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AviBajaj comments

Posted in: Environment minister apologizes for interruption of Minamata victims' remarks See in context

Well LDP'S End Time Commeth

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Posted in: U.S., China to launch exchanges on balanced growth, money laundering, Yellen says See in context

Stop Investment In China To Make Asia Peaceful Bt Americans Will Bcom Poorer Without China A Sad Reality Bt Us N China Becoming Poor Together Might Make World A Much Better Place

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Posted in: My point was that publicizing the high wages of men could provide an incentive to attract women from outside the prefecture and help counter population decline. See in context

Exactly N Tax Politicians 95% That Would B An Equalizer With Common People N There Will B Gradual Population Increase Otherwise

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Posted in: Woman, boyfriend arrested after her 5-year-old daughter dies from hypothermia See in context

Why Not Give Child For Adoption Instead Of Torturing N Killing Children

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Posted in: Japan OKs bill to ease burden on truck drivers amid labor shortage See in context

Let Kissida N LDP Drive Truck For Living On 2.6 Hours Pay Day N Make A Living Then He Will Realize

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Posted in: Opposition direction See in context

Let Opposition Party Lead Japan To Change The Japan's Situation

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Posted in: Kishida vows to reshape LDP by moving away from faction system See in context

Kissing Kishida Good Bye Is The Only Solution Bt He Doesn't Want To Give Up Power Easily Young Individuals Shoud Run Japan Politics N When Is Shogun Aso Retiring

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Posted in: China seeks visa exemption treatment from Japan for diplomats See in context

Na na na No Don't Don't It's Will Bcoms over Spy Ism In Japan Then Just Like over Tourism Lol

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Posted in: Aso to keep faction within Japan ruling party despite funds scandal See in context

High Time For Japan For Checking Mental Fitness For Grandpa Politicians This Relics Of Past Contributes For Stagnant Japan Young Politicians Required Urgently

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Posted in: Japan says Russian warships spotted near Taiwan, Okinawa islands See in context

Well Its the Safest Place for Russian Naval Forces If They Try doing freedom of Navigation in their own place Ukraine will Just make Those Frigates How To The Fishes By Sinking Them So Japanese N Taiwanese Waters R their Safest Place

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Posted in: Ghosn files $1 billion lawsuit in Lebanon against Nissan over his imprisonment in Japan See in context

Well Money Can’t Buy food In Lebanon So Why Do Goshn Need A Billion of it he plans to eat dollars to live Not food

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Posted in: Unwelcome message for Kishida See in context

These people needs to grow up

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Posted in: Jury finds Ed Sheeran didn't copy Marvin Gaye classic See in context

Chalky of Child’Play would look just Like Ed Sh had he grown Up every time I see him reminds be of Chalky

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Posted in: 75-year-old Japanese man opens free cafe in Ukraine's Kharkiv See in context

Keep The Good Work Very Very Inspiring

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Posted in: Right now, the support and consultation system for pregnant women only says to them, 'You need to talk to your parents.' That doesn’t help women who desperately want anonymity. See in context

encourage more people for anonymous birth the problem of falling birth rate solved then problem of nurturing the lots of children only remains

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Posted in: SDF ordered to shoot down N Korean satellite if it falls on Japan See in context

Shoot I t down n dotb surprised to find every part of the satellite is made in China as NK has China tech only

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Posted in: Japan's twin crises: Low birthrate and marriage aversion See in context

Almost 800k birth per annum is more than healthy population wise for Japan’s area wise more than enough rest will all come in line with initial glitches

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Posted in: Japan Display, China's HKC to jointly produce organic EL displays See in context

Exactly don’t know y Japan likes to shoot her own foot should make in other south Asian countries

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Posted in: Japan aims to triple chip sales to ¥15 trillion in 2030 See in context

well if Japan wants it can manufacture it n Basu Skorea can keep on bragging abt chip that samsung has never manufactured lol

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Posted in: Japan to crack down on social media stealth marketing from October See in context

Please stop ad on YouTube also will b much smoother watching

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Posted in: China threatens retaliation if U.S. House speaker meets Taiwan president See in context

With more virus balloons or crying soldiers answers China

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Posted in: Is Wikipedia a good source? When to use the online encyclopedia – and when to avoid it See in context

When u surf wiki from Japan it always ask for 300¥ donations which is bt wikipidish

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Posted in: Japan, South Korea drop export claims against each other See in context

Work together alys better

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Posted in: China threatens consequences over U.S. warship's actions See in context

Where did the US grow the balls bt its best news for Asia n the world like what France has said defeat not crushing for both Russia n China

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Posted in: Robbery at Tokyo apartment leaves one suspect dead; 4 get away See in context

Never mess with chinese who is not under Ccp he will fight back

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Posted in: Western powers, including the European Union and United States, have been taking an increasingly tough approach toward TikTok, citing fears user data could be used or abused by Chinese officials. What's your view on this? See in context

When American social media can’t operate in China n Chinese everything is sold n working in American the balance is really off a complete banning of everything chinese would knock some sense to China bt America is too weak woke or stuffed with chinese money to make a strong move

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Posted in: Kim oversees simulated nuclear counterattack against U.S., South Korea See in context

did u notice the size difference kimmy is 3-4 times larger than his people forget missiles he will b super easy hit for a blind shooter shoot anywhere u will hit kimmy

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Posted in: N Korea launches short-range ballistic missile into sea See in context

Hey piggy let those fish alone all in all ur just another pig in NK all your subjects are nearer to hungry ghosts so use the money to feed your people not spend on blowing blank weapons which is poisonous to aquatic life

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Posted in: Japan sends missile units to southwestern island to face China threat See in context

japan should have done this long time ago then the need would arise to buy tomahawks for peaceful existence

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Posted in: North Korea says ICBM test was aimed at striking fear into enemies See in context

How about feeding all the nk citizens with proper food n fatten them like kim himself rather than using all the money to make blank missiles n make NK citizens fear the hunger

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