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Oh great! Numbers will be so low that soon there won’t be any need for the vaccine rollout. Why spend public cash on that when you could be putting that into IOC’s bellies?

Was this their secret strategy all this time?

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Not a US citizen here, but wondering if private vaccination would be available for non-citizens in Guam.

Europe is starting to open given that you got the full vaccine and given my age, I estimate that Japan would get me the jab around 2050.

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You say my sources are unreliable, where I cited three independent, non-related between them studies, from different countries and institutions.

And, even in your own linked article states that "The revelations on the inadequacies of the 1990 paper do not undermine the case that humans are causing climate change".

The good thing about science is that anyone can replicate and backtest the numerous studies out there. Of course, different minds can have different conclusions, but the data is the data and the math is the math.

As clear as global warming is caused by our industrialization.

Now, you can argue if we should do something about it, or how deep we should go into fixing that issue, as economics are also at stake. That's totally valid.

But climate change and global warming has no political sides. It either exists, or not. And it does.

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Citations, please.

Of course's_Earth_System_Models

Might as well want some citations on why the earth is not flat?

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