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Posted in: At least 124 dead as police swoop on pro-Morsi Cairo protests See in context

What a double standard! A few months back everyone was (rightfully) preaching about the freedom of protesting..Re: Elbuda Mexicano - You question about their motives when they are the ones being killed? Or maybe you think they deserve to be brutally killed since they are the so called "Islamists".

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@MrNate No actually those women believe that as Muslim they should wear veil. In Islam veiling oneself is a must for women, but the boundaries of this veiling is interpreted differently. In some sects they believe veil is a must, in some they believe wearing a scarf is enough. It all comes down to what you choose to believe and if you think veil is a must by you free will, no one should meddle with your way of life.

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A woman should be free to wear whatever she likes miniskirt or "full-face veil". It is not men's place to meddle..

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A big CONGRATULATIONS to Egypt! They got rid of their elected president and they can await their "HAPPIER" days under the rule of their non-elected army... But the Islamists are gone at last who cares about the people or democracy!!

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Dear Dilbert, As a secular Turkish citizen who supports AKP and Erdogan, I find your comment very insulting and orientalist. If you feed on only some "main stream" media news you can be easily fooled on how cruel and a dictator Erdogan is, but I think the situation at hand should be analysed deeply before making such crude comments on the ELECTED prime minister of a country. And I'm not one of those "sub human level idiots" you talk about since at least my Ph.D. degree provides some proof against that. Sometimes you should also listen to the voice of SILENT CROWDS. Regards..

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Dear Elbuda Mexicano, Kaddufy or Saddam Hussein were dictators unlike Erdogan who is an elected prime minister by the majority vote. As in any normal democratic country even if by very slim chance Erdogan resigns as a result of these protests, there is no reason why he wouldn't be re-elected by the same people who have voted him before.

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It might have been a stupid comment to make given the situation, but what he said is true. I'm sure many of you would agree.

Actually I DON'T.

And here is why:

Islamic countries, the only thing they share in common is Allah and they are fighting with each other, and they have classes.

The only common thing is not Allah. We believe in the same prophet, same Quran and every thing depicted in it. You can write many more similarities between Sunni and Shia, which are the major denominations of Islam, not only "Allah". Although on the news nothing but conflict seems to be happening in Islam world, to see what kind of unity there is, all you need to do is to take a look at people visiting Makkah which is the holy city of Muslims. Over there Muslim people from many countries of all colors and nationalities pray together shoulder to shoulder. I think there is no better answer than this. There is always more to meet the eyes than the bad things shown on news.

Are we really fighting with each other? Currently when I think about the fights in Islamic countries what I see is fights generally evoked by some other countries (which I wouldn't like to name) in the first place. Please name all the political problems and fights associated with Islamic countries and search for the "real" root of it for your own confirmation.

This part is the one I laughed the most. I don't know what the heck is the "Classes" he refer to, but any kind of classes I can think of or mentioned in the previous posts don't originate from Islam itself. As people and governments are free to do what they do even if they are bound by the religious laws, I can say for sure that any discrimination towards humans is prohibited by the Prophet and Quran (please refer to the Prophet Mohammed's last sermon).

And lastly anything he describes in his speech is not existent in Turkey, which is not ruled by the Islamic laws and has no class or alike, and in my opinion an equally free and democratic country as Japan.

Thanks to anyone who patiently read my comment to the end ^^

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At least in Japan you do not have the threat of terrorists reaping havoc on the games.

I think Turkey would be a much safer place considering the police force's attentiveness to any potential threat. I wonder if all you can imagine is a third-world country as Hollywood portrayed (e.g. recent James Bond - Skyfall movie). If so please try to learn about Turkey a bit before sounding your prejudices.

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Posted in: Inose under fire for comments on Istanbul Olympic bid, Islam See in context

If he had correctly stated that a country run by an islamist party which is gradually dismantling the Turkish secular kemalist state and seeking to introduce primitive Shariah law is not something that the world should support. Now that would have been a bulls eye. Instead of that, we get this nonsensical phrase.

This is also another very nice example of orientalism... Turkey is a country which will never become like Iran or alike, it has well-founded democracy, in which any thought or political view can be elected government even if they are mildly Islamic. Furthermore "Shariah" is never talked about in Turkey for which I wonder how you can make so biased comments. I really wonder why people act like they know everything, while they can't grasp some simple facts about a country they talk about...

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