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very interesting ebliesze

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`none sence ... every body with a Brain , know thats poverty and sex have always be hand to hand since the beguining of time !!!

What SPA know about sex ? really !!

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is funny ... actualy america didnt fix any conflict what so ever since 60 years , actualy is america thats make the most conflict around the world ... fighting for freedom and democrasy , thats nice !!! but we all forget thats they arent fighting for the freedom and democracy of every one here ... they are just fighting any country thats come on theyr way!!

so yes they are fighting for theyr owne freedom on the doom of other !

since 60 years is the mess ..Global warming is because of america.. terrorism , well before the CIA trainned suicide squad there was no terrorism by the way !! Organising Genocide around the world OR puching country to fight eachother to sell theyr Weapon ... Fake moon landing ...JFK murdered Hiroshima and nagasaki ...they didnt have to drop any nuke bombe since the war was over by the way !! Pearl harbor , not to forget thats american Puch the japanese to attack since they stoped the japanese economy for 5 years ... strange pearl harbor and 9 11 look the same to me ...all to puch the american public to go to war !!

We all have a so perfect point of view of america ..saikou desuyo !!

i think you all get the point .. only american still dont get WHY ...lolz !!!


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