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Posted in: How airlines deal with 'customers of size' See in context

Agreed. Airfares should be based on total weight of passengers and luggage. Why should anyone subsidize someone else's obesity?

How ridiculous would that be? Forget about obesity being a problem here, think about whole nations body differences around the world, in general terms, Asians would always fly cheaper than Africans, simply because Asians are, on average, of a lesser body mass than most of the Western world.

In personal terms, as a person of 6'5" with lower than average body fat, but still weighing in at 240lbs, I have to pay more than double the fair of my 115lb wife? Thanks very much, so now aside from the fact that I am often cramped due to my height, I would have to pay double fair for the privledge?

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Posted in: UK woman wins right to sue rapist who won lottery millions See in context

Would be perfect if the total of the winnings were distributed to Mrs A and all the previous victims.

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Posted in: Iran Revolutionary Guards chief warns Israel See in context

Iran wants nuclear power, not a nuclear bomb, and yet, Bush's war happy govt wants to enter into a war because Iran wants to build a few nuclear power stations, which Bush extrapolates to mean they want the bomb. So, once again, without proof, why not go ahead and start another war just based on public scare tactics.

I am always amazed at the crap that the Bush administration can get away with. I really hope that American's have some spark of intelligence and vote Obama in. He is at least willing to talk to Iran.

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