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Ayako Cleavin comments

Posted in: Kyoto plans minimum Y200 per night lodging tax See in context


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Posted in: 78-year-old man dies after being struck by two cars See in context

It is very difficult for me to establish a facts what exactly happened on a particular section of road on machida , Tokyo ! Is there a zebra crossing near by? , for example, and also was that elderly person who had experienced " disoriented " himself ?, and " did that elderly person have any difficulty in Normal walking on daily basis ? ....even those 2 car driveres, did they slowdown and pay proper cautions on road while driving .... , did 2 drivers have any alcohol drinks before getting behind wheels ? Many questions have to be answered and close examinations are qeruired to be conducted by traffic accident lawyers and police side! Lad one more there would be remote possibility of elderly person had heart attack with unnoticed and missed any kind of medications he was provided from local doctor ....

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Posted in: Japan tells U.N. it has found no evidence of forced WWII sex slavery See in context

If those people seriously believe that they have firm evidence which was forced to be prostitte, their individual names and proven original picture include person herself with a particular soldier dates shown, individual names ( first names , and family names) , residential address at that time, which day exactly went to meet with a soldier ! All of those personal informations must be on their local papers, Japanese papers , and degital news media as well . Does those old women seriously want to be released those personal informations ? I wouldn't !

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Posted in: 95-year-old man driving truck killed in collision with bus See in context

This seems like that portrayed a slice of social reality! One: 95 years old man was making a living by driving small truck on snowy road! Two ; some one must have ordered to this 95 years old man to drive and make delivery so that truck company can sustain their business! Three; 95 years old truck driver proven to be effectively avoided a pedestrian near that road where he was driving on that time! ( amazing proffetional driving skill) . I think good driving skill do truck driver and swift and precise response of bus driver made possible to have no injuries on bus passengers! Suppose very cloud has a silver lining. !

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Posted in: O'Barry ordered deported from Japan See in context

What he has received is not bad reception. It is " BAD KARMA" that he invited own conclusion! When he had produced a film , he had sealed his fate to be never allowed to access to inside Japan ! Once he received personal record of " denied entry from any countries , and also resisted against authority's decision,, probably he have to face with proplems for entering any other countries as well. That's what he did to himself . Is this happened because he received " OSCAR award" ? Or he must have punished by gods of Dolphins that unhounered part of sea creatures on Mother Earth !

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Posted in: If you found a bag with a large sum of money in it, say 10 million yen, in some isolated spot, and there was nothing to indicate who the owner was, what would you do with it? See in context

Straight report to ministry of tax office / or bank of Japan to collect officially! One : you don't do anything to with that money( might to do with in wanted and troubled money! Who knows what!) two: even you entitled to receive some after while reporting to police, I wouldn't want to pay tax for that money which I never worked for it! Three: due to the nature of money originally comes from, I never want to become a wrong target from mob/ or loan company. But if that money clearly tell belong to one particular own ! ! that person Should contact local authority to solve his/ her issues that associating with sum of money at first place.

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Posted in: Taste test: Next generation of fake meats, vegan mayo See in context

Here is an idea. How about Zen hamburger? Which has Grilled tofu burger patty cuddled with seaweed sheet , accompanied with cooked shiitake mushroom , soy marinaded bamboo slices , and teriyaki sauce got a hint of Ume flavour! Anyone got appetite ? As mat know of some, Japanese ZEN monks priests are prohibited to eat any food comes from animals( meats, sea foods) .

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Posted in: M6.7 quake strikes off Hokkaido; 2 injured See in context

This earthquake must be a job of troubled mind EEL , just shaking up her world around lunch time! Shouting up to Hokkaido" what's shaking up folks? " I hope that two elderly ladies have smooth recoverly and receive good care from their families. ❤️

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Posted in: 93-year-old man arrested for strangling wife in nursing home See in context

They were both 93 years old ..... Suppose once husband went to war and survived and came back for just want hold her and feel her between his arms! It's beyond sadness. Rather feels hopeless left in big hole. ..."... Sometimes single people dream of find tru love and age together then live in eternal happiness. But this news , at least for this couple end of their love story didn't lead as younger singles dream once in a while! What's going on our society? Is this just happens in Japan? Or around glove? Where does l love goes once a man kills only a love one at age 93 years old? Sorry! Toooo many questions.

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Posted in: Man jumps to death from condo after stabbing wife See in context

I am so grad that wife will be ok for a while! But she definitely needs a lot time to heal from this nightmare , physically and mentally. I wonder , does she still have to face ex- husband's funeral? Look, husband did commit a crime of attempt murder in fact.

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