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Posted in: Japan upset by S Korean 'comfort women' exhibit at French comic book festival See in context

I feel unhappy if someone believe South Korea's anti-Japan Propaganda, because of this event. It's hard to know far east stories, but please know .. (I majored those history when I were in Univ)

.1. In WWII, Japan hired professional army prostitute, You can see a sample of their payment slip in the middle of this site.


It says the salary paid 26,145yen for 3 years work. (she could buy 20-30 houses at the time)

2, What they said "Comfort woman who were forced" was that in Korean War.(1950-1953 which North Korea vs South Korea with US, China. Nothing to do with Japan) This is why they're too young in WWII, and some of them told "Korean War". (Though some of they believe it's Japan and Korea war ... we didn't have the war) Please see a comfort station of Korean War (middle)... English is on the wall, because it was for US army.(WWII, it must not be because US is the enemy of Japan and Korea) There are also historical material which South Korean kidnapped North Korean women at the time.


Japan didn't conquered Korea. 李容九 (??? li rongjiu?) and others requested to merge Korea, and Japan merged. After that, many Korean noble who didn't work, but just rip off from commons are banned, the new government constructed hospital, schools and spent a lot of money for infrastructure and others for healthy life. Of course they stopped eating human waste as medicine at the time.

Korea was under China's control for long years, but their textbook of history (I just read Korean junior high history book) hide this truth. So that it overwrite real history, and people are mind-controlled with it.

One of their fantasy is "Japan banned Korean characters" --- see Koran textbook at the time. It's mix of Korean and Japanese characters.


As you know, most of Japanese are geeks. We have been kept a lot of historical materials, from trash to building. On the other hand, South Korea does not have them, because it's capital city was North Korea. I don't know why, but that made South Korean textbook as more fantasy novel, without historical material.

South Korea will not stop this Propaganda, because they're hiding a truth - they got a lot of money from Japan, after WWII, including North Korean and for their people, including Korean professional army prostitute. But they spent all to South Korean infrastructure, and didn't deliver their people. And still didn't pay it to North Korean. To hide this truth, they're planning to have another money from Japan.

I wish everyone know this, and can reach the truth. I hope we don't need to tell this kind of thing in anime/comic festival,but we can't keep silence if it will be Korean Propaganda event. I wish they'll stop both side of political groups in next time.

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