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Posted in: Potentially dirty and broken used shinkansen food/beverage carts on sale in Japan for ¥100,000 See in context

I usually sorted out my snacks prior from the station combini but on occasion would grab a chocolate or something from the cart, don’t remember then being too expensive either

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Posted in: China orders Japanese fishing boat to leave waters near disputed islands See in context

As with most property disputes this should be settled in court, if it hasn’t already be done so. Whatever outcome should be respected by all parties.

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Posted in: Indonesian man dies while in police custody in Tochigi Prefecture See in context

“(In custody) Since his arrest in October…”

For driving without a licence??

That is usually dealt with by fine here or if contested someone is usually summonsed to attend court for it.

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Posted in: U.S. livestreamer fined for playing loud music in Osaka restaurant See in context

I think I’ve seen this guy on YouTube, what’s his immigration status? Is he a tourist or what? Sounds like he needs to be booted from the country..

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Posted in: Man arrested for spitting in police officer’s face See in context

@Disillusioned, in Australia that would constitute assault, whereas ‘obstruction’ relates to ‘getting in their way’ and stopping them from doing their jobs.

Interesting how it is dealt with here, whether the guy will get a fine or not.

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Posted in: U.S. sending fighter jets, warship to Gulf region to protect ships from Iranian seizures See in context

Question is why is this happening? Is the Iranian Navy involved in piracy now?

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Posted in: Japanese journalist who wrote about 2019 rally denied entry into Hong Kong See in context

HK is now part of China so not surprising really.

I want to know about “Mr Wally”! What does he do? Why was he denied entry if he was a busker?

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Posted in: Japanese police to help Ukrainian counterparts identify war dead See in context

DVI is an important role in investigations, good to see this cooperation from Japan.

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Posted in: Armed GSDF member briefly goes missing overnight in Sapporo See in context

Or got ‘nervous in the service’?

Interesting how they were quick to notify education authorities, was there any indication something may happen?

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Posted in: Gov't to hold ministerial meeting on Johnny's talent agency sex abuse claims See in context

“Ogura said at a press conference on Tuesday that careful consideration must be given when considering amending the law as the current legislation only encompasses abusive acts by parents or guardians and does not include abuse by anyone else.”

Therein lies the problem, the legislation needs to cover abuse by anyone, regardless of relationship. Does not require ‘careful consideration’ at all in my book.

Amend the laws and protect the children/minors.

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Posted in: 95-year-old Australian woman tasered by police in critical condition See in context

This is quite the exception here that’s for sure.

@Minikaeru, due to the serious nature of the incident this falls to that team to investigate further (despite no loss of life) .

I can assure you things such as this, like any police shooting here, is subject to a full review.

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Posted in: 15 diplomatic missions call on Japan to protect LGBT rights in video See in context

“His ruling Liberal Democratic Party's executive committee plans to submit a bill to parliament aimed at introducing legislation to promote understanding of the LGBT community”

What does this mean??? To ‘promote understanding’? Doesn’t sound very concrete to me.

Just clarify the anti-discrimination law (if there is one) to include race, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation and religion.

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Posted in: Australia targets Big Tobacco in crackdown on vaping See in context

@badmoon it’s not that bad, I can think of worse places in the world to live.

At least the government is addressing this health issue, too many kids are taking up the habit.

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Posted in: Japan's new 5-year ocean policy calls for tougher maritime security See in context

Well said Tony W

Many nations, ours included, are merely responding to the actions of China. Quite hypocritical what they say actually.

And I’d be really interested to know once and for all what the people of Taiwan want. Should have a referendum to put the issue to bed.

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Posted in: Female member of gov't panel brings baby to meeting at PM's office See in context

With all the hot air in that room it might have been sleep inducing for the bub.

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand honor war dead in Anzac Day dawn services See in context

Disappointing to see such negative comments on one of our most sacred of dates.

And did I say anything to warrant downvotes?

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand honor war dead in Anzac Day dawn services See in context

I went to my local dawn service here in Perth, was quite a turnout and a very solemn ceremony, fortunately the rain held off until afterwards.

@elephant, initially it was to commemorate the landings at Gallipoli, then encompassed all who served in WW1, then all who have served since then. Proud to have played a small part in that service.

Lest we forget.

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Posted in: China says G7 communique grossly interfered with its affairs See in context

Well, most of the world would agree with that communique…

Time for China to mature on the world stage a bit more.

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Posted in: Japan grants refugee status to gay woman facing persecution in Uganda See in context

So….what happens in 5 years? Does she reapply again?

If she is recognised as a refugee now why isn’t she granted a permanent residency?

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Posted in: Video of Sri Lankan who died in detention in Japan shown to public See in context

Quite hard to digest that she wasn’t hospitalised, is this not policy?

Will be interesting to see the fallout after this has settled, I’d hope to see major procedural changes and job terminations at least.

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Posted in: Debris found in search for GSDF copter presumed to have crashed into sea See in context


If recoverable no doubt there will be an investigation as to what went wrong. That airframe is used around the world so your argument that it is defective US made doesn’t quite resonate.

RIP to those lost.

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Posted in: Japanese musician, actor Ryuichi Sakamoto dies of cancer at 71 See in context

RIP - Very talented musician and his performance in Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence was top notch and when I first heard about him.

FYI - The actor on the left is Jack Thompson (not Thomas) one of our iconic actors here.

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Posted in: China threatens retaliation if U.S. House speaker meets Taiwan president See in context

Meh, the Yanks should just tell China not to meddle in its internal affairs!

Who they decide to meet, on their own home soil, is up to them.

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Posted in: Tokyo demands China free Japanese national detained in Beijing See in context


I’m pretty sure Peter14 knows what ‘domestic law’ means, but the article doesn’t specify what law was broken. Vague with a capital V.

Their system isn’t very transparent is it?

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Posted in: Japanese man detained in China is employee of drugmaker Astellas See in context

‘alleged violation of the country's law,’

Pretty vague…but then again it’s coming from a country which doesn’t have the same level of transparency as most of the world.

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Posted in: Australia decides referendum question to create Indigenous Voice See in context


I’m 4th generation Australian, but not Aboriginal, does that make me a ‘guest’ in my own country? And what would my nationality be? Last time I checked my passport it said Australian.

I really hope we can all ‘move as one’ going forward.

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Posted in: China swipes at 'hysterical' U.S. at global security gathering See in context

‘China’ should show its sincerity and correct its mistakes, face up and resolve this incident, which has damaged Sino-U.S. relations.

If the shoe was on the other foot, what would be the reaction I wonder?

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Posted in: Ex-PMs of UK, Australia, Belgium urge tough action on China See in context


I’ll call you out on that comment, care to elaborate?

At the end of the day it’s a forum and they are free to discuss whatever. I’d like peace in the world, the region around Taiwan is a concern at the moment.

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Posted in: Australia targets Myanmar, Iran with economic sanctions See in context


Steady on, we’re a sovereign country and I think we are old enough to impose our own sanctions and at our own discretion.

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Posted in: Australia to spend A$1 billion on new naval missiles, rocket system See in context

It’s ‘Australian Defence Force’ (ADF) but anyway good to see we are getting some better gear.

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