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Posted in: 2nd Omicron case confirmed; Japan to bar foreign residents' re-entry from 10 African nations See in context

Even Japanese nationals living abroad now can't book flights back to Japan from today.

It is not only us foreigners but everyone is affected.

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Posted in: Japan Olympic official dies after jumping in front of train See in context

There was a special on TV on Saturday heavily denouncing the heavy payouts to staff of Olympic related events with 14000 Yen per hour or 350000 per day for almost doing nothing.

He could have felt the pressure was getting bigger and bigger.

Rest in peace man. It was not your fault.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic torch relay to be taken off main roads of Okinawa See in context

Shows us one video or link of what you’re stating @AlfieNoakes 9:35am

It was reported on the Mainichi homepage a few days ago.

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Posted in: Suga to make decision on state of emergency on Thursday See in context

Was there not a report of a cluster in a Tokyo school yesterday with 46 pupils falling sick?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 678 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,995 See in context

”The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 69, down nine from Tuesday, health officials said”

Nine people died yesterday in Tokyo according to local news

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 500 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,434 See in context

Nineteen deaths were reported

At least 32 deaths were reported at 10pm

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Posted in: Japan sees near-record 1,547 coronavirus cases in possible 3rd wave See in context

”I said 7 deaths”

At least 12 death yesterday and 15 death the day before yesterday.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 212 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 514 See in context

"23 persons down 3 from yesterday.

A good day"

6 people died in Tokyo yesterday

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Posted in: Japanese swimmer Seto apologizes for extramarital affair See in context

No it is not just a family matter. He is representing the national team and is probably well paid by sponsors in addition to the money he receives from the government. Using tax payers money for extramarital affairs is not sitting well for ordinary people.

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Posted in: Edano named leader of Japan's new main opposition party See in context

"He is best known for his work as the top government spokesman in the aftermath of the massive 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster that triggered the Fukushima nuclear crisis".

Yeah I still remember Edano telling everyone not to worry about Fukushima and everything was under control and stuff even as the reactor was seen blown apart live on TV.

Cannot really trust him

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 239 new cases of coronavirus infection See in context


I for one still do care. On a small island with a mostly elderly population of about 5000 in the middle of the ocean. A nurse had friends from the main land here and had a party. She was feeling unwell the next day and took a few days off. Went back to work at the hospital only to develop a fewer again. She was tested positive. Since then 34 people have tested positive. Many are elderly in patients of the hospital. The local post office closed and the city hall is closed because staff members fell sick with the virus. Almost everything is closed now and people are very worried. Why is the government pushing the Go To campaign in the middle of a pandemic? People want answers and an explanation.

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Posted in: Travelers cautious of coronavirus as 4-day weekend starts See in context

Today  09:30 am JST

The reason for the travel promotion is to help the towns and villages on the verge of bankruptcy. I'm not sure if it's common knowledge but many of these places cannot survive without domestic visitors. Imagine an entire village basically having to close up, the death of an entire town. While it is essential all precautions are in place to reduce the spread of the virus, some people have other things to worry about, such as their livelihood.

I am on a very small island just north of Okinawa with a population of about 5000. A local nurse had visitors from a different prefecture. They had a party. Two days later the nurse felt unwell and stayed home. After she felt better she got back to work at the hospital for 3 days before developing a fever again. She got tested the day before yesterday and was declared a positive case. Yesterday the island head office reported 11 new cases and more than 80 cases pending. Most of the people here are elderly, the hospital is very simple and you could not imagine in main land Japan. It looks rather grim here. The local post office closed after one of the staff tested positive. The local city hall is closed because 3 staff are infected. The hospital has about 80 elderly patients and 40 nurses, doctors and staff. People are worried. Yes is is important to take all precautions, but just one visitor can ruin everything. Stop the stupid Go To campaign now!!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 119 new coronavirus cases; 1st time below 200 in 5 days See in context

Numbers have to look not to bad just in time for the upcoming Go To Travel campaign

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Posted in: Japanese airlines keep most domestic flights despite few passengers See in context

Down here on the Amami islands a guy from Saitama came on a fishing trip in early April. Two locals who had close contact with him tested positive yesterday and other are observed. I live on Yoron with a population of just 5000 mostly elderly people. Although local politicians are asking people to refrain from travelling or visiting, there is still a trickle of tourists arriving. I only wish the would shut down the ferry and flight connections for a few weeks

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Posted in: Koike asks Tokyo restaurants, pubs to shut by 8 p.m. See in context

Here is what the ”CDC" is saying. Our results suggest that a combination of control measures, including early and active surveillance, quarantine, and especially strong social distancing efforts, are needed to slow down or stop the spread of the virus. If these measures are not implemented early and strongly, the virus has the potential to spread rapidly and infect a large fraction of the population, overwhelming healthcare systems.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 63 new coronavirus cases, a record daily increase See in context

An article from the Mainichi headlines "Governor condemns restaurants in Japan for banning foreigners amid virus fears"

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics chief Mori attended meeting with official who now has coronavirus See in context

Saw a picture of them shown at a news wide show yesterday. This JOC deputy head Kozo Tashima was standing just behind Mori rubbing and touching his nose.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven worker infected with coronavirus; another case likely caused meningitis See in context

Just heard in the news this young man had a fever but was turned away without any testing at several medical institutions. Returned home and his condition got worse. He was eventually found unconscious at home by his co workers who worried about him because he did not show up for work for a few days

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Posted in: Hundreds leave quarantined cruise ship in Yokohama as coronavirus concerns grow See in context

11 Americans and 2 Australians who tested negative a few days ago and were flown back home tested positive today. Scary to think what might happen in the next days and weeks in Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo, IOC officials reiterate that the Olympics are on See in context

Singapore is hot and humid all year long, still it has 50 confirmed infections

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Posted in: Japan may let elderly off quarantined cruise ship soon See in context

Just in the news now. Two more Japanese infected.

One of the 2 was on the second flight back from Wuhan, tested negative and was allowed to go home to spend time with his child.

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Posted in: Japan seeks to contain economic impact of virus See in context

According to the South China Morning Post the first first death outside of China reported in the Philippines.

As reported a Chinese citizen traveled via Hong Kong to Manila.

Japan please take notice.

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Posted in: China reports new cases as WHO declares global emergency over virus See in context

What is it all the time I am reading it has a mortality rate of just about 2-3%?

There are about 9000 infected people and only about 200 of them have been declared cured. But more than 200 of them have died. We still do not know what will happen to the other infected people.

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Posted in: FIFA risks quality of World Cup to bring more teams to party See in context

Groups of 3 teams? What is going to happen if each team wins and loses both matches 1-0 or 0-1? Are they going to toss coins?

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Posted in: Protests in Cologne after assaults; Merkel pledges new laws See in context

I grew up in an industrial town in northern Germany and I can tell you integration has never worked. Whole sections of the town are now ruled over by immigrants and yes there are No Go zones where the police has no more saying and people do as they wish. More and more locals are leaving and more and more immigrants are moving in. The aggressive behavior of some of those new refugees in Cologne are just the tip of an iceberg. Police are told not to report criminal behavior of refugees. The recent rapes of 2 teenage girls by Syrians as well as the rape of a 15 year old boy inside of a city hall never made it into the national news. Two offenders who where caught in Cologne for stealing handy cameras and who were probably taking part of the assaults on women were brought in front of a judge. The judge let them go after telling them not to do it again. After leaving the courthouse those two were seen laughing and spitting at police cars. Deporting criminal refugees seems to be difficult. Most do not have identification papers and even if they have papers their home country just refuses to take criminals back. I guess Germany is stuck with them forever. It is really sad. I loved my home country. But it is unbelievable what one woman can do. I have lost all hope. Klaus

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Posted in: Storm drenches Japan; 1 dead, 52 injured See in context

I am stuck in my house up in the hills behind the city. The only road down leading towards Shin-Kobe in blocked by landslides and fallen trees.

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