See in context

Is spy thinking travelling light like Jason Bourne or with extra baggage, James Bond style?

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