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Posted in: Sexual images of minors in manga and anime: Art or obscenity? See in context

Definitely obscenity. I am utterly disgusted that there are people who voted art. I'm 15 and a csa survivor. People are harmed in viewing these images. I was drawn into anime at age 11 because of how adorable the style was, how it made me feel safe, and like a kid again. However, I vividly remember being barely 13 and accidentally seeing sexualized minors and even fanservice of 11 year olds (No Game No Life manga) when I searched for anime/manga online. I was violently thrown into flashbacks and anxiety attacks, which worsened my mental health.

These images don't just show up in shady parts of the internet. They're everywhere in Japanese media and are incorporated into society. In the popular Soul Eater manga there are disturbingly detailed panty shots(with cameltoe) of 13 year old Maka. (That really jacked me up when I was 12). The age of consent in Japan is 13. Japan only just banned child pornography in 2013. If found in possession of it, you have one year to discard it. Otherwise, you go to jail for a year. One year.

Also, women are not the majority of mangaka who draw lolicon/shotacon. It's grown men.

tl;dr: Portrayal of sexualized minors in mainstream Japanese media can disturb kids/teens and lead them to develop distorted ideas that children are inherently sexual. And also disturb csa victims, like me.

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