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Posted in: Does violence in movies, TV programs or video games contribute to violence in society? See in context

The problem is that today, teenagers have violence in all kinds of forms served to them on a silver plate. It's glorified in computer games giving the impression to "kill with style" and use at least three f-bombs in every sentence. Way to go for the next generation of low life.

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Posted in: AKB48 singer shaves her head as act of contrition for dating See in context

When I first saw the photo I thought she has cancer. Pfff. Everything's alright girl! Move along!

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Posted in: Apple co-founder says new Steve Jobs film 'wrong' See in context

Don't judge a man by a movie...

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Posted in: Abe accuses China of letting Japanese firms be targeted during isle protests See in context

China's Communist regime will fall, sooner or later. It's time for Japanese and USA businesses to move to other Asian countries and give China a taste of how it will stand without economic partnership. Young, Chinese citizens already got a taste of freedom, now they won't let themselves being crushed down by the government so easily anymore. Of course for a while it will get more and more ugly inside China.

The question is what the US will do. Giving in to China is like feeding a monster. The arrogance and ignorance that the Chinese government shows is without comparison.

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Posted in: Man charged with murder of woman in Tokyo apartment See in context

I feel sorry for the woman and her husband. Having lost my own wife just three months ago I know very well how he must feel now.

This lowlife had absolutely no consciousness about what a profound tragedy he created. I hope he get's a life sentence without the chance for parole. Or worse.

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Posted in: Heightened sensibilities regarding child safety get man written up for asking directions See in context

@Homeschooler Are you trying to educate me? You probably won't understand this but the problem is that because of people like you (and people like Ewan above who automatically designates everyone as a paedo who has a different opinion than him) the world becomes more and more a place where everyone instantly draws the guns about the slightest glimpse of suspicion. In the US or elsewhere west this might already be the case but please keep your western thinking outside when entering Japan. The atmosphere that people like you are creating will be a much more far-reaching problem.

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Posted in: Heightened sensibilities regarding child safety get man written up for asking directions See in context

I once saw a small girl crossing the street and I saw that some sort of pendant dropped in the middle of the street that was attached to her backpack. So I talked to her to tell her that she had lost something on the street. She went back to pick it up before the lights turned red again. If I didn't tell her, the next thing that would have happened is that a couple of cars would have rolled over the item. I guess next time it's better to just be an ignorant like anyone else around you.

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Posted in: Noda says no compromise with China over disputed islands See in context

What Japan needs right now is Margaret Thatcher as a prime minister!

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Posted in: China tells Japan it will not tolerate violations of sovereignty See in context

Man I'm fed up of reading news with headlines titled "China tells this", "China claim that", China p*sses of anyone! How about China STFU because you're as annoying as a spoiled, overfed child!

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Posted in: U.S. begins test flights of MV-22 Osprey in Japan See in context

What's the deal with the Ospreys anyway? Why are the people of Okinawa so against it? Helicopters and Fighter Jets crash, too, yet there's no complaining about these. If it's a hidden complain about the Futenma base: the Okinawan's need to get the bigger picture and realize just how important that base is in this area, especially in these times.

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

As ridiculous as China can get. Senkaku Islands are Japanese after all.

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Posted in: U.S. says world can't afford crisis in Asian seas See in context

What the US really wants to say is "The US doesn't want to admit that China was the wrong partner to do business with".

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Posted in: Tokyo Game Show focuses on social media, smartphones See in context

Title should read "Tokyo Game Show focuses on cattle herding".

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Posted in: iPhone 5 launch draws crowds at Apple stores in Asia, Australia See in context

Long lines on release day in Japan? Sorry, I didn't see any at Omotesando Softbank. The long lines have been one week ago when pre-ordering took place!

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