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The free world has gone soft between the ears--the post WW II generations of Europe and Japan believe that "peace" is the natural state of the world. All you have to do is sing "Imagine" and we'll all live in harmony. What a bunch naive dummies.

Are you serious ? Don't you think wars in Algeria and Indochine was highly paid and noticed by everybody in France at least ? Are you aware of the fact there were terrorist acts in Paris before the American land was attacked ? Do you know many european countries are involved in Irak and Afghanistan, helping YOUR country ?

I think every country in the free world already paid a huge tribute in the fight against terrorism, so please don't goof around like "God bless America, shame on the rest of the world". And go learn some historical facts.

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Holy crap, this is my gf's place, thankfuly her family wasn't harmed but when i see this, I think it was a miracle.

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