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Posted in: Furor grows over Arizona's new immigration law See in context

As an Arizona resident I understand that many foreign countries have plundering corrupt governments and deplorable living & working conditions, and on the one hand my heart goes out to those that feel they have no other choice but to flee and leave everything they own & love behind. But what has happened is that Arizona tax payers have been forced to absorb the cost of people fleeing into our state, sending their wages back to their families in other countries untaxed! Receiving medical, food & housing benifits that not even our own citizens are qualifying for. The illigal immigrants are unlawfully driving unlicensed and uninsuredfurther causing more cost to our taxpayers by hiking our insurance rates through the roof when the are involved in accidents. Our school classrooms have been teaching illegal children having to print literature in a foreign language at taxpayer cost. If you walk into a Social Security office or welfare office you will encounter almost nonexistent literature in english, mostly for the spanish speaking! I read a comment from a farmer stating Americans wouldn't accept the work that the illegals would accept. Perhaps if the farmers paid a "normal" wage, instead of the deflated wages they got away with paying illegals(for the mear fact that they were illegal) those jobs could be American filled! The cost of illegals has drained our economy dry. Those who would argue that our new immigration law is predjuditial law toward Mexicans, not in my eyes...just happens that that is the country they are coming from in extremely high numbers, other countries illegal must take care because this law applies to all colors, races & nationalities not just Mexicans!

Perhaps those of you that disagree with our law, will feel soon what we have been going through, because they WILL migrate your way bringing absorbing costs and problems to your taxpayers! Illegal is illegal is illegal! Go Arizona!!! You are a Strong beautiful state that I am proud to live in!

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