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Posted in: Russia foreign minister plans to visit Japan in next few months See in context

If Japan wants those Islands back its only patience as Broke Russia cant keep up with the funding on running those islands n Japan should not b fooled around into co development activity like Russia plans Russia even has invited SKorea for financial help n developing those island n Russia should not go on making too many enemies just bcoz it has a nuke

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Posted in: Judge rejects Facebook bid to derail US antitrust suit See in context

Well great bt another hurdle is how to make all my friends on FB to shift to other site

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Posted in: Judge rejects Facebook bid to derail US antitrust suit See in context

US Europe Japan Aussie or India needs to make another social media asap I n most of my friends r using FB only there is no alternative to the biased FB

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Posted in: Kishida urges South Korea to abide by 2015 agreement on 'comfort women' See in context

Agree with sb here Japan should have said a big n firm n absolute Big No to Sk black mailing long time a ago this thing would have been history long a ago bt Japanese way of looking right left around n then answer have made this ditch out of a hole

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Posted in: Japan to increase 5-year budget for hosting U.S. troops to ¥1.05 tril See in context

No USA No War or make Nukes to deter Wars

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Posted in: Japan to increase 5-year budget for hosting U.S. troops to ¥1.05 tril See in context

Japan just make a Nuke n peace will b there from every corner n no need to pay For security Nuke is the security

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Posted in: Omicron spreads faster and weakens jabs but causes less severe symptoms: WHO See in context

So Omicron os blessings in Disguise for the world from Africa It has made a natural free n super effective vaccine called omicron Not vaccine bt Omicron will end this Chindamics

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Posted in: North Korea's Kim at critical crossroads decade into rule See in context

If buy having a single Nuke all the aggressor neighbors becomes peaceful Pandas then every Nation should have a Nuke to maintain Peace n ward of unnecessary invocation Kim dynasty is nasty but hasty idea of a Nuke has given NK peaceful existence with all its aggressive neighbors

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Posted in: Verstappen wins 1st F1 title with last lap pass of Hamilton See in context

N age too comes here vett is young n a rising star n ham is cured enough to be called salami so now people have to b ready to see new champ every year from today

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Posted in: China brands U.S. democracy 'weapon of mass destruction' See in context

No china is the super power no doubt about it after all it shut down the whole world for more than two years without firing a single bullet

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Posted in: 52-year-old man arrested over road rage incident See in context

Angry Ojisama only

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Posted in: Myanmar junta seeks resumption of Japanese investment, ODA See in context

Japan will provide more than 300 billion yen ($2.6 billion) over the next three years to help people of Myanmar to fight the evil Junta

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Posted in: China says U.S. diplomatic boycott violates Olympic spirit See in context

N china violates every word in a dictionary n still col at one favor returned to it china please b prepared as more favors r on the way

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Posted in: SDF holds drills in Hokkaido as it faces Russia, China threat See in context

Well well if chin n russia is afraid of US then US is afraid of Talib n Islam all Japan needs to do is bring just 500 strong Talibs from Afgan well US Russia n China will wet their pants together n Japan will solve some percentage of its declining population problems too

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Posted in: Ghosn calls Japan's prosecution system discriminatory See in context

If that’s so come back Ghosn We will talk it with sake on the box

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Posted in: Gov't panel OKs 2 draft proposals to preserve Japan's royal family See in context

This male male male n ojiisan r causing all the problems Japan has a emperor has a Daughter pass it down as emperor to a female emperor simple with male male hope next emperor of Japan will bcom present king of Thailand only due to male n male thing

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Posted in: Princess Aiko goes through official coming of age ceremonies See in context

She would make the perfect Emperor for Japan by Jiisans holding in govt don’t want a Female Emperor which is really sad

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Posted in: Beijing summons Japan envoy over Abe's Taiwan remarks See in context

CCP is already dead n have started to decay only it doesn’t realize

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Posted in: China lashes out at Abe over his warning on Taiwan See in context

Well CCP is already dead n started to decay only thing is its not aware of it

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Posted in: Biden reportedly told Kishida he hoped Japan would increase defense spending See in context

Japan shot build a Nuke then its tranquility forever no joe xi pu jong wont bother to trouble Japan any more just one nuke no military expenditure needed

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Posted in: Kishida says enemy base strike capability an option to boost defense See in context

Just a reliable Nuke would make peace with all Red rogues in this part of Asia they show their teeth to Japan only because of the nuke they possess so by Japan having nukes if this kinda invoking of path leading to war can b averted then make one nuke for peace to prevail n no need to maintain lots of military personnel or expenditures

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Posted in: Japan apology needed to solve wartime labor issue: S Korean presidential candidate See in context

How abt japan printing all the official apology letters written to SK in a News Paper n rid of this black mailing from noisy n unreasonable neighbor

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Posted in: Japan set to meet U.S. request to pay more for hosting troops See in context

well only if China was a democratic country who valued freedom US would not b needed nor their weapon for peace Asia has everything biggest countries pupation n market n disunity among Asian Nations gives fartin Joe his place to stand

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Posted in: Xi warns of Cold War-era tensions in Asia-Pacific See in context

Funny Hans when the provoke n bully it’s their fiefdom when all the bullied nations come together only not spank little Hans they cry foul bt Karma will b served in a platter just a bit more wait

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Posted in: Dalai Lama says China's leaders 'don't understand' diversity See in context

Well well Karma is just round the corner for China just that one turn only

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Posted in: Japan have their 'backs to wall' for must-win World Cup qualifiers See in context

Make sure all the players r under 25 Japan can qualify easily as no 30 plus jisans can keep with under 20 players of other country get the formula right to win

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Posted in: Tibet activists disrupt Beijing Winter Olympics flame ceremony See in context

Don’t worry tibet n Xinjiang karma is about to be served to china from legt right front back n center soon proof n evidence china provides to journalists is as spooky as corona pandemic’s origins as no one in the world believes them

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Posted in: North Korea's Kim says U.S. is 'root cause' of tensions See in context

Look what lack of expensive cheese wine n cigarettes have made kimmy talk worse than his hair style

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Posted in: Can the Taliban suppress the potent IS threat? See in context

Most media blamed America for withdrawing its troops from Afgan bt it was best plan no more money to be wasted for hunting down they will kill each other though there will be innocent civilian casualties bt mostly it will b terrorist va terrorist

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Posted in: Japan skipper Yoshida accuses Saudi fans of 'discriminatory gestures' See in context

Fire 30 plus players for Japanese if Japan want to win not the coach all players should be under 25 if Japan wants a chance n shoot at chance players not pass at chance player otherwise bye bye football

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