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David Wilson comments

Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,337 daily COVID cases; nationwide tally 4,519 See in context

Hi Zoroto, I'M from Melbourne and yes we have has nothing for many days now until that stupid !!! in Sydney and Melbourne allowed travellers to come to Melbourne and although New years eve celebrations are cancelled in Melbourne you can bet the Virus numbers in Sydney and Melbourne will increase over the next week through lack of social distancing by a generation who think they are untouchable. I truly hope I am wrong but history over the past year has shown different. Happy New year to all . Please stay safe and look out for each other .

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Posted in: Japan's total coronavirus cases top 100,000 See in context

Well said Monty, You can read all of what the government, health department etc, etc are saying and are going to do but your comments in doing what you have to do to keep your family safe and well is exactly what my wife and I are doing. It’s called COMMON SENCE.

I also read that Japan is now concerned about the upcoming winter/ flue season.

I live in Australia and my wife and I have been totally house quarantined since March due to both having terminal lung deceases and the colds and flue have not been mentioned once on any news media and no reports by the hospitals or medical team have been reported. Interesting. Stay safe and keep your family safe and well.

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Posted in: Abe says decision to resign before accomplishing his goals 'gut-wrenching' See in context

Derek Glebe, the man is sick and dying and is a lot more country and people orientated than those running a lot of other countries.

Unlike many other countries Japan is and has been a very financial and growth productive country and has been for many years, ( This year aside due to Coronavirus)

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Posted in: Convenience store worker arrested for assaulting customer over handling change See in context

P.Smith, No different to any other country in the world.

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks 75th anniversary of A-bombing See in context

It amazes me being an Aussie and having a father that fought in WW2 that everyone is commenting about the Japanese treatment of the enemy in WW2. I certainly apposed the use of the atomic bombs against the Japanese. The war was already won by then.

The stories that are held back are the way the Japanese were treated by the Australian forces. I spoke to a WW2 Aussie digger a few years back and we were talking about the war and he told me that there are many stories about the way the Japanese treated the Aussie soldiers but very few with regards the way the Japanese were treated. There are always 2 sides to every story. At the end of the day the facts are that every country should have by now learned from their mistakes from this war and moved together to creating a humanitarian acceptance of every country’s economic situation and future.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting 9-year-old girl in car See in context

Well fuzzylogic, if it cuts down crime it makes since.

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Posted in: 30-year-old Texas man dies from virus after attending 'COVID-19 party' See in context

Well, we are talking about the current younger adult 20-30 year olds who think they are invincible and above everything until such time as someone in the age group dies from this terrible virus but that wont change anything. Our condolences to his family and friends.

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Posted in: Telemedicine shakes up Japan's health care sector See in context

In Australia we use Telehealth and its always with your own GP or if like myself I regularly talk to my Transplant Hospital doctors via Telehealth and as both my GP and hospital doctors have my medical records. With this information and seeing and listening to you via Telehealth your doctor can make a diagnosis based on your current and past symptoms and medical history.

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Posted in: Some people argue that mandating anyone to wear face masks during the pandemic is a violation of human rights. Do you agree? See in context

Zichi, I'm with you all the way mate and like yourself I wear a mask because I have no immune system due to a lung transplant in 2018 and my wife also wears one as she was in another hospital at the same time having major cancer surgery and still going through it. Neither of us can breath in them however its for our own health .

As for Japan we have travelled their on 16 occasions and during the colder months there are many, many Japanese people wearing masks out of respect for others so they don't spread the Flu virus.

So I would suggest those who are against it should pull their head out of their arce and do the right thing for everyone .

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 102 new coronavirus cases See in context

Northernlife, They are 2 different people of the same age, you cannot compare the age comparison with the disease . Their bodies are different and how they react to the disease is based on how their bodies react to it.

That being said they are both to young to be goinf through this as is everyone who has contracted this nasty disease. My heart goes out to all suffering at this time. Stay safe and please do the right thing by yourself and others.

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