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azamunis comments

Posted in: Japan says no key data lost in cyberattack; China denies responsibility See in context

In the nutshell, Chinese brains smarter then Japanese or Amerian or any other nation in the world...?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for making bogus money with color copier See in context

@BurakuminDes, 2000 value bill with additional security features, regional specific...hahahaa.. well said, then its time to include tokyo!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for making bogus money with color copier See in context

@ PT24881, As per your statement, ppl who have to pay small debts must be allowed to do this... oh God.

I am here for the last 3-years, once i saw 2000 value bill. Govt. stopped printing bcoz ppl cant xerox due to its enhanced security features.. is that so?? lol.. If it really contain enhanced security features, then they must start from high value bill i.e. 10000 yen or so.

@JapanGal I appreciate as you shared experience from your past...lol.

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Posted in: 3 men arrested for stealing donation box from Nagasaki convenience store See in context

yea, janitorial work in Fukushima, but, what if they steal things from there too... :-?

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Posted in: Mizuho says quake donations crippled ATMs See in context

Mizuho adminstration, wont you feel shame on your lame excuses? I, word by word, agree with 'northlondon'.

For instance, if Mizuho administration is right, they must submit enough donation collection to Govt. which may justify their foolish statement. Again, it reflect their poor DB architecture as 'Zenny11' stated.

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