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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan; some trains suspended See in context


He can test his missiles in his own backyard as far as I’m concerned. Lobbing them over Japan is a bit risky don’t you think? That’s how conflicts could start…

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Posted in: Ground Self-Defense Force issues rare apology over sexual harassment case See in context

This apology is a good first step, wish her all the best.

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Posted in: Japanese convenience store will now ask customers who ask for a fork to use chopsticks instead See in context

Or with wooden forks?

They’re available here from take away shops, knife/fork/spoon..

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Posted in: Former pro baseball pitcher Murata released after assaulting security inspector at Haneda airport See in context

“However, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s airport division said it will continue investigating the alleged assault with Murata’s consent”

Why do they need the consent of the offender to investigate his actions? I’m absolutely stumped!

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Posted in: Tokyo tightens security for Abe's funeral See in context


Was it explained why you were being searched? Were any others subjected to a search too?

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Posted in: Gov't ordered to pay ¥1.65 mil over death of Cameroon man in detention center See in context


Fair enough, my error. Mistakenly thought it was upon entry but noticed he had arrived a month earlier.

We will never know his reasons, if any, for not voluntarily returning to Cameroon, however the fact still remains he died whilst in the care of the state. Whether it’s prison, immigration detention or whatever, there is a duty of care required and in this instance like the Wishma matter I feel the state has failed in this duty.

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Posted in: Gov't ordered to pay ¥1.65 mil over death of Cameroon man in detention center See in context

@Mio, I find your comments grossly insensitive and most likely based on limited information.

The Cameroonian man was detained upon entry not whilst he was already here.

The underlying point in these matters is once someone is in the custody of the state then the state is ultimately responsible for their well-being.


Doesn’t matter their history/background etc.

Ask yourself this, would you be satisfied with such treatment if this was your friend/relative?

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Posted in: Gov't ordered to pay ¥1.65 mil over death of Cameroon man in detention center See in context

If this happened in Australia it is called a death in custody, resulting in a coronial enquiry where ultimately court ordered findings/changes will be made and possibly charges laid.

After Wishma I’d hope there are some concrete changes made to Japanese immigration detention facilities. This sort of thing should not happen again

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Posted in: Gov't to forgo resubmitting immigration bill See in context

So what will happen to the Ukrainians this time next year?

Perhaps time to revise the laws?

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Posted in: Kyrgios fined $14,000 for U.S. Open racket meltdown See in context

Good, he’s a dropkick.

I wish sports stars would show more sportsmanship qualities these days…

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Posted in: Japanese language school decertified over abuse of Vietnamese student See in context

The way this article is written makes it sound like a civil issue when in fact it sounds criminal. Forcible confinement, deprivation of liberty comes to mind.

Has a criminal complaint been made???

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Posted in: Japan to penalize hospitals not accepting infectious disease patients See in context

I thought Japan has world class health care, I’m surprised that hospitals would turn coronavirus patients away. It would never happen down here. Our public hospital system may not be perfect but it doesn’t discriminate.

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Posted in: WHO director in Asia accused of racism, abuse indefinitely put on leave See in context

Not a fan of the WHO in light of their initial handling of the pandemic, however good he has been stood down.

I mean seriously, the man works for the ‘United Nations’ so he should be mindful of how he deals with other cultures/races. Was there no such code of conduct or the like?

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Posted in: China's large drills near Taiwan raise Japan, U.S. alert level See in context

For Gods sake, leave Taiwan alone. If need be have a UN monitored referendum on the issue and let the Taiwanese decide what they want. I’m sure they would vote for their (continued) independence.

Oh and boot China from the UN Security Council while they are at it.

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Posted in: U.S. warships carrying out Taiwan Strait passage; first since Pelosi visit See in context

@Rodney, I would be scared too if I lived in Taiwan and I saw Chinese cruise missiles being lobbed overhead!

@WB, ironic that you don’t seem American yet you have what looks like an American military insignia as your icon.

Freedom of navigation, completely legal in the eyes of the world. China sails off our coast often too, we may not like it but we don’t make a sing and dance about it.

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Posted in: Over 100,000 foreign visitors came to Japan in July for 4th month in row See in context

I’d gladly come up for a visit with family if it was not for some organised tour etc. No issue with doing a PCR, done a few in my time.

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Posted in: 9 men sent to prosecutors over alleged orgy with high school girl See in context

I’m with girl in Tokyo on this one. The headline could have been reworded JT, not the sort of headline I’d see even in Australia.

‘Men arrested for organised sexual acts with minor’ would be more appropriate.

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Posted in: Man arrested for making 911 nuisance calls to police station in Tokyo See in context

This particular charge is called ‘public nuisance’ here, it does happen but you’d hope the caller in this instance would get the message to stop calling after the first 50…

Maybe NHK can block his phone account?

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Posted in: Paramedics and others mentally train themselves as they work at the scenes of accidents and fires, but shootings are unique, and (in Japan) they usually don't see gunshot wounds. They were shocked by the horrific incident, and so we want to work to provide psychological care. See in context

@JeffLee, you can’t expect people to automatically be immune to such sights if they’ve had little or no exposure.

Remember, this is Japan and they don’t have many gunshot victims so its no surprise this has affected some first responders, especially as it affected a prominent politician.

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Posted in: Japan warns of rising security threats in annual defense report See in context

@deanza, I was comparing Japan and China which spends more than Japan on its military, 1.25% of its GDP vs 0.95%

China is sounding like a broken record with all its rhetoric.

@HonestDictator (good name!) is spot on.

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Posted in: Japan warns of rising security threats in annual defense report See in context

Kind of hypocritical for the Chinese to talk about Japan ‘finding excuses for its strong arsenal’ when China is doing exactly that. The foreign ministry spokesman I’m sure can’t be well respected on the international stage, diplomat he is not.

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Posted in: Caroline Kennedy arrives in Australia to take up ambassador post See in context

Good luck to her! She’ll have to sink some cold ones with us locals, hope she can keep up.

@Rodney, the ‘region’ is the South Pacific not South East Asia mate.

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Posted in: 2.5 seconds: The security lapses that sealed Shinzo Abe's fate See in context

Certainly this will now lead to a review into security for senior politicians when they address the community. Looking at the footage there didn’t appear to be anyone covering the rear.

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Posted in: The pandemic made all Kyoto’s strengths into weaknesses: culture, tourism and universities. Many citizens welcome the return of foreign visitors as the virus dies down. See in context

I understand how the locals can be of two minds, we have the same issue in Australia.

I do hope to visit Kyoto next year if I can. With any luck it won’t be on one of these so called ‘escorted package tours’!

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Posted in: China complains to Japan about Taiwan vice president attending Abe's funeral See in context

Hope that falls on deaf ears.

I have said it before, China is diplomatically immature.

If a politician or anyone else from another country wants to pay their respects then show some respect China and allow them to. Period.

Japan should make a ‘stern representation’ back to China about this….”Our nation is in mourning so please show some more respect and refrain from any political interference…”

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Posted in: Dancing 'old heart-throbs' become TikTok sensation in Japan See in context

When I saw the coloured bands I was thinking more like the Japanese Wiggles.

Good on ‘em. If it puts the spotlight on their town then all the better!

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Posted in: Body possibly of woman from sunken tour boat found on disputed isle See in context

Very sad.

In light of current world events let’s hope the Japanese and Russian authorities can work together amicably on this to assist families of the victims with their closure.

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Posted in: Australia commemorates war dead with few COVID restrictions See in context

@Rodney I doubt he is threatening China with war over the Solomons. I think you read too much into the article, however it is a cause for concern.

Went to a dawn service in Perth today, great turnout and good to be able to go again after the last few years of Covid restrictions. Saw an amazing sunrise on the drive home, hope peace will prevail in the coming year.

Lest we forget.

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Posted in: Hayashi concerned about human rights abuses against Russians in Japan See in context

Enact some antidiscrimination laws with teeth, start an education campaign and then maybe you’ll see a difference in Japan about such issues.

For a country that is on the world stage it’s high time for this to happen.

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