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Posted in: Are social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, changing the news gathering and reporting process for better or for worse? See in context

True Journalism is a rare thing nowadays. Mostly just reheated leftovers from google.

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Posted in: Global PC units in the first quarter fell by 14%. Will PCs soon be obsolete? See in context

No, not for a long time.

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Posted in: Zombie-themed bar sponsors zombie walks in Tokyo See in context

The Zombie Walk event will be documented by the official photographer. No one else without permission may take photos

ahahahaha good luck with that. You are in a public space, say cheese.

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Posted in: U.S. broadcasters worry about 'Zero TV' homes See in context

Can't remember the last time I watched TV. At least 2 Olympics back.

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Posted in: Have Japan’s anti-smoking laws gone too far? See in context

Time to leave smokers alone. They are doing nothing illegal

Depends where they are being weak. If they are smoking in public they deserve everything they get. Wake up sucka!

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Posted in: Have Japan’s anti-smoking laws gone too far? See in context

Personally I'm happy to stay away from rabid anti smokers as so many of them seem to have such intolerant fascistic attitudes to anything they deem to be unacceptable.

I'm a 'fascist' about smoking and smoking only. Killjoy? Ahahaha . I don't care about anything you do except smoking around me. Still, if your little rebellious streak gives you the motivation to keep smoking and "sticking it to the man" go with it, keep the delusion alive!

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Posted in: Have Japan’s anti-smoking laws gone too far? See in context

It's just so lame. The only people who don't want you to quit are big businesses and the government. Your family, friends and almost everyone else around you wants you to either stop or just drop dead right now. Family and friends probably choose the former but when I am near a smoker it is always the latter. NOT because of passive smoking but because you are so effing rude and devoid of manners and sense I'd simply be a lot happier if you weren't here.

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Posted in: Hannibal Lecter dishes up liver, suspense in new TV series See in context

Thomas Harris is one of the most respected novelists of the past few decades. It is your 'understanding' of literature that is lacking Yardley.

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Posted in: Have Japan’s anti-smoking laws gone too far? See in context

Smokers talking about freedom to smoke....hahaha. Like you have a choice in the matter. You need legislation to help you do what you don't have the willpower to do. It's an issue of health for sure but for me it is more an issue of manners.You'd think smokers would care what other people think since it was probably peer pressure that made them start. Learn from your peers now. The large majority if people want you to stop and more than likely so do you. Freedom to be a slave...omfg.

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Posted in: Have Japan’s anti-smoking laws gone too far? See in context

It is fair to say that smokers have adopted a much politer approach to smoking in public.

Quite unfair to say so. The majority of smokers lack the sense or manners to consider other people. I walk through a no smoking station zone every day and every day see several people smoking whilst standing on top of the huge no smoking signs, oblivious to anyone around them. Everytime I exit a train station someone will start smoking as soon as they pass the ticket gate. Most restaurants still permit smoking. Smokers don't deserve freedom on this, clearly doesn't work. The requisites for smoking are stupidity, selfishness and weakness, how can we expect them to stop or be considerate? Most of them want to quit, their family, friends and fellow citizens want them to quit. Freedom to smoke...pfffft.

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Posted in: Scorsese to make 'Gangs of New York' TV series See in context

an article about a 'one trick pony' movie director hack

I'd be interested to read you justify this statement because at the moment it would seem you have no idea what you are talking about.

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Posted in: S Korea unhappy with Japanese textbooks See in context

I have Japanese and Korean friends but none of them are politicians. We all get on just fine.

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Posted in: Criminals of Edo era were often punished by getting face tattoos See in context

As you can see in the photos above and below, the style of tattoo was chosen by each region individually.


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Posted in: Follow the leader See in context

I'm a little teapot, short and stout. 6 more months and I'll be out.

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Posted in: Japan's silver savers will bear the brunt of 'Abenomics' See in context

“The future is uncertain.”

You're both mid 70's. Yes it is. I'd say retire already and enjoy life now.

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Posted in: Woman confesses to killing 25-year-old mentally disabled son See in context

Mercy killing. The son sounds barely human: "He would shout loudly and hit the walls." Just those two points, yet I get the picture. I've seen an unusually large number of people like that in Japan.

Just those two points and you get the picture, I see. I work with a few people who would qualify to your criteria. You want to come up here and strangle them? Feeling mercifully humanitarian?......No?

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Posted in: Abe says nuclear plants need tighter anti-terrorism measures See in context

I give up. Politics is a waste of time.

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Posted in: Survey among expats: What did you think about Japan before you started living here? See in context

I thought Japanese were renowned for being well mannered and polite.

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Posted in: Ads in Tokyo stations for Western horror movie deemed too scary for commuters See in context

On international woman's day.. and with violence against woman nothing to joke about.. and with people getting stabbed in metro stations ... there is no need for this kind of film.. let alone ads like this.. this is the kind of thing that sets off sick people and along with violent video games blurs the line between reality and fiction.

Why don't you become a politician? You seem to have exactly the kind of attitude and depth required

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Posted in: Abe says Tokyo deserves 2020 Games See in context

Yueeuch. Don't fall for it.

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Posted in: Saitama man dies after hospitals reject him 36 times See in context

Doctors in Japan are primarily Doctors for one reason, which is why most of them become eye specialists. Less work, more money but still get into the old boys club.

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Posted in: Tokyo an inspirational choice for 2020 Games, Abe tells IOC See in context

At stake are an estimated 3 trillion yen ($32 billion) in potential economic impact

How many countries and cities have been lied to in the past about how the Olympics will revitalise their economy? Most face crippling debt for decades that the taxpayer has to recover.

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Posted in: Tuna collapse fears fail to curb Japan's appetite See in context

It’s all very short-sighted

Ta-daaaa! At least now some Japanese fishing management experts are piping up rather than just those pesky know-it-all foreign cultureless busybodies

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Posted in: Japan expert, writer Donald Richie dies at 88 See in context

One man who knew what he was talking about

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Posted in: Abe to meet Obama in Washington on Feb 22 See in context

He has a week to brush up his English then, doubt he'll be able to mangle an autocue during facetime

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Posted in: Happy Valen-Tarantino See in context

He tries to ape Sergio Leone but fails miserably, lacking the great director's skill and ability to produce a story which will live in people's hearts and create iconic characters for decades to come

Nonsense! Failure to understand Leone or Tarantino if you believe this.

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Posted in: Happy Valen-Tarantino See in context

It's only human for people to spout off on topics they actually know little about. Tarantino is a bete noir for a lot of people who actually have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to cinema.

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Posted in: Osaka City official arrested for allegedly punching out register’s LCD display See in context

As a 40 year old man who actually looka about 19 years old I'm constantly frustrated by how difficult is can be to buy a can of beer. However, I'm amazed by Japanese technology. Even a cheap touchscreen in Fami-ma can use biometric data via fingerprint touchscreen to determine age. Simply astounding! Let's see more of these life changing technological revolutions!

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Posted in: Abe sparkles early in second stint as PM See in context

sparkles Diamonds sparkle because they can be polished. We all know what can't be polished.

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Posted in: Abe says he will release new statement on World War II See in context

The best way to be "future-orientated" would be to leave the topic well alone rather than try to get all Michael j Fox about it. What a complete _____.

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