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Posted in: Kishida, Yoon agree to restore ties, address N Korean issue See in context

Its just like Turbo the lag n the kick now it turbo lag on sk economy bcoms stronger turbo kicks hard

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Posted in: China vows it will fight to the end to stop Taiwan independence See in context

All Taiwan has to do is spank pla soldiers they will run back to China @ 5G speed without hindrance just like what happened in Indias Ladakh

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. launch 8 missiles in response to N Korean salvo See in context

Now now what have US N sk done Lil Fatty Kim is crying in the corner now saying papa putin n mama xi they have bigger n more advanced toys than mine

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Posted in: Man arrested for spending mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil in COVID funds See in context

Not the mayor not the man bt the bank employee should pay as mayor had the list of accounts sent accordingly why was the bank employee so so so lazy to put all the money in one account only as it was known that much amount wasn’t meant for one person so mayor gets blamed the man bcoms a criminal while the bank employee bcoms innocent n incompetent n a ticking time nuclear bomb ready to explode many times over n over n over well this is how Japan is going back to dark ages

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Posted in: N Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles toward sea See in context

Thas sos from Kim we r suffering virus at peak no vaccine so sos through missile

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Posted in: Kremlin warns of retaliation after Finland moves toward NATO See in context

Can Pooptin afford to take so many countries at once economically n with personnel both n bcom bit weaker military neighboring China will start salami slicing border territories

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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context

Finally a famous SM influencer who would teach how to make mor babies in Japan

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Posted in: North Korea tests new weapons system to improve 'tactical nukes' See in context

nuke rules as nk is surviving with nothing bt nukes

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Posted in: Japan considering high-level dialogue with S Korea See in context

Japan should do nothing with Sk that’s the best solution Sk will huff buff bluff n implode itself as past present n future r all different things bt ignorance won’t make sk see the present or future alys stuck on past n lies

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russia seized relief workers in Mariupol convoy See in context

The Z should know the other side can put them in permanent Z position too

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Posted in: Russia to halt peace treaty talks with Japan over sanctions See in context

With greed for more pooptin will loose more as out of wealth will result in inability to maintain its own territory forget the conquered territory or the invasion or waging war

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Posted in: Ukraine rejects Russian demand for surrender in Mariupol See in context

Russian cant handle the guerrilla warfare n insurgency next n the economic conditions of Russia will make it difficult to b at war n maintain its territory Russia shows a bit of weakness friend China will salami slice on Russian border lands so call is on Russia or Putin

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Posted in: Ukraine continues to frustrate Putin’s hopes for a swift victory See in context

What was pooptin thinking a video game in real fighting its not that easy

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Posted in: North Korea's latest missile launch ends in failure See in context

One n the most important thing all fail to understand here is a Nuke makes all hostile nations bow to a nation like NK zero tech economy n food just nuke had Ukraine had the Nukes would pooptin dare to do what he is doing not a chance so rite now Nukes r quint essential as a deterrence for aggression so every country should build for peace just see what happened in Ukraine n NK cant b touched

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Posted in: Japan to freeze assets of 4 more Russian banks See in context

Russia is vast country n very with very less population so it have to b careful by going war due to jack russels Putin ego Russia will b left with no people

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Posted in: S Korea ruling party presidential candidate ready for talks with Japan See in context

Japan just forget sk best solution develop forward with taiwan n south asian nation just forget sk they will huff n puff n bow away themselves

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan should pursue cooperation: Moon See in context

Japan don’t ever do anything sk will huff n buff n puff n blow itself away very simple don’t waste ur time n effort with sly country like sk n for real history everyone knows it let sk teach its version spiced up with lies to its citizens bt the world will know the real truth n one very important thing Japan must remember is enough is enough n no more thats the only way the peaceful way let the arrogant one huff n buff n puff N blow

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Posted in: China urges Japan to uphold non-nuclear principles See in context

Japan should build Nukes for peace an US can’t b trusted see what is happening in Ukraine build A nuke its the only way for peace with commis like China NK n Russia plain n simple rite now Nuke for peace not destruction n for little h emperors a nuke will make them join shaolin temple n the peace will b there for a long time

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Posted in: Business trends suggest young Japanese people just aren’t into jeans any more See in context

I like wearing jeans bt wearing it in super humid Japanese Summer is like sauna on legs so can’t wear it only

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Posted in: Russia attacks Ukraine as defiant Putin warns U.S., NATO See in context

Putin n Xi dont want to retire or want elections so only way out is with bullet in the head by his bodyguard for peace in the world n keeping their country economically stable

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Posted in: Japan aims to block sex offenders from jobs in schools, child care See in context

High Time if Japan want to improve its Demography otherwise wise keep employing sexual offenders at schools will only result in decreasing population

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Posted in: Japan protests to Russia over missile exercise near disputed islands See in context

How do you figure that? From the armistice in July 1953, until North Korea's first nuclear weapons test in October 2006 and for that 53 years in between, North Korea was not attacked or even threatened (except if it had first made a threat of it's own) with invasion or attack. But now that they have nuclear weapons you say that is all that is keeping violence away? So what kept the violence away for 53 years? Magic?

Nobody is interested in taking over a nation that would need to be rebuilt almost from the ground up. The cost of building NK would be hundreds of billions or maybe over a trillion dollars. What kind of a victory would that be for the winner other than one that bankrupts?

not magic or any other country’s lack of lust to over power NK bt the very simple fear of the Nuke has kept it safe from aggression n for building it back is the thing to think after concurring it not before

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Posted in: Japan protests to Russia over missile exercise near disputed islands See in context

When will Japan learn make a Nuke end of aggression from aggressive neighbors don’t believe look at NK it has nothing bt a Nuke alone is keeping it out of aggression from China Russia US EU Nato

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Posted in: Russia says it will take nothing less than NATO expansion ban See in context

What both aggressive connected commis fear is free Talibs now add NATO vodka wont get Pu Xi a hour night sleep

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Posted in: China mulls in-person event to mark normalization of ties with Japan See in context

A Big No n Blame China Virus its the win win situation forJapan

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Posted in: Russia foreign minister plans to visit Japan in next few months See in context

If Japan wants those Islands back its only patience as Broke Russia cant keep up with the funding on running those islands n Japan should not b fooled around into co development activity like Russia plans Russia even has invited SKorea for financial help n developing those island n Russia should not go on making too many enemies just bcoz it has a nuke

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Posted in: Judge rejects Facebook bid to derail US antitrust suit See in context

Well great bt another hurdle is how to make all my friends on FB to shift to other site

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Posted in: Judge rejects Facebook bid to derail US antitrust suit See in context

US Europe Japan Aussie or India needs to make another social media asap I n most of my friends r using FB only there is no alternative to the biased FB

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Posted in: Kishida urges South Korea to abide by 2015 agreement on 'comfort women' See in context

Agree with sb here Japan should have said a big n firm n absolute Big No to Sk black mailing long time a ago this thing would have been history long a ago bt Japanese way of looking right left around n then answer have made this ditch out of a hole

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Posted in: Japan to increase 5-year budget for hosting U.S. troops to ¥1.05 tril See in context

No USA No War or make Nukes to deter Wars

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