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While yes, it could be taken as a racist/xenophobic/ethnocentric comment, I can kind of see her point of view (& I'm Japanese). People used to beg to come study in the U.S. and learn English. Now not as many Japanese people wish to go abroad to an English-speaking region. I personally don't see that change as a bad thing, but for someone who was born in the early 40's, it might seem like "decline." (*I'm not defending what she said.)

Personally, I get annoyed too by those who say Marie Kondo is "fairy-like," "spiritual," or the like. I think that's another form of subtle racism, to put certain people on a weird cultural pedestal & assign value you want to see. (If a valley-girl-like person jumped up & down and spoke in chirpy voice with excitement, would you call that "fairy-like"?) I'm sometimes told "ooh you're so much more spiritual/serene/healthy/thoughtful" etc. = I somehow seem exotic. Often, that is another form of other-ness, that would not be assigned if you truly accepted someone.

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