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Posted in: After blast kills at least 500 at Gaza hospital, Hamas and Israel trade blame as rage spreads in region See in context

This is what Hamas does, they blame Israel for everything.


Please get your facts right before you blame Israel for Hamas war crimes


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Posted in: Israel kills 42 in Gaza as calls mount for cease-fire, greater U.S. efforts See in context

For those who wants to hate Israel will no need a reason.

Media is totally biased, Israel is trying to live in peace, Hamas well known terrorist organisation is committing double war crimes,

1- by shooting rockets indiscriminately to Israeli civilians, they don"t care if the rocket is going to hit school, kinder-garden, hospital or regular house with babies inside. THAT IS A WAR CRIME

2- By hiding their rocket launchers in hospitals, schools and residential areas, hiding behind children on purpose, and hoping when the Israel retaliates naturally there will be civilian casualties. THAT IS A WAR CRIME

They do not care about civilians, they just want to get a press on their side.

world been donating generously to so called Palestinians billions of dollars every year.

What are they doing with this money you will ask?

Building schools? building hospitals? building infrastructure for better life?

the answer is NOOOOO.

They are using this money to dig terror tunnels in to Israel, so they can kidnap Israeli kids rape torture and kill them. they are buying thousands of rockets to terrorize Israeli civilians.

Now I am asking you.

If somebody dig a tunnel in to your house to kidnap your family members and kill them. Throw grenades in to your house, send thousands of rockets at midnight while you were sleeping.


War is a ugly. There will be always causalities but Israel is not aiming to shoot any civilians. their strikes are very accurate aimed at terror targets.

They could carpet bomb the entire Gaza in 2 hours and kill every single person there. But they are extremely careful. Many times they cancel the air strikes because there are too many civilians in the area.

I served in Israel army with pride for 3 years. and I saw what is happening there with my own eyes.

I am talking from my own personal experience. sometimes Palestinians were throwing rocks the size of my fist to us and even Molotov cocktails but we were not allowed to shoot back. tell me if anybody throws stones and molotov coctails to your police and military what would they do?

Thank you.

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Posted in: Iran lays to rest nuclear scientist; vows to carry forward his work See in context

From from Israel a secret service you welcome world

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Posted in: Global coronavirus death toll passes one million See in context

The the numbers are total BS we cannot trust CDC or any government company anymore.

Corruption runs deep in boath

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers unveil scaled-back Games plan See in context

I can guarantee you 99% that Olympics will be canceled also next year

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Posted in: SDF recruiters struggle as applicant pool dries up See in context

Maybe Japan needs to hire contracters. Foreigners with military knowledge. Like they do in France with legioners. I would like to be instructor in military again. I was in Israeli special forces seargent rank.

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Posted in: N Korea's Kim promises no more nuclear or missile tests See in context

I wish it was true.

but there are several hidden scenarios.

1- (optimistic scenario) they actually run out of money and resources and really at the bring of collapse so they gave up their pursue of power and trying to turn to more peaceful solution and try to restore their economy.

2- more realistic one, he is lying and trying to gain some time and more sympathy from the world so once he says we are abandoning our nuclear program US may lift some of their sanctions so they can resupply on resources and money and continue their program after few months brake.

3- (pessimistic scenario) they are saying that we will not try anything anymore. just so the US and his allies drop their guard little bit and actually they are preparing for attack. they might sucker punch the rest of the world and gain some advantage on us.

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Posted in: As 'trial' fishing resumes, Fukushima battles to win back consumers See in context

Radiation has been flowing freely into the ocean for 7 years. Go ahead eat the delicious fish and you will glow green at night, by the way you may also grow a tail and new pair of eyes on top of your head

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Posted in: Iran, EU and Russia defend nuclear deal after Trump threat See in context

Finally a real president. somebody with guts. unlike Obama

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Posted in: Turkish reporters go on trial in landmark press freedom case See in context

Somebody need to shoot that bastard in the head

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