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Posted in: Australia bans arrivals of its citizens from India; says offenders face jail, fines See in context

Jpn guy, So where are you from? You’re obviously not from Australia, most likely never lived here and basing all the above on your own perceptions in media.

If I had the time and patience I’d be happy to explain things further with you but I’m actually quite offended with your comments regarding April 25 - how dare you refer to Anzac Day as a ‘quasi-religious ancestor worshipping festival’

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics could be held without fans: Hashimoto See in context

For a long time I was one of those people that was hoping the Olympics would go ahead, mainly because I was going to head up there for work and I was looking forward to the opportunity.

But now looking at what’s happening in Japan with Covid, the rules on no foreign and possibly no domestic spectators (which makes a big difference), multiple versions of ‘playbooks’ and all other rules and regulations, I’m of the opinion Japan will struggle to hold this event safely and enjoyably.

Postpone the games until we all have something to celebrate.

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Posted in: Australia bans arrivals of its citizens from India; says offenders face jail, fines See in context

Jpn guy, justify those comments please.

Sick of hearing such comments, It has nothing to do with race!

The simple fact of the matter is India is the epicentre of coronavirus at the moment in the world. The ban is temporary and will be reevaluated on 15 May.

This is being done to give our health system and quarantine program a chance to recover and prepare. It’s unfortunate for the 8000 up there but there’s 24 million down here that need to be considered.

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@R Barnett

Care to elaborate further on what has happened in Australia? It may seem draconian to you but despite some grumblings here I’d say most Aussies don’t have a problem with our response. After all, our numbers attest to that.

It’s a fine line these restrictions, I know, but the alternative could be worse. I just wish the Japanese government had been quicker off the bat in all this .

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Posted in: Japan's unused 14 mil doses of COVID-19 vaccines point to logistical hurdles See in context


Don’t get too excited it was just a juice, nothing stronger!

Japan is efficient in many ways, eg public transport, maybe they should put the experts at JR onto this?

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Posted in: Japan's unused 14 mil doses of COVID-19 vaccines point to logistical hurdles See in context

As other posters have said Japan has had a bit of time to prepare for this what’s going on?

I had my first dose at a convention centre in Perth, registered with my ID, answered a few questions from a nurse, asked a couple of questions in return, had the jab, was monitored for 15 minutes with others, free drink and left. Whole process took about half an hour all up.

Come on Japan you can do it. Use pharmacists/nurses/midwives/ defence force as well!

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Posted in: Australian man who filmed 4 dead and dying police sent to prison See in context

@wakarimasen - that’s quite an insensitive remark.

There is a charge for leaving the scene of an accident but in this case he remained at the scene, fortunately for him he survived, his conduct thereafter was callous and as such the most appropriate charge was proffered.

Our nation was (rightly) outraged.

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Posted in: Some Olympic officials to be tested for virus on daily basis See in context

I’d hope they test the Japanese athletes/officials etc as there may be greater risk of contracting the virus locally!

Our contingent will now be vaccinated and it’s fair to say will not be bringing the virus to Japan, rather they could contract it whilst there.

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Posted in: British warships, military aircraft to set sail for Asia next month See in context

Come on Desert Tortoise fact check please. The two biggest ships are HMAS Canberra and Adelaide (LHDs).

HMAS Sydney (V) is a guided missile destroyer.

I’m also not sure our LHD decks are reinforced to take the VTOL Lightnings but it would certainly be good to have a few in the future.

@albaleo, not sure about the Indians but the Chinese have sailed to Australia before and often sit off our EEZ during exercises.

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Posted in: China mutes reaction to Zhao's Oscars as S Korea lauds Youn See in context

Who really cares if the reaction’s muted. They’re not the only country in the world so just ignore them.

Some people don’t like the Oscars either, do we fuss about them?

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Posted in: Kyoto police investigating cream puff attack on Bentley See in context

Absolute waste of police time and resources

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Posted in: U.S. advises citizens to 'reconsider travel' to Japan See in context

Understandable. In Australia we have a similar travel advisory system as well for the rest of the world, not sure what it is for Japan but it might be very similar given the Covid 19 situation.

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Posted in: British warships, military aircraft to set sail for Asia next month See in context

@Peter14, that should be RN (Royal Navy) we have the ‘RAN’.

Good on em!

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I’m no marketing guru but I think the message should have been something like “if you see/hear something suspicious, say something”

‘Let’s fight terrorism together’ sounds like the average citizen is going to kit up and join the fight.

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Posted in: Parts of Western Australia in three-day lockdown after small COVID-19 outbreak See in context

Hello posters

I live in Perth so I think I’m qualified to offer my 10 cents

The three day lockdown Is to stop the movement of people, possibly spreading the virus further and giving the contact tracers enough time to do their job. Staying home is boring yes but if others have been infected, and we now know where this infected person has been, then they can immediately isolate and get tested.

Most people in Perth accept this as part of life now. We’ve done very well the last 12 months and we want to keep it that way. If it means a three three day lockdown to nip this in the bud so be it

Fortunately we don’t have any nutters going on about my “freedom’s been curtailed” or “my rights are being infringed upon”. I think we all accept it’s for the greater good.

Why do you think our numbers haven’t been higher?

Peter14, Yoshisan, I agree 100 percent

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Posted in: Australian city of Perth to enter snap 3-day lockdown See in context


Highly unlikely, given there hasn’t been any community transmission in WA for months.

More likely brought from returning international travellers.

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Posted in: Gov't to impose state of emergency soon in Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo See in context

Would it be fair to say that the numbers are mainly from community transmission or are cases still being imported into the country?

I seem to be constantly reading about ‘fresh waves’ and ‘state of emergencies’ up there.

Maybe they should try a lockdown and beef up contact tracing?

I’d really like to see Japan improve the situation up there soon...

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Posted in: Locals in Australian coastal town protest planned Netflix reality series See in context

I’m from WA and never been to Byron, but going on what I’ve heard I couldn’t really care less.

It sounds like a bit of an ‘exclusive’ and maybe hippie town anyway so I’d go with Bigyen on this!

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Posted in: Japan considers letting dentists administer COVID-19 vaccines See in context

Well they give anaesthetic injections during treatment anyway so it makes sense.

Flu jabs are often given by pharmacists here so why not? Sign them up too!

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Posted in: 84% of Americans view Japan positively: U.S. poll See in context

That’s quite an entourage!

Hopefully productive trip for both.

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Posted in: Oscars set to flop in China as Hollywood, politics collide See in context

Who cares, there’s more to the world than China.

Beam ‘em everywhere else!

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Posted in: Australia, largely free of COVID-19, in no hurry to reopen borders: PM See in context

We’ve been very fortunate down here compared to other countries in the world, and most people, despite the inconveniences, accepted the lockdowns which reduced transmission in the community.

Now now GBR48, don’t be so bleak. Hopefully the world will slowly get back to normal over the next 18-24 months or so.

Hang in there everyone

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I think there’s about 450 athletes going, not a huge number. I’d have no issue them getting vaccinated if it means protecting them whilst in Japan.

There’s higher chance of getting the virus there than here, they will no doubt have to go into quarantine upon their return but if they have been vaccinated they could do this at their own home rather than the hotels.

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Posted in: Man sought after woman stabbed in Nagoya apartment See in context

Well, most likely known to her. Hope they catch him soon

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Posted in: 8 killed, several others wounded in shooting at Indianapolis Fedex facility See in context

Here we go again! Is this the second shooting in a week?

A sub machine gun???

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 667 coronavirus cases; 1,209 in Osaka See in context

Crikey, twice as many in Osaka than Tokyo!

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Posted in: S Korean consortium to produce 100 mil doses a month of Russia's Sputnik V vaccine See in context


Why bother if it’s only 50% effective then? Might as well take a placebo

Plus the director of China’s health agency recently announced their vaccine wasn’t as good as first thought.

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Posted in: Koike pledges utmost anti-virus steps to deliver 'wonderful' Tokyo Olympics See in context


No worries.

Well there were mixed feelings here about the tennis and possibly now the same for Olympics.

Hang in there mate.

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Posted in: Australian cabinet to meet twice a week over COVID-19 vaccine turmoil See in context


No thanks, there was an article about their efficacy, or lack thereof, last week by one of their health agency director

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