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Ayler comments

Posted in: Firepower See in context

What a waste of money.

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Posted in: Hollywood poster blunder sparks backlash in Hong Kong See in context

I think your confused by the plethora of awards Villeneuve has received in Canada. Sorry to say, but hardly in the same league.


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Posted in: Hollywood poster blunder sparks backlash in Hong Kong See in context

This will not be a 'low-grade Hollywood sci-fi movie'. The director's previous film won 3 Oscars and the Palme d'Or. Hong Kong should be glad of the attention.

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Posted in: Upper house panel approves contentious defense bills amid chaos See in context

Doesn't bode well for a peaceful Japan when the decision makers in fisticuffs. All the smart suits and campaign trails but it never really gets beyond playground level.

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Posted in: Fiscal 2016/17 budget requests hit record Y102.4 tril See in context

It's just the old boys club trying to get what they can while they can.

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Posted in: Hit British show 'Downton Abbey' to end after sixth season See in context

It's like "Upstairs Downstairs" but worse.

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Posted in: Indian guide accused of raping Japanese tourist surrenders See in context

$1,600 is a lot of money in India, wait for solid evidence.

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Posted in: Body of woman found in suitcase near Lake Biwa See in context

officers noted that the woman was holding her knees to her chest when her body was found.

I would assume that had something to do with her being found inside a suitcase, but then I'm no Hercule Poirot.

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Posted in: Protecting Japan See in context

But, what I find sad are the folks that make their effort out to be no more than a political tool.

If you are in the Military you are a political tool, that's exactly it. What I find sad is that the soldiers never seem to get it until it is too late. Thugs that haven't a clue indeed.

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Posted in: More truck batteries stolen in Saitama See in context

I'm positive we will see charges made soon.

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Posted in: Medical tourism booms in Asia See in context

Tummy tuck operation...ffs.

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activists found in contempt of court in U.S. See in context

Seize their assets in the US. LOL

Seize their bank accounts in the US. LOL

Arrest Watson and friends for contempt. LOL

Issue a seizure order on the vessels, which are property of the US branch as shown by their IRS filings. A seizure that the Australian courts would be obligated to enforce. LOL

Is the laughing over yet?

Mike O' Brien. Cross both fingers, pray, write to Santa etc...none of this will happen. LOL.

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Posted in: Exit polls project big win for LDP See in context

Waste of money, waste of votes. But it doesn't matter one bit anyway.

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Posted in: Germans charged with vandalism in Singapore face flogging See in context

i wonder if the lady cop in the car is gonna do the whipping?

She should be wearing a seatbelt.

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Posted in: GPod: Start-ups in Japan See in context


Might want to change that banner to something a little more entrepreneurial.

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Posted in: If you found a large sum of money in a secluded spot, would you keep it or hand it in to the police? See in context

The majority of people are good. You're in the minority.

What a really crappy thing to say to someone on a forum. Shame on you.

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Posted in: 'Alien: Isolation' game an homage to original film See in context

The original Ripley scarified herself in 1992’s “Aliens 3.”

Orly? Must have been an unreleased cut.

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Posted in: Hobbit fans step into "Shadow of Mordor" video game See in context

Worth reading the user reviews on Meta critic before buying any new game, there's been a lot of over hyped games fail recently...

Metacritic user score for this is 8.3 overwhelmingly positive. But Metacritic is worthless. Scores 'adjusted' by paid reviews ,spamming new accounts, or butthurt fanboys. Enjoy what you want to enjoy.

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Posted in: Man arrested after jumping from aircraft at Narita airport See in context

I hope we hear more about this but doubt it.

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Posted in: Checklist for 'black hospitals' to be avoided See in context

13 times a year?! 12 of them for sniffles, what was the other?

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Posted in: Photo of man dressed as Tojo at LDP conference causes stir online See in context


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Posted in: Summer movie preview: Bay reboots 'Transformers' See in context

You can’t panic. My pep talk to everyone is: This is when the pro (expletive) starts and separates the men from the boys

Does this include Samsung conferences?

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Posted in: A taste of whale See in context

Not a classy buffet...cheap tableware, everything just piled randomly on one table. Looks bloody awful.

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Posted in: Street modeled on Champs-Elysees opens in Tokyo See in context

Trees lining the street and bicycle lanes? Wow.

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Posted in: Abe says there will be no change to wartime sex slave apology See in context

If NYT did not make this mistake, Japanese taxpayers did not need to waste the money.

Absolute piffle.

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Posted in: Abe says there will be no change to wartime sex slave apology See in context

So how many hours of tax payer funded teeth sucking were wasted on this?

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Posted in: Bank fraud cases net record Y48.69 bil in 2013 See in context

More cardboard cut-outs!

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Posted in: Suspected norovirus outbreak sickens over 300 students in Hiroshima See in context

As many others have said; this is mainly because of no hot water, soap or towels in toilets. The bottles of antiseptic spray on the desk when you enter a building are a token display and far less effective than soap and water. Almost every time I am in a toilet I see Japanese men walk straight out without even looking at the sink, 1's an 2's.

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Posted in: Abe tells world to stand up to China or face consequences See in context

Abe is absolutely correct on this issue and the view is shared by the entire world.

If his view were shared by the entire world there wouldn't be a problem, he woudn't have to make his painful speeches and you wouldn't be making misinformed comments like this one.

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