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163 new cases today.

Lower vaccination rates.

Lockdown to try and reduce the spread. It has worked in other cities around the country so what would you suggest Larr Flint?

Kurisupisu, the public health order is issued to try and reduce the spread. Why do you think the cases in Australia have been low??

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As I said before China is diplomatically immature

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Posted in: Algerian judoka to be sent home after refusing potential bout with Israeli See in context

Don’t mix politics and sport. So much for bringing the whole world together…

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Posted in: Thousands protest lockdown in Sydney; several arrested See in context

I’m going to speak for the people in my state of W.A. We’re just shaking our heads at this nonsense in the east, it’s just arrogant, cases are rising and this could affect the whole country.

Having said that we really need to lift our game on vaccinations.

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That’s some good social distancing right there.

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Um, Ghosn was yet to be tried for the allegations made, therefore it’s a bit rich to label him a criminal at his stage. If anything he’s an accused person.

That’s not hard to grasp right?

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Posted in: American father, son get prison terms for helping Ghosn escape See in context

Two things,

Ghosn is yet to be convicted so the charge of ‘helping a criminal’ seems odd.

Time served has not been taken into account at sentencing, I thought most jurisdictions have this policy.

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He should quarantine for a fortnight.

Even our PM had to when he came back to Australia from the G7 last month.

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No, it works both ways Japan. How can you ask other countries to accept your vaccine passport with no quarantine on arrival if you require all travellers to quarantine for two weeks in Japan? Duh?

I know in Australia people may still have to quarantine but perhaps in future at home and for a shorter period if vaccinated, including our nationals.

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Well. as the readers for this site would be a diverse bunch that’s probably why they use the word soccer instead of football.

In Australia we call it soccer because football refers to Australian rules football, in America football refers to their style (gridiron)

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I hope you mean if you’ve done the crime then you should put your hand up. If so, I agree.

If it’s a case of mistaken identity or it’s something that really should be challenged then rolling over is doing an injustice to the justice system don’t you think?

We all have a right to a fair trial, although I think the odds are not stacked in the accused’s favour up there from what I hear.

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Posted in: 10 million Australians in lockdown as COVID Delta variant spreads See in context

@Commodore Perry

A combination of things I think; over reliance on the AZ vaccine, slow rollout of vaccines (I think we got our first batches about same time as Japan), some vaccine hesitancy, less urgency due to our lower numbers.

But yes, I’m hoping they will pick up the pace more.

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Posted in: 10 million Australians in lockdown as COVID Delta variant spreads See in context

I’m in Perth and our lockdown started midnight last night. It’s a small inconvenience but we’ve been told that the Delta variant moves quite swiftly making it difficult for the contact tracers, so the lockdown is something that’s gonna give us some time to get on top of this new variant and identity any new cases.

I’m sure you’ll find most other Aussies accepting of how we deal with this here, sure lockdowns are a major pain in the neck but until we achieve higher vaccination rates it seems like the more preferable solution for now.

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We do, the Astrazeneca vaccine is made here under licence.

The rollout is continuing, there was less urgency in the beginning due to our lower numbers of cases compared to other countries.

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Posted in: Ex-trade minister Sugawara fined ¥400,000 over gift scandal See in context

Pfft…that’s probably a fortnight’s pay for him.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO promises turnaround for disgruntled shareholders See in context

“Nissan officials have testified they turned to Japan’s criminal authorities to get Ghosn arrested because they feared the alliance was excessively dominated by Renault.”

I’m concerned about this statement, where is the criminality? What offence is suspected? Arrested for what?

I can’t see this happening in Australia as it would be more of a corporate/shareholder issue than a criminal complaint.

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We don’t need people like him in our country, good he’s locked up.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 32-hour hostage standoff at internet cafe in Saitama See in context

@peeping tom

It was a good result in the end, nobody hurt, but how would you know what Police in other jurisdictions would do? Each situation is different and I’m sure you’ll find the focus is on preserving life where possible not taking it.

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Posted in: Female worker being held hostage at internet cafe in Saitama See in context

“On Thursday evening, the operator of the internet cafe simply told Kyodo News, "We are looking into the situation."

Yeah ok whatever - I’d expect a statement from the local Police anyway.

Hope it gets resolved soon

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“Sapporo will host the Olympic marathon and race-walking events in August.”

Crikey, having bears on the loose might be a handicap for some then!

@Fighto, doubt the local troops would be already bombed up in these circumstances..

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Have you discussed this with your doctor?

I experienced some fatigue after my first Astra jab but pending prolonged complications they still recommend the second dose to increase the efficacy.

However just today due to more cases of blood clots they now recommend Astra for over 60’s in Australia.

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Posted in: Myanmar soccer player to seek asylum in Japan See in context

Good luck to him.

Interesting point about whether there’ll be further claims during the Olympics..

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Posted in: Gov't to begin issuing vaccine passports in July See in context

Here we can see all immunisations etc on our digital health record through the government’s Medicare website.

Could Japan not have the same system? All you’d need to do is download/print your records and there you go. No need to create more paperwork…

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Good on the government for doing this, but it’s their job anyway.

How do people register for the jab up there? Can you do it online? If so I’m sure having online registration in multiple languages would be ideal.

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Seems you get it mate, thanks.

If they have been quarantined, get tested daily and have already been vaccinated what is the risk of them transmitting the virus to the populace? After 3 weeks in country under these conditions why would they then have the virus? How are they any different to returning Japanese and permanent residents?

Don’t get me wrong, if it was up to me I don’t think these Olympics should go ahead in the current climate.

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If they have been tested prior to leaving here (very low risk country), are vaccinated and have been tested regularly whilst being up there then the only risk of infection is from local transmission. What are the number of cases in Ota where they are?

Although why they had to train 6 weeks prior up there I don’t know, I’d be quite bored by now too.

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Are you prepared to back up those ridiculous claims?

We may have been a bit rough around the edges but we have had some of the finest soldiers in the world over the years, do some research.

Glad to have the Japanese on our side now

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As there is very little to no community transmission in Australia the chances of our athletes spreading the virus would be next to nil.

The risk would be from locally acquired infection.

Stay safe everyone

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Posted in: Japan to impose 10-day quarantine on travelers from India, 5 other countries See in context

Japan, make the quarantine for all travellers entering from anywhere, regardless of nationality too (ie Japanese)

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Posted in: Japan sees no impact on Olympics from U.S. travel advisory See in context

Well we have the same travel advice for Japan too…no surprises really given their numbers. It prevented me from going up there in July for work.

Come on Japan kick it into gear a bit!

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