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Very sad.

In light of current world events let’s hope the Japanese and Russian authorities can work together amicably on this to assist families of the victims with their closure.

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@Rodney I doubt he is threatening China with war over the Solomons. I think you read too much into the article, however it is a cause for concern.

Went to a dawn service in Perth today, great turnout and good to be able to go again after the last few years of Covid restrictions. Saw an amazing sunrise on the drive home, hope peace will prevail in the coming year.

Lest we forget.

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Enact some antidiscrimination laws with teeth, start an education campaign and then maybe you’ll see a difference in Japan about such issues.

For a country that is on the world stage it’s high time for this to happen.

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@N Knight

The article talks about tourists, you are on a business visa.

Pretty sure Australia is opening doors now to foreign tourists, our tourism industries would be glad for this. The fact Japan doesn’t have a set date to reopen to the world (for tourism) is mind boggling! Local operators must be suffering quite a lot as antiquesaving mentioned.

Haven’t been up there for 4 years now, would be great to get up by year end.

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@Takahito Matsushima, the General Affairs Division’s department chief, said in a statement: “We hope to thoroughly instruct and educate our officers to prevent a reoccurrence of such an incident.”

Why don’t you apologise in the same breath? It would go a long way.

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@Simian Lane - then stay where you are! We’re not forcing you to visit.

@gazman - can I have the link for those videos please?

@Eastman - are you vaccinated?

I doubt our reputation has been ‘tarnished’, each country handled the pandemic their own way, our way whilst harsh compared to others certainly assisted us. I’m in WA and we’ve been quite fortunate until now..

And the PM’s comment about bringing your money, well we Aussies get it, its a playful remark, personally I would’ve just said bring your wallet and empty suitcases.

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“Australia has suffered trade retaliation in recent years for angering Beijing for actions that include outlawing covert foreign interference in domestic politics, banning Chinese tech giant Huawei from major infrastructure projects and demanding an independent investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

What is wrong with outlawing covet foreign interference and domestic politics? It’s a bloody given isn’t if? And a legitimate investigation into the origins of the pandemic? Don’t we all want to learn from it?

I’ve said it before, we are way more mature diplomatically than China is.

Go Quad

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Don’t know about Japan’s laws but here they are strict too. Like here I’d imagine the firearm licence holder has a responsibility to store the ammunition safely and securely, separate to the firearm. By giving it to a friend he is committing an offence but as they are investigating how he acquired them I’d say he’s not a registered owner/licence holder.

The friend, who I assume is not a licence holder is committing an offence by being in possession of said ammunition unlawfully.

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I noticed that too when I travelled to Japan and took photos with my Aust iPhone, (usually set on default to silent mode) people were surprised it didn’t make a sound when taking a pic on timer. I believe Japanese iPhones/Androids do not have the silent camera function, possibly for this very reason.

If convicted he should lose his job, if not step down.

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Good the ban was overturned. I’m sure if it was another cause like ending apartheid, climate change or BLM it would be allowed so what is the difference?

I hope Craig Tilley goes and they find someone better to represent TA.

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And…..what is being done to address this? Seems like half an article.

Japan Today, if you are going to run an article like this I think it’s a good thing to mention at the end of the piece where people can get help/counselling etc.

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@John san Your guest comment about refugees not protected by the law, where did you get that from? I’m sure you will find they are and they often have adequate legal representation too. I can’t understand some of your other comments…

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Posted in: Djokovic ruling fits with Australia's tough immigration line See in context

Interesting article, every country has the right to their own immigration policy. ours is not a perfect system but at least there is transparency in the process and legal avenues including an appeals system in place.

Might seem harsh but compared to other places in the world like China, NK, Middle East etc maybe not?

One of the online polls conducted on a news site down here showed 80% of respondents wanted Djokovic sent home.

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Posted in: Police ask public not to use 110 number for non-urgent calls See in context

Fine, start with education then after 6 months make it an offence if people are using the number for the wrong reason.

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Posted in: Do you think Novak Djokovic should be allowed to play at the Australian Open? See in context

No, kick him out, especially if he’s not going to abide by the requirements to enter the country.

I know it’s all about money but I think he needs to be taken down a notch, we Aussies don’t like prima donna types.

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Is it a train or a library? So, no talking at a respectable level amongst friends?

Come on, common sense please.

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Right you are Japan Today.

@BackpackingNepal - I’m sure she still garners a lot of respect from most British. I’m neither a republican nor monarchist, but I’d say she’s been quite well regarded most of her life. Be happy to have a beer with her any day! Lol

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She’s doing well for a 95 year old, has been a tumultuous year for her and her country.

Did I miss the Christmas message from Japan Today yesterday? Was there one?

Moderator: See Picture of the Day for Saturday.

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Contact ‘tracing’ even…

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“As new cases of Omicron surface in the prefecture, the Osaka government said it will start providing free COVID-19 testing in more than 100 sites from Friday.”

That’s a good initiative, although we’ve had free testing from the day dot down here. Surprised at how much it cost to get tested in Japan.

Is Japan using QR check ins? Contact racing once cases identified?

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Interested to know where he dropped the machine, if it was still inside the business a good lawyer might argue he didn’t intend to steal it (despite that is what it looks like to most people) and just shift it?

Not sure what the legal definition of theft in Japan is but here it’s the “intention to permanently deprive.”

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Posted in: JR East, West to cut commuter services next year amid pandemic See in context

The people who make the decisions are not the same people who take the trains in the morning… Maybe they should run a survey at the train stations asking passengers what they think?

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“Khan seemed to offer Taliban a pass on their limits on education for girls, urging the world to understand “cultural sensitivities” and saying human rights and women's rights meant different things in different countries..”

Women’s rights = Human rights.

It’s not that hard. Get with the times

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This was so very sad to hear, especially on the last day of school and a week until Xmas.

May they Rest In Peace.

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Meanwhile in WA we had 0 cases yesterday. Maybe part of the reason is because New South Wales stopped quarantine for international travellers upon arrival?

I’d say as a population we are fairly switched on and have for the most part been doing the right thing during this pandemic.

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As another poster has mentioned it’s important to know your rights. By law there needs to be justification in stopping, detaining and searching someone and ‘being gaijin’ would not cut it.

Additionally law enforcement is a position of authority and people in most countries will respect that position, in Japan maybe more so.

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Unlike other countries I guess police in Japan will stop foreigners mainly to check their visa status?

Additionally if they look dodge etc then they may be stopped under suspicion of being in possession of illicit drugs I guess.

If you are stopped I’d think you have the right to ask under what grounds you are being searched etc.

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Definitely a law that needs to be revised. With their capabilities this was all they could achieve??

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What a bunch of hypocrites, they say they don’t care if we don’t come but now say there will be consequences.

They get angry when we bar Huawei from our 5G network when I’m sure no foreign company would have the same access to theirs.

China is building a massive navy and when we announce we are acquiring 8 or 10 “nuclear powered” subs this angers them? Why???

China, when you’re ready to show some maturity, diplomacy and basic respect for human rights then we’ll listen.

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Posted in: Australia will not send officials to Beijing Olympics: PM See in context

Good! Now if the athletes (about 40 of them) could follow suit it would be even better.

As Peter14 has mentioned, China is not picking up the phone to talk so why should we bother sending reps from our government to their winter games?

The average Joe Blow in the street here would agree I’m sure.

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