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BritloverOct. 24  02:54 pm JST

P.S. Listen to what Pence says about C19. THAT didn’t age well.

Yes! One of my favourite parts of the movie.

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel offers free stay, drinks, and sashimi on one very simple condition See in context

Dare I ask what a "dive hotel" is?

This must be one of those wasei eigo terms that doesn't quite translate the way it was intended.

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Posted in: The most visible symbol of COVID-19 around the world is the face mask. Do you agree? See in context


It has nothing to be with being free, what a ridiculous comment. It's about respect for everyone around you. Even if you don't respect your own health. Respect everyone else's health

I think you misunderstood El Rata's comment. What he is saying is that he is the most important person in his world. Everyone else's health pales in comparison to the importance of his freedumb, which we have to respect first and foremost.

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Vanessa CarlisleToday  04:23 pm JST

The Aussie government has a serious fascist bent, maybe even more than the U.S. government.

Whoa, that's a mighty claim! Care to provide a little evidence for it?

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Posted in: Gov't eyes lower or no fees to switch mobile carrier with same number See in context

I just recently ditched SoftBank for Ymobile. Had to pay the MNP fee and a cancellation fee

The perverse thing is that Ymobile is owned by SoftBank, so they were not losing a customer.

I faced the exact same problem when switching from AU to UQ last year. But like you said, it is worth it in the long run.

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Posted in: Why is anti-Japanese sentiment remaining from the World War II era almost non-existent in countries like Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia, unlike in China and South Korea? See in context

A Japanese politician actually went over to the island specifically to deface a comfort woman memorial but apologised after

Just to clarify, that clown never has been a politician.

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Posted in: 89-year-old woman stabbed to death at home in Hiroshima See in context

Pray tell, just exactly what could possibly be the legit alibi for stabbing a elderly woman several times. I'd be very interested to read your legal explanation.

I'm not going to suggest there is only one answer that is "the" legitimate alibi, but off the top of my head, "working in an office 30km away at the time of the victim's death" is an alibi that could be legit if he has witnesses to confirm it.

Does that satisfy your curiosity, or would you like me to think of some more?

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girl_in_tokyo July 6  04:35 pm JST

And if you’ve been here a while and have yet to achieve fluency? Why, that’s criminal - they shouldn’t be allowed to live in a perfectly nice place that would otherwise be rented by a Japanese speaker, preferably a native.

Yesterday I overheard a conversation (if you could call it that) where a person who has been in the country for 25+ years did not know the Japanese word for "doctor". Language acquisition might not be everyone's cup of tea, but a little bit of effort wouldn't go astray.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 75 coronavirus infections; drops below 100 for 1st time in 7 days See in context

Two days after a Sunday, when less tests were likely conducted.

One data point such as this is entirely meaningless when taken alone.

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A sign not quite ready for the Olympics. Pictures are nice but they don't tell you what it is your eating. They need Japanese and English printed under each picture.

If the top left corner of the sign is true, they seem to be doing alright with Japanese customers, so perhaps they do not need English printed under each picture.

As for the Olympics (if they happen), only 30% of the tickets are reserved for international spectators, so I assume this means that about 60-70% of spectators at the Games will be Japanese. Therefore, the restaurant seems to have the majority of the market covered already.

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Posted in: Japan to give face masks to 50 mil households to fight virus See in context

The average household has less than 2.5 people, so sending out three per household would be too much.

If you live with more than one other person, you're in the minority and one of your neighbours is bound to have a spare.

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The photo's caption should be changed to "People sort of wearing face masks walk in Yokohama".

For those that say studies show masks are ineffective, the lad on the right is one of the reasons.

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Posted in: Japan keen to attract U.S. tourists ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context


The guy was at an exhibition in New York. Did you expect him to say that the US market is not important to his prefecture?

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Posted in: Japan to strengthen border checks, review bail conditions after Ghosn's escape See in context

@daito_hak, I do not consider myself a moron, nor am I attempting to defend Japan, but there are some portions of your post which cannot be left to pass without comment:

Put in jail for three months without any valid charge.

He was first charged on 10th December 2018, which was 21 days after being arrested on 19th November. After that, he was held under various pretenses, but it cannot be said that it was without any charge.

Accused without giving him any possibility to explain his version to the media.

Why does someone need to be given access to the media? A public figure might want to talk to the media to try and protect their public image, but it is irrelevant to the judicial process.

However the prosecutors with the complicity of the Japanese media has constantly thrown out brick of vague accusations in order to raise the public opinion against him and therefore fabricate a false accusation.

The media coverage of Ghosn's case has not been constantly against him. At some points reporting leaned in his favour, for example when similar accusations against Saikawa came to light.

Again this was done for a man who was not accused of anything yet. Therefore still innocent.

He was accused of offences at that time. The presumption of innocence applies exactly because he was accused of committing crimes.

Not given any right to defend himself.

He has that right, in the courtroom. He has instead left the country before the time came to exercise the right.

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to introduce flexible working hours for teachers See in context

This is Orwellian. They passed a law to deal with the problem of overwork by teachers which.....makes them overwork even more.

I believe it is Kafkaesque, not Orwellian. But absurd in any sense.

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Posted in: Father arrested over abuse of 1-month-old son See in context

@Luddite, unless your proposed test involves being locked in a room with a crying baby for 24 hours when already in a month-long sleep-deprived state, then a test will not be able to predict how a new parent will react to the stresses of having to care for a baby.

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Posted in: Nice to meet Yu See in context

The story is even better when explained in full.

One of Darvish's teammates, Anthony Rizzo, had hit a home run and autographed the ball. Rizzo wanted to make sure that one of the Japanese little league players received the ball, as Rizzo was impressed with how the kid had played earlier in the day.

So Rizzo asked Darvish to act as translator to make sure the right kid (the team's shortstop) received the ball.

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Posted in: I have filed requests with the university time and again demanding the associate professor retract his remarks and offer an apology, but the school didn't respond to my requests. I'm horrified and suffering mental distress from having gone through relentless attacks. See in context

There is no justification for racism, regardless of the behavior of the victim.

I assume that is directed at me.

At the risk of repeating myself. it is very unfortunate that my first post was edited by the moderator. If my first message was published in full, it would be clear that my point is that calling the student an idiot may have been justified, but that does not excuse bringing race into it.

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Posted in: I have filed requests with the university time and again demanding the associate professor retract his remarks and offer an apology, but the school didn't respond to my requests. I'm horrified and suffering mental distress from having gone through relentless attacks. See in context

Unfortunately my message above was moderated and a whole sentence removed, because it contained a quote from the Mainichi article which included a censored profanity.

The point that has been deleted from my comment is that, if the student was called an idiot by the teacher, it is possible that it is because he was indeed acting like an idiot.

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Posted in: I have filed requests with the university time and again demanding the associate professor retract his remarks and offer an apology, but the school didn't respond to my requests. I'm horrified and suffering mental distress from having gone through relentless attacks. See in context

@ shinhiyata, thanks for the link, it is very helpful.

It would also be good to know the background to the incident quoted in the article. There are two sides to every story.

Of course, making such generalisations against an entire nationality based on the actions of one person is inexcusable.

The defence of provocation exists in criminal law for a reason.

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Posted in: Fukushima eyes 2020 Tokyo Olympics for recovery message See in context

It is unfortunate that the nuclear plant had the same name as the entire prefecture. For example, imagine if the Three Mile Island reactor was instead named the Pennsylvania No.1 Generating Station? Or Chernobyl was called the Northern Kiev Power Plant?

By way of comparison, the distance between the baseball stadium in Fukushima is quite similar to the distances separating Newark, New Jersey from the Three Mile Island plant and Kiev from Chernobyl.

There is also a mountain range that separates central Fukushima from the power plants on the coast.

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Posted in: As a general rule, you can tell a lot about people's personalities by the way they treat restaurant or store staff. Do you agree with this? See in context

My office conducts the last round of interviews for new recruits at a restaurant, partly as a test to see how the interviewees behave towards staff.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 85-year-old common-law wife; says he was worn out from looking after her See in context

Why don't you be a sport and tell us what are you hinting at Mr Hasegawa?

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Posted in: Skating tips See in context

Glad to see Uncle Abe taking care of important business so soon after the election.

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Posted in: An Olympic dispute: Japan rejects S Korean anger over map See in context

Rio Tinto should do everyone a favour and dig up the damn island, stick it on a pair of iron ore tankers and give half to Kobe Steel and the other half to Hyundai Steel.

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The design of the medals is a bit of a letdown. 

The original design looked much better, because they copied it from someone else.

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Posted in: Medals unveiled, events held across Tokyo to mark one year to go until Olympics See in context

the Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals will be manufactured using the precious metal extracted from mobile phones and other small electronic devices donated by the public

So not only do we have to pay for the damn event, they want us to donate precious metals too?

Can't the IOC officials donate some of the bullion they have hidden under their mattresses?

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Posted in: Tokyo holds test to ease highway traffic during Olympics See in context

Major railway and subway operators in the metropolitan area plan to extend operating hours during the games

Salarymen rejoice, you can avoid your wife's cold indifference even longer.

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Posted in: 56% oppose amending Constitution under Abe gov't: poll See in context

The results of this poll are wildly inaccurate and should be ignored.

By way of example, let's look at Komeito, which is supported by only 4.6% of voters according to this poll.

On Sunday, they received 14% of the vote in Tokyo, 17% in Osaka and 13% in the nationwide constituency, just to name a few. They now have 28 seats (11.4%) in the upper house, three more than they had before the election.

Reiwa Shinsengumi and NHK Kara Kokumin Wo Mamoru To might be supported by 2.2 percent and 1.0 percent of survey respondents, but they each received double the support in the survey that actually mattered.

Is it a coincidence that the 51.5% of people that responded to this stupid survey is very close to the 51.2% of people who were too lazy to turn up to a voting booth on Sunday?

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Olympics minister Shunichi Suzuki, who usually commutes by official car, took a subway Monday to the Cabinet Office.

"The train was empty and I felt comfortable," Suzuki told reporters after arriving at his office at 11:30 a.m. under the staggered working hour system.

Tomorrow, Suzuki will return to his normal routine of arriving at his office by official car at 11:30 a.m., just in time for lunch.

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