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Posted in: Japan to meet fiscal 2015 deficit targets; longer-term goals in doubt See in context

How to make Japan more competitive? Need to make it really easy to raise kids in Japan to increase the population. There is no serious effort. There should be way more bay sitting services or place to put the kids while the parents work. Should be more economic benefits if you have kids. The English learning systems to be destroyed and recreated as its not working. Basically the only country where people laugh when they try and speak English as if they dont take it seriously. Last, woman need to be encouraged to work harder in the workforce and work their way up in the ranks. Many choose not to work but their participation will be like adding a few million to the shrinking workforce.

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Posted in: Republican anger at Obama rages at convention See in context

The GOP convention was borning. Cant wait for Obama/Biden to show them how a convention is done

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Posted in: Fishing industry says Setonai Sea too clean for the fish See in context

This is the first article I have ever heard that is complaining there is not enough pollution and its hurting the environment

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Posted in: U.S. concerned over anti-Japan protests in China See in context

USA controls almost 80 percent of the global arms market. Of course they are going to try and get everyone to face off against each other

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Posted in: Gymnastics gold medalist Uchimura spooked by 'stalker' See in context

Dont go riding on top of a bus waiving to them and then turn them away when they come to you one on one

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Posted in: Japanese police to investigate death of journalist in Syria See in context

It seems strange how the army just showed up and started to shoot only when they saw a Japanese reporter. How come they didnt open up on the rebels long before that?

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Posted in: Jury orders Samsung to pay Apple more than $1 bil in U.S. patent case See in context

It took apple 4 years to come up with the iphone and Samsung 6 months. On the other hand, was Samsung supposed to close their eyes to everything on the iphone. Its like Play Station suing Xbox because they are similar.

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Posted in: Take a bow See in context

Your supposed to say to yourself, sugoiiiiii

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Posted in: Kitajima ponders future after Olympic flop See in context

I'm sure he will try and stay in till the next Olympics. He has a lot more Money to earn as a medal hopeful and that's a lot to give up. I'm sure after working as a teacher getting 4 million a year he will come out of retirement soon

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Posted in: Japanese woman reporter shot dead in Syria's Aleppo See in context

The rebels said that this should bring attention to the global media and should shock them into action. I hope the rebels are either not killing the reporters on purpose or putting them in sure deaths situations to achieve their own objectives

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Posted in: 500,000 cheer Japan's Olympic medalists in Ginza parade See in context

Japanese fans are the best supporters.

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Posted in: Japanese nationalists proud of isle landing See in context

10 hours west seems quite far. Why sleepless? Who told them not to sleep or does thar make them sound like heroes?

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Posted in: B'z to kick off North American tour Sept 17 in San Francisco See in context

Good band but Americans dont want to hear English sung in a accent unless its a british, Jamaican or spanish accent.

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Posted in: War memories See in context

Looks like a picture from 1937

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Posted in: Taiwan’s Weather Girls form girl group in Japan See in context

Legs longer and thinner than akb48

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Posted in: 6 drown in water-related accidents on Sunday See in context

yeah, most people dont realize that you can lose consiousness in 10 seconds

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Posted in: Young Japanese women becoming less interested in sex, survey says See in context

the internet and 3g phones are way funner

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Posted in: Eminem to fans: Thanks for help in dark times See in context

Why are people who admit their addictions not arrested on the spot? They need to pay for the price just as those who had paid the price before them

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Posted in: Courtroom tension boils in Apple-Samsung showdown See in context

Its an attempt to slow Samsung down which is working

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Posted in: Light up a Mevius See in context

Those girls have no shame

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Posted in: U.S. starts landmark Agent Orange cleanup in Vietnam See in context

Yeah, they will need to come clean in the countries they want to do business in

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Posted in: Japanese sushi chef says North Korean leader's wife 'charming' See in context

Who wants to kill him? If it was North Korea, wouldnt he still be in North Korea?

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Posted in: Truman's grandson visits Hiroshima after meeting atomic bomb survivors See in context

The bomb was ready for Germany but it was ok to drop on Asians only

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Posted in: Japan beats Egypt 3-0 to reach Olympic men's soccer semifinal See in context

Congratulations, good to see offence

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Posted in: France, Cuba win heavyweight judo golds; Sugimoto gets silver See in context

Maybe Japanese should start training in France.

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Posted in: Japanese judo endures worst Olympic Games in 24 years See in context

Have you seen how the coaches act when the players lose. They don't even look at the players in the face. It seems the coaches are the problem for the mental breakdowns. I don't see them really as the motivate types. The players know they will be treated like crap if they lose so they are probably scared stiff of losing rather than pumped up to win like everyone else. Where is the love, where is the support? Hey, maybe this reflects Japan as a whole?

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Posted in: Agony and the ecstasy See in context

The new rule changes is like the Japanese asking UFC to remove head shots and not to use too much power because its not fair for fighters with small muscles Hey, do real weight training like everyone else.

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Posted in: Agony and the ecstasy See in context

Yeah the Japanese coaches are arrogant. Every team is shaking the other teams players hands except for the Japanese.

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Posted in: Warner Bros cancels Batman premiere in Japan after shooting See in context

It would be good to have the premier here. The US media can talk about gun control in Japan and show how little shootings take place because of the lack of guns. The NRA argument is that if the shooters did not use a gun, they can just use another weapon like a knife. That doesnt make sense as Im sure the attackers would be overpowered quickly.

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Posted in: Samsung sells 10 mil Galaxy SIII smartphones See in context

Apple wasnt able to stop the sales in court?

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