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Posted in: Fukushima radioactive groundwater readings rocket See in context

Meltdown core now leaching through to groundwater. The area (and an expanding radus) will be uninhabitable for hundreds of thousands of years.i

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Posted in: Russia official: Venezuela last chance for Snowden See in context

Reporters Without Borders ranks Venezuela 117th out of 179 countries in its Press Freedom Index After arriving in Venezuela maybe Snowdon could become a champion of media freedom in Venezuela and maybe even found a new political party!

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Posted in: Abe slams China at debate ahead of elections See in context

Four small steps Japan could take to permanently improve its global and regional diplomatic image and relationships, and set a very fine example to the world and humankind:

1) Set aside the rights or wrongs of Japan's hitherto positions on 2, 3, and 4 below. 2) Following the fine example of Germany accountability and acceptance of culpability, generously apologize for what it did 1895-1945 including comfort women, Korean, Chinese, Malay, Dutch etc., execution of civilian and military prisoners etc. etc. When in doubt, err on the side of apology rather than denial, or best of all, keep it general (and unambiguously generous). 3) In the interests of peace, good will and regional relations, give the small island of Takeshima to Korea and the Senkaku Islands to China. Accept Russia's offer of the two sourthern islands of the "Northern Territories" and recognize Russian sovereignty on the two "Northern Territory" islands. 4) Give up whaling, which for Japan has only a tiny economic significance, but an enormous negative image significance.

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Posted in: Japan says Australia trying to impose its culture in whaling row See in context

This doesn't gel. Australia had a well developed Southern Ocean whaling industry operatring out of Carnavon and other ports providing whale product for food and other uses long before Japan had even thought about sending whaling ships south of the Equator. Not enough research (historical)!

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Posted in: Summers in Japan becoming intolerable See in context

I like it in the season when women wear shorter skits and more open tops.

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Posted in: Employee flushes 40 liters of soap; bubbly carnage ensues See in context

Hope that the company will lose its ISO environmental compliance designation. Disgraceful.

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Posted in: Korean campaigns for removal of Japanese flag from French stores See in context

The problem is the store removing the image of the flag for a totally spurious reason.

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Posted in: Moviegoers upset about Studio Ghibli anime’s trailer after film they came to see See in context

Glorification of the designer of the Zero fighter? Does this movie culminate with a triumphal attack on Pearl Harbour?

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Posted in: What is the best way to discourage people from calling ambulances and using hospital outpatient services when they are not in need of urgent treatment? See in context

In Japan when in doubt call #7119 which is the ambulance advisory number, describe the problem, and they will recommend whether there is a need to call an ambulance. Then you can call 119. Maybe only works in Japanese language though...

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Posted in: Hashimoto's party 'faces extinction,' some media say See in context

One element of being a successful politician is being able to admit you were wrong. The trouble with Hashimoto is that he is so-self opinionated that he can't bring himself to even conceive of doing this. And his mind seems to be permanently set in a mode of continuously trying to think of new arguments to defend his position.

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Posted in: Huffington Post launches Japanese edition See in context

Suspect it's likely to be ignored like the plethora of existing non-mainstream Japanese language news websites. The bottom line is that Ministers and officials will only give briefings to the Kisha Clubs, for which the membership is limited to Yomiuri, Mainichi, Asahi, Nikkei, Japan Times, regional papers etc. The Kisha Club reporters all know each other and agree among themselves on how an issue is to be handled.

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Posted in: With no cash for Windows upgrades, local gov't to disconnect some PCs from Net and tape up ethernet ports See in context

Buy Microsft shares! Only way to cover your backside.

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Posted in: Yasukuni Shrine reflects ruling party nationalism See in context

My sense is that the in the 1950s and 1960s as the national war memorial Yasukuni Shrine was as legitimate as theTomb of the Unknowns in Arlington or the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. However, it seems to have gone "off the rails" with the a more recent dishonest emphasis on the glorification of Japanese military achievements.

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Posted in: 20 words of English origin that Japanese people often mistake for real thing See in context

While I'm at it, the same goes for "han-do-ru" (three syllables) which means "steering wheel" (three syllables).

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Posted in: 20 words of English origin that Japanese people often mistake for real thing See in context

The one I think should be fixed is "ho-mu" meaning a train platform. Imagine your young Japanese backpacker trying to find the platform in London or NY! Platform is a simple two-syllable word. Inventing "ho-mu", also a two syllable word ,does not really help anyone, or the English language communication skills of Japanese people.

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Posted in: Pro-Korean, anti-Korean forces face off in Shin-Okubo See in context

This is surprising. I would have though these days slandering persons because of their ethnicity is not acceptable in a civilized society.

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada to return to entertainment industry after 3-year-hiatus See in context

She is the best singer -- male or female -- Japan has ever produced.

I used to think her mother Fuji Keiko was the best! Have a listen to "Shinjuku no Onna" or "Keiko no Yume ha Yoru Hiraku" or "Onna no Blues." Fuji Keiko's ex - Maekawa Kiyoshi is not a bad singer either!

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Posted in: Japan beats Netherlands 16-4 to advance at WBC See in context

To use a phrase when I was I kid, "they wuz sloddered!"

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Posted in: First to quit See in context

I don't get this. Either he did something illegal, in which case he needs to be prosecuted. Or he did something that was legal but would not go down well with the electorate. Unlikely to be a Judeo-Chrstian "sin" type thing, which happens all the time in Japnese politics and no-one bats an eyelid. Anyone know?

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Posted in: Gargling deemed ineffective measure against flu by health ministry See in context

I think there has been research overseas that has shown that gargling causes an increase in the incidence of throat cancer. Also logic tells us that while an antiseptic garge will kill some of the bacteria it comes into contact with in the mouth and throat, it doesn't reach others of the same bacterial in the nasal passages and sinus, which then 5 minutes later are moving into the throat and mount again.

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Posted in: Man held after bodies of missing banker, wife found in Saitama See in context

Shinkansen tickets are negotiable at private ticket shops. Buying then is an easy way to get cash on a stole credit card.

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Posted in: Japan seeks answers after suffering highest terror death toll since 9/11 See in context

Currently a lot of introspection in Japan as to "why were the Japanese targeted?" Doubt if the thugs with the guns would know the difference between a Japanese and a Filipino. I wonder if it's not something rather simple like the Japanese all being smartly dressed in JGC uniforms and caps with the red logo, standing out from everone else in jeans and t-shirts or thawb? In hostage situations and potential hostage situations it's important not to be noticed.

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Posted in: Aso says elderly should be allowed to 'hurry up and die' See in context

"We have to fix the system to make it so that they can die quickly."

I would translate it as "...so that the possibility is created for them to be able die quickly."

Not an unreasonable proposition, I think, which many elderly people would support.

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Posted in: Japan, China need 'rules of game' to avoid clash: Abe adviser See in context

So until there is a decision on the actual sovereignty issue this will just continue to escalate

Didn't escalate over the last 100 years or so. Why does it need to escalate now?

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Posted in: Sumo New Year See in context

What's with this seething undercurrent against the Mongolian wrestlers? Are they in some way inferior to "Japanese" wrestlers?

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Posted in: Weird cosplay: AKB48 meets AK-47 See in context

This is all about what they're defending!

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Posted in: Japan needs strong gov't to handle China: media See in context

The mass-circulation Yomiuri Shimbun blamed the Democratic Partys numerous cases of mismanagement on its insistence on ending bureaucrats decades-long control over policy making.

As a result, bureaucrats have passively waited for orders while important information failed to reach politicians, the conservative daily said in an editorial.>

That's right. Leave everthing in the hands of bureaucrats, with the politicians as a sideshow...

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Posted in: Nuclear power, TPP will be focus of election: Maehara See in context

Incredible that Abe, one of the least effective Prime Ministers in recent history, looks at this stage to be the clear front runner.

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Posted in: Radioactive cesium level in fish off Fukushima not declining See in context

Rainfall, and continuing action to wash radiation off and otherwise "decontaminate" means that radionuclides will contrinue to enter waterways and ultimately be deposited in the sea off the Tohoku coast and further afield.

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Posted in: Olympic wrestling champion Yoshida honored by government See in context

Fantastic achiever, especially as a woman from Japan.

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