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Posted in: Gov't trying to confirm report 9 Japanese have joined Islamic State See in context

Otaku with no job and permanent address, no family and friends and nothing to do with their life, bored and depressed and suicidal... Yeah the sum of all fears!

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Posted in: Murdered girl's rucksack found in suspect's apartment See in context

Well... It's all there .. The evidence!! The verdict ? Guilty! Death by means of any ways!

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Yeah..they don't have phones where customers can call and emails to report their complaints... And when you ordered "Dekitate" they would mixed it with the old, it's not really fresh cook...and please!! Their customers not only Japanese but all other foreigners living here ..so get the real taste of Mc.Do as it is, don't mind changing it according to the taste of the Japanese people alone and we want volume. We need to use the magnifying glass to search for the bacon and all the all the other ingredients...their hamburger sucks! Not juicy , no taste at all ...they want healthy? Eat salad! Don't go to Mc.Do!!!

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Posted in: 4 Japanese beauty fads Westerners just don’t understand See in context

All I can say, to each his own! Every women in the world wants what is beautiful or anything that could make them beautiful 'coz Beauty is Power too. It just happened that Japanese women were a little bit odd..,the Cosplay, Otaku, and more...sometimes it's the opposite attracts! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!! I must admit Japanese women skin is flawless

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Posted in: Docomo to introduce new billing plan and discount services See in context

Before docomo was #1 but now it's softbank but they want it back and all the customers they've lost. Now it's more cheaper but LINE's already here, too late unless they will give it all for free!! And then Ifone 6 coming..it's tug o war plus AU and more... It's more fun in Japan!!

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Posted in: Female fans go wild as Fukuyama receives acting award See in context

Well he's a good looking actor which rare in Japanese expect that!

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