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Davidtokoyo, I guessing the part where you said, because of the moratorium, there is not much whale meat to be had in japan.

It is now quite obvious to me now you do not live in Japan. You also had no idea the whale hunt is funded by tax payers dollars!

I have a girlfriend who works in japan (tokoyo and other cities:, and has done for many years.

She finds whalemeat always available in some shops, and quite a few times, the packages are reduced in price. She has asked a few store owners, why it not available in more stores, no demand for it he says. he only keeps a small amount for 1 or 2 regulars....and the story is the same everywhere. That is the reason the Japanese introduced whalemeat in school tuck shops, and are pushing whale meat burgers.

You would know that if you lived in japan, i also find it funny you say that as even the japanese officials admit, there is, and has been for a long time, only a very small market for whalemeat, less than 1%.

I agree with you about the all the Tuna sold to Japan, our tuna quota is much lower than Japans (why is that), and the Japanese pay HUGE prices. But then again, we dont grant ourselves thousands of tons of EXTRA critically endangered tuna, way above our quota for scientific purposes as japan does...and got there quota halved in the courts for there deceit.


I dont know where you hail from, but im glad your on the side of the whales.

You should look at the web regarding the massive efforts people from all over the world are putting in to reduce pollution, tackle global warming,the is even a massive push for the USA to stop using their sonar in areas where whales may be present, as they fear this may be contributing to whales beaching themselves. Do you see the crowds of people on those beaches desperately trying to steer the whales back out to sea? And ship strikes? How does the world go about ridding the oceans of ships and boats? It just isnt going to happen.

So, with these other critical impacts on the whales, some we can change, others we cant, why would any nation, continue to kill whales without any reason whatsoever, and add to the their demise? And i urge to check the lengths japan is going to , to have whaling commercialized again, check the history of whaling, under the protection of the IWC, the whales were almost hunted to extinction by many nations, there can be no sure way to ensure quotas and species types are adhered to.

SS, is a huge advocate for everything that impacts on the health of the oceans, and ALL the creatures in it, have you checked on that?

I support SS 100 %, they do what they raise the money for...they save whales, 20 years of diplomatic talks have achieved nothing.

I will also add that i do NOT support the corperate money making machine greenpeace, or many others.

And ship strikes? How does the world go about ridding the oceans of ships and boats? It just isnt going to happen.

And Australians have no larger a racist element than other countries, and WAY less than some, but if you dont believe me, check the net, look up the japanese network groups, then look up the australian ones or the UK or USA. While your there, check the japanese immigration policy, then check the others, you may just have to retract your comment there.

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Hiya Cooeecobber, and HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!!!!!

Yes , i agree with you, and feel as much as rudd realizes the enormous public support for the shame of whaling to cease, I really do feel he is first and foremeost a businessman.

Whaling should be a morality issue, not a polital one.

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Hiya disillusioned,

Your spot on there mate....

Japan has publicly changed the reasons for the hunt on many occassions, First it was culture/tradition, japan has no culture of whaling 2000 miles from home in a factory harpoon fleet. There true culture is that of a few small coastal villages, taking 1 or 2 whales per year from a small boat offshore. Im sure no one would have a problem with japan's true cultural whaling...if it was as its always been.

Incidently, japan actually refused permission for a local village to hunt its annual whale....hypocracy at its highest! They may have recently changed their position on the local village due to media pressure, but i havent heard.

japan also refused its aboriginal people there thousands of years old tradition of hunting salmon, due to international embarrassment,i believe they are now allowed a small catch....again hypocracy!


Less than 1% eat what, mainly older folk who gained the taste during the food shortage after the war, there are stockpiles of uneaten, unwanted whalemeat in storage, some is sold for pet food. Mostly the younger japanese do not like like the taste of whale, and there is so much better stuff and more plentiful to eat. AGAIN, not a reason to kill so many whales, and forcefully persist in the reinstatment of commercial whaling!

Whales eat our fish!

Ummm, no, very few whales eat fish. Again, wrong.....

So what is the real reason Japan continues the push to kill more and more whales???????

Is it political power postering? if so, for a small island with a huge population and almost ZERO natural resources, japan is playing a VERY DANGEROUS GAME!

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Hey Nipandtuck,

Thank you for your support with the pro whalers...we gotta stick together and bring on a few truths

Whaling in the whale santuary, under a moritorium on commercial whaling is indefensible, as you can see from the attempts at justification above.

While japan may be using loopholes in the IWC's scientific agenda, that does not make it morally right to continue commercial whaling.

Japan is though breaching the antarctic treaty by refueling in the pristine southern ocean which is breaking the law.

David , im gueesing from tokoyo, was not even aware the whaling is subsidised by the japanese tax payers, but as I said before even if the government made them aware, japanese culture is not to question nothing would change no matter how they really felt about it.


Are you aware, whales only produce 1 offspring every 2-4 years? Yup, didnt think so, in your equation, have you considered all the other nations wishing to come on board should japan be successful in overturning the ban on commercial whaling?

If japan is allowed 1,000 whales per year, plus the thousand more they take in other places yearly, everyone would be entitled to the same amount...right? We have to be fair.

Have you also added all the other whales Japan kills around the globe yearly, besides the southern ocean?

have you added the whales Norway, iceland the faroes...and other nations presently take?

Keeping in mind the low birthrate of whales, you would also need to add the whales killed naturally every year through shipstrikes, beaching, pollution, nets, bycatch and global warming...estimated to be roughly 20-30 thousand per year. So with at least 4, maybe more nations whaling...and the other death causes, how long do you think the whales could hold out?

Remembering if the ban is lifted....many more nations will get in on the money train?

So are you going to still tell me whaling is ok? Oh and dont forget their is NO WAY to humanely kill a whale or dolphin at sea?

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ca1 SS raises money to go out and try to stop the slaughter of thousands of whales, some endangered. they do what they raise the money for. Those that donate, do so because they agree with the cause, and see there donated money is saving the lives of whales.

For whatever reason, you may not agree with them, that is your choice. But dont undermine the choices of others.

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I think thats really funny you say that, it is a well known fact, even via japanese officals, that less than 1% of japans [population, mostly older folk eat whalemeat anymore. Well known and true fact that japan has at any one time thousands of tons of whalemeat, un wanted in storage .

Despite the fact that whale meat has up to 10 times the mecury and toxins considered "safe" levels by japans own minestry of health, japans goverement distributes whalemeat for school childrens lunches in an attempt to encourage the eating of whalemeat again?

And david toko says "Because in Japan, whales have long been regarded as a valuable source of food"

Whalemeat is a tax payer funded power play by the japanese government.

There is NO good reason to kill whales, they are not feeding the impoverished, finding a cure for cancer...nor is the meat particaly liked by the Japanese.

david, you have NOT given ONE good reason why Japan should continue to kill whales, or push for a return to commercial whaling where history shows, whaling can not be regulated, nor penalities enforced...nor could we stop the barrage of other nations greedily taking whales of all species and numbers for profit.

History shows, should japan have its way....we will see and end to the whales in our oceans, our marine eco system will collapse. An eco system thats supports our lives.

History has shown japan has NO respect for the environment or the animals we share it with.

we have to END there power play with the rest of the world.

Japan has NO right to change my world and that of my grandchildren.

Moderator: Aussieooo and davidattokyo, you two are just going around in circles posting the same things over and over again. Please move the discussion along or take a break and allow others to contribute.

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Why does japan want to continue killing whales?

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Australia will NEVER contribue nor agree with Japans whaling in the whale santuary under the "guise" of science, under a moritorium on whaling. And neither will the majority of countries around the world.

So, I guess Japan will not join the program for non lethal methods.

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David toyoko

This site is sending some your answers way late and i have missed them ...just got your answers to my questions.

All your answers say that Japan knows whichspesies can be hunted and which can not.

You say that the governing bodies including cites...have no idea of the whales numbers and are polictally motivated, that what japan says is gospel.

Do you really believe the propaganda from Japan:? Against the judgment of the governing bodies.

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Oh I see, So what does japan REALLY want to kill whales for?

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Why would japan need to kill whales in the santuary, or anywhere else if there is an international program using non lethal methods in place?

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Depending on how serious it is, Japan might participate, but if the objectives of the Australian programme do not include objectives in relation to contributing to the optimal utilisation of marine resources including Antarctic whale stocks, then it is certain that Japan will have no choice but to continue it's own programme<<<

I dont understand your post. You say japan kills whales for science, if there is a way, and there is.. to get the science without the kill....wouldnt japan be happy to come onboard. But you say Australia must contribute to japan idea of utilizing the whale santuary whale population, in other words continuing to kill whales in the santuary....

What for...if the non lethal science is there?

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David tokoyo,

Why do you think its a white elephant?

Japan says it kills for "science", here is an opportunity to learn to study whales without killing them, legitimate scientists will be lining up for the chance.

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History does not lie! japan does

I want to leave something for my grandchildren and so should you!

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All responsible advanced nations that utilise marine resources analyse biological data from their fisheries to determine this. Whaling nations apply the same concepts to whale stock management. Get over it. Whales are not "special".<<<

Are speaking of the same responsible adavanced nations, that almost devoided our planet of whales under the management of the IWC before the balanket ban on commercial whaling?

If Japan has its way, and a return to commercial whaling is undertaken, again under the IWC regulations for whale management by "responsible " nations, and the many other nations that come on board, which WILL happen, eager to reap the financial benefits.

With every nation wanting to take as many whales each for profit, and history showing that it is impossible to regulate the species and number taken, how do you think history will be any differnt this time?

Whales only have a few babies in there lifetime, and by the time we see history is repeating itself, it will be too late!

How do you know things will be differnet, you are pro whaling, you must then agree every nation (and there will be many) wanting to cash in, has as much right as japan to the whales.

History does not lie......Japans fisheries, government and ICR do lie/

Me im not taking the chance with a nation that continually lies...and has a long history of environmetal abuse. I want to leave something for my should you!

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The Rudd Labor Government will invest more than $6 million in 2008-09 in non-lethal whale research and other critical, conservation programs as part of its ongoing strategy to end so-called 'scientific' whaling, Environment Minister Peter Garrett announced today.

Mr Garrett said the new funding, including $4 million for whale research and scientific partnerships with other countries, was an unprecedented commitment to the anti-whaling cause.

"This funding will ramp up the first phase of the Government's internationally endorsed reform program for the International Whaling Commission, directed at changing it to a conservation-focused organisation.

"Australia does not believe that we need to kill whales to understand them. Modern day research uses genetic and molecular techniques, as well as satellite tags, acoustic methods and aerial surveys, rather than grenade-tipped harpoons," Mr Garrett said.

"The Australian led Southern Ocean Research Partnership is a ground-breaking new model for coordinated regional non-lethal whale research. This will be the first truly international, multidisciplinary research collaboration that will focus on improving the conservation of whales."

Mr Garrett said an invitation to join the partnership was extended to all IWC member nations at the June meeting and would be made again at the next meeting of the IWC Small Working Group in early December 2008.

"I would urge all the nations of the IWC to join with us in this exciting new venture and Australia would warmly welcome the participation of Japan."

Mr Garrett said the research partnerships were a key component of Australia’s reform proposal for the IWC, which also included the establishment of internationally-agreed conservation management plans and reform of the management of science at the IWC.

Other elements of the anti-whaling funding package include:

investments in the latest non-lethal research technology; the identification and development of whale-watching opportunities as an alternative to lethal uses of whales in regions such as the Pacific; and a comprehensive, independent assessment of the scientific credibility of Japan's so-called 'scientific' whaling program. "Today's investment is about debunking once and for all the need to kill whales in the name of science and providing capacity to support non-lethal research partnerships, as well as promoting the economic value of whale-watching."

Mr Garrett said the funding commitment came on top of the most comprehensive approach adopted by any Australian government to end commercial and so-called 'scientific' whaling.

"Since coming to office we have consistently maintained diplomatic pressure on Japan to end its Southern Ocean hunt, most recently appointing Mr Sandy Hollway as our Special Envoy on Whale Conservation.

"Australia remains resolute in its opposition to commercial and co-called ‘scientific’ whaling, and we continue to step up our diplomatic efforts. All options remain on the table, including the possibility of taking international legal action."

David tokoyo

Australia is going to invite all other nations, including japan to participate in whale research using NON lethal techniques.

Do you think japan will join this International collaberation to learn what we need to know, non lethally?

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I am not aware that Australia fishes in others eez's, but then i cant be sure as many nations have agreements to fish others eez's for FISH...not whales.

A few years ago, japan had the rights to fish in australias EEZ. But japan then decided to grant itself a HUGE extra bluefin tuna take, way above its quota (japan has the largest quota), Australia and NZ fought this in court and won. it was then discovered japan had illeggally taken 6 billion dollars of extra tuna illegally, they admitted this and had there quota cut for the next 5 years. Australia then involked its permission for japan to fish its EEZ.

Japan has shown over end over again, they feel no responsiility for the health of our oceans or species. history shows they can not be trusted with the marine eco system we all have to share.

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David Answer to question 1 You are assuming the public are aware, my extensive experience of the japanese public is that the majority are NOT aware. But even if they were, it is the japanese way Not to question government, so the outcome would not change anyway. They may be horrified,but are not in a position to question decisions of government.


Please david, go to the CITES website, FIN whales ARE endangered, while your there, check on the extent japan goes to to constantly lobby for the downgrading of endangered whale species. it is endless, all have been denied to date. Just because you dont want them to be listed as endangered, dosent mean there not.

Q3 That is entirely your assumption. CITES is the governing body relating to the protection of endangered species. Do you proffess to be more knowledgable than them regading species nunbers?


The whale santuary exists now, as a place whales are free to breed and recover from the past. japan is whaling there NOW, WHY? Japan also kills whales in many other parts of the world, including off the coasts of anti whaling nations and poor islands and countries using whale watching to feed there families. WHY the whale santuary? Why not japans own backyard?

Q5, Australia does fish in its own eez, as does japan, but as i said before whales are not fish. If australia were killing whales in Japans could use that argument, there NOT!

Q 6,7,8

There is ONLY 1 scientific determination that requires lethal data, AGE. All the rest can be obtained by NON lethal methods. These are NOT just the findings o westerners, but of legimiate scientists all over the world. Please do yourself a favour, and check this for yourself. Do not look at ICR or fisheries propaganda, similaly do not look at western science...use the opinion from scientists all over the world to find the truth. This is a well known fact, and one which even your own government admits is correct.

PEER reviewed work is the only to viably assess research worldwide. It is the ONLY methos to assess the suitablity of research based science. Whether you agree or not thats the way it is. And some legitimate japanese scientists have published many good research results this way, they agree, why dont you?

You have not really answered my questions. Why do you think japan goes all the to a a leagally santioned whale santuary to kill whales...why not expand the local whaling that takes place now in local waters?

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david tokoyo, Hmm, this is the japaese embassies statement, not exactly the truth, sorry to say. They are not to happy about losing face Check for the real truth

Good try though... Still waiting.

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david tokoyo,


reports in Australia suggest that the Yushin Maru #2 was repaired and returned to sea. Even your cult-idol, Paul Watson, recognises this on his website.<<<

You probably should check your facts there buddy, that is what the JAPANESE emabssasy is saying... And as usual, not exacly the truth, dont wanna lose face huh!

keep trying though buddy...your doing well.

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davidattokyo at 05:56 PM JST - 23rd January

Aussieooo, Cooeebobber, reports in Australia suggest that the Yushin Maru #2 was repaired and returned to sea. Even your cult-idol, Paul Watson, recognises this on his website. The Japanese media doesn't get so excited as Aussies about every operational issue of the whaling fleet - nor do I... You guys really do love this for the drama don't you?

Lol....ok, grasping at straws now.

I cant be sure, but i would asume the japanese public dont get excited cause other nations are not in japans leagally sanctioned "santuary" brutally slaughtering whales...for NO REASON!

Id really, love to hear your point of view on the questions i put forth!

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OOOPs sorry, your a bit confused there buddy.

Whales are not fish, yup...totally different. But if you want to start of, i have a HUGE stack of PEeR reviwed papers here, showing the extent japan will go to to get tuna, and anything else that moves in the ocean. Mind you japan is not alone, but they are the largest consumer of seafood in the world and the major driver of the seafood black market. But yep, thats a whole other story..

i am waiting for your answers....not the deflection ploy.

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David tokoyo, No it is you who are constantly contrdicting your self, read back on your posts. Your answer to nit and tuck, was that if the people knew the Whaling was government subsided, it would not have been able to maintain its policy on whaling.

WELL IT IS, you didnt even know that so, that proves nipandtucks point, the japanese public as a whole are unaware. And of course there not gunna hide that fact when confronted by the international community, because the facts are there! And you didnt know it....!

You said..

japan is not killing endangered whales 2< ????

Again you are unaware of the realities, japan is again targetting 50 FIn whales along with the minke whales this year. FIN WHALES ARE ENDANGERED. And there are no exact numbers on the minke population, only estimates, but the J population of minkes is considered endangered by CITES.

The whale santuary! I ask you again, for the third time without an answer. Why is Japan travelling 2000 miles from home to a legally santioned whale santuary to kill whales. Why do they not do there"supermarket science" in there own eez?????

Why is japan killing 1000 whales per year (some endangered) using lethal techniques, when all but 1 (age), can be easily produced using non-lethal techniques???

Why do you then need to kill 1000 whales to find out there age? There DEAD! Thats how old they are.

And again, please show the good folks here how much PEER reviewed scientific data relating to the management of whale stocks , has come from 20 years and tens of thousands of dead whales.

Come on david, you know you know the answer, it on the net to see.....Yep, go to the top of the class, your right!! Only 5 peer reviwed papers, and of those only 2 would relate to the management of whale stocks which is the criteria of the IWC.

I would appreciate your answer to my questions.

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Lmao, oh yes, the silence is deafning. Im actually quite dissappointed, as i actually enjoy the grossly misleading, blatent lies and hypocracies that spew out from the government puppet agency ICR and the government fisheries agencies.

It really is quite amusing, but rather embarrassing for the country. Those spokespersons must be being VERY well paid I

In the group I spoke of above, we started (and continue)a campain to send instant noodles from all over the world to japans PM, with a note.

Japans government, in an attempt to force the younger people of japan to grow a liking for whalemeat, and to try and find a consumer for the thousands of stockpiles of whalemeat going unused and unwanted, began a campain to distribute whalemeat to school tuckshops.

So we gathered (tongue in cheek), that school children were being forced to eat whalemeat they did not like, and in some cases contained mercury and toxin levels to be 10 higher than japans own health services reccomended as safe levels...that Japanese school children must be hungry, and must eat toxic food.

So overall so far we have send 74,000 packets of instant noodles to japans PM!!!!

Can you imagine his office....lmao.

All with a note, this is for your school children, and is far less toxic than whalemeat! Lmao

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Boycotting is actually huge among fairly large groups in a lot of nations.

Facebook has a group with over 500 thousandssupporters of an end to japan whaling. In this fragile economy, no company can afford to be offside by the international public, especially as whaling dosent effect them direcly.

By boycotting ALL japanese owned companies, and sending them an email stating your reasons why, they are in a position to put pressure on the Japanese government from within.

Evertime you choose a brand which is not japanese owned, its important to let them know. The Face book groups have the email addresses of japanese companies , also the email addresses of the outlets of those products in your own country.

It is a fantasic way the allow the voice of the international community to be heard, ans could ulimatly force a change from within.

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Cooeebobber is right, and the indonesians also refused them a port and turned the limping vessel away, after the japanese took the harpoon off, and tried to prentend it was not a harpoon vessel. How decieptful!

But luckily those with proof and photos, of the ship killing whales just a few weeks earlier were sent to the indonesian authorites. The yusin maru, was last seen limping away, trying to find a friendly port somehwere in the world to fix the problem. Good luck finding a friendly port, they know it will be hard to find someone sympathetic to the lies, they will probably just have to limp back to japan.

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You sound very much to me like a ICR goverment controlled puppet.


[Japanese] that do know about [whaling], are simply horrified at the waste of tax-payers money, and of the international embarrassment it causes Japan.

YOU SAY....Japan couldn't have maintained it's policy on whaling for a quarter of a century if that were the reality.

You dont really believe that surely?

Your government subsides the whaling industry to the tune of MILLIONS of dollars per year, they admit that openly. It is a totally uneconomic and unviable industry, which could NOT stand alone without the support of tax payers dollars.

And nipandtuck is correct when he stated the majority of the japanese public are unaware that there there taxes are being spent on whaling, and ARE horrified when informed. The TRUTH is japan could NOT have maintained their whaling policy, if the public were informed of all the details relating to japans whaling.

If you are here to defend japans whaling, please research the truth, then put forth your argument.

And again I ask you to please tell me "Why japan chooses a legally santioned whale santuary to kill whales including endangered ones.? Why is japan not happy top only kill whales in its OWN waters?

cooeecobber at 10:44 AM JST - 23rd January

So, Sea Shepherd just refuelled in Australia, eh? Not bad for a so-called "terrorist" group! But wait a minute, the Japanese whaling fleet are barred from entering Australian ports! The Yushin Maru #2 had to go to Indonesia for repairs.

How perplexing!<<<

HI Cooeecobber,

And are you also aware that Japan tried to hide its harpoon on board the yusin maru, in an attempt to gain a port in Indonesia? But after recieving photos of the yushin maru, with harpoon fitted killing whales just weeks before, thankfully the Indonesian governmet also turned the ship away.

The yusin Maru, was last seen limping away looking for a port to fix there ship!

Might have to go back to japan fellas, your barbaric torture of whales combined with the barrage of lies and deciept, is wearing thin EVERYWHERE!

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Japan is the only nation killing whales, outside of its own waters and in a LEGALly santioned whale santuary. The reason the Australian government will not evict the whalers, is the fear of harming trade agreements with japan, which is morally tragic, but not unusual in the world of politics, they turn a blind eye to Japan, but enforce consequences on other nations fishing illegally in the same waters.

And your right,"""that whales are migratory and pelagic. They don't stay in one place, they roam all over the oceans.****

Whales are a universal heritage, they belong to NO ONE, and one nation does not have the right to kill endangered whales (yes endangered , they are also targeting the endangered FIN whales again this year)during a moritorium on whaling, in a whale santuary in disputed waters EEZ claimed by Australia and NZ.

Google what Japan does does to those nations fishing in there disputed territories?

There is good reason japan is killing whales, they are not finding a cure for cancer in fact they have produced almost zero peer reviewed legitimate scientific data in the last 20 years, they are not feeding the poor, in fact only 1% of the population eats whale and those are the old and wealthy, they have no culture/tradtion of whaling in huge factory fleets 2000 miles from home, no one would have a problem with there true culture.. One or 2 whales taken per year from a few small small coastal villages to feed their families.

There is NO REASON to brutally slaughter 1000 + whales per year... Other nations earn billions per year from whale watching, including small poor nations heavily reliant on whale sightings to feed their families.

What gives japan the right to jeopadize this industry, in favour of a whale killing industry that the could not exist without the MILLIONS of japanese tax payers dollars injected into whaling to keep it afloat. Tax payers dollars, most tax payers in japan dont even know about.


They are using the whaling as a smokescreen for the blatent scraping the oceans of everything else that moves including tuna. While where looking the other way...were not seeing!

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Maybe Some Japanese citizens here could enlighten me as to why Japan's government continues to kill whales in a whale santuary, 2000 miles from home? Why do they not just whale in japans own waters.

There continued request for ADDITIONAL small type coastal whaling in japans own waters at the IWC, would be granted...if Japan ceased taking whales from the southern ocean.

Would japan be happy to just whale in there own waters?

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David Tokoyo,

Ok, seems as you are quite stuck in your propaganda (without proof), lets look at the facts.

Japan has killed over 7,000 whales in the past 20 years, since a moritorium on the ban of commercial whaling came into place, under a "scientific whaling" loophole.

Japans Joji Morishita, has admitted "The Japanese make no bones about it – their research is toward that longed for day when commercial whaling is resumed. "

Indepent scientists, including one who is an advocate for harvesting wildlife, were asked to look through, and evaluate the huge pile of papers recieved from Japans 20 years of science whaling.

After srutiny,from that whole pile of papers we’ve got a total of one, two, three, four papers that can be said to be peer reviewed, that have some relevance to developing or managing a whaling industry and also would require lethal sampling of whales to get that information. Just four papers.

The only information that can not be obtained by NON LETHAL measures is the AGE of the whale, all the other information is readily available through non lethal means, ie tissue sampling etc!

But the important point is that within the IWC, you don’t need that age data. To establish a catch limit for whaling you need information about population structure, abundance and prior whaling history. You don’t need age data.

So Japan has cruelly slaughtered 7,000 whales for find out how old they were when they KILLED em? there dead!


Scientific research is sustaining and expanding the marine reserves. Better than blue fin commercial whaling from Aussie.<<<

Show me how Japan is sustaining anything but there own insatiable greed for anything from the ocean.

The science is a scam and you know it, might we now be able to look past that...and seek the REAL reason Japan is driving the market, and subsidising with tax payers money an industry which is uneconomically sound and less than 1 % of japanese eat whale anymore, so there is VERY minimal demand????

Is japan using the international uproar of slaughtering whales and dolphins to create an elaborate and expensive smokescreen around there illegal and mass over catches of tuna and other ocean resources, as some ex japanese fisheries ministers have suggested?

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