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Posted in: China enjoys 'bubble' while Japan languishes on sidelines See in context

Economic prosperity is very different to cultural prosperity. Government structure and the education/medical systems, individual liberties and hygiene still have a very, very long way to go. This is based off first hand experience, and only people who have resided in China know what I mean by this. Fiscal matters aside, China is a third world country.

Of the 72 Chinese billionaires known to have died since 2003, it says, 46 died unnaturally – murder, suicide or execution. It’s a very precarious existence.

This is because the whole economy is basically lubricated by bribes and it is ALWAYS 'who you know', nothing else in this country. If you are in power, you ARE the law. Again, only people who have experienced China truly know what this is. It is a unique experience. Money only comes to those in power and although I will not give away too much information, I can tell you that whilst in China, I have dealt with officials who have been caught out for 'misconduct' and had this been a commoner they would have faced execution, however these men did not have any consequence, as they bought their way back up to the top. China is a third world country. Of course it was not like this before, but communism has just created a mess im afraid.

If China gains power, I can only shudder at the possible consequences for the rest of the world politically, ethically and environmentally, as China has no regard for standards when it comes to profit.

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Posted in: S Korea to build naval base near disputed island See in context

That's a new low considering they know Japan has never used military tactics or much agression over anything unlike their other neighbours China, Russia & N.Korea.

-seriously? Might I suggest you do some research...

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Posted in: Korean TV drama DVD rentals exceed Hollywood, Japanese films See in context

vg866, I agree wholeheartedly. Have you seen how Koreans protest in the streets? Totally immature and barbaric. Astonishing indeed.


Genjuro, What about how the Japanese protesting in the street about wanting Korean media out of Japan? I mean, in Japan people actually hold protests about these things! How barbaric and immature. Korean media is in Japan ONLY because Japanese demand it. If they have such big issues with it, then dont watch it, simple as that. But Japanese media cant produce anything on par with Korean TV, so they continue to watch it. Oh, and they also hold protests about THEMSELVES watching it! Ha


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Posted in: Why did those foreigners who decided to leave Japan in the aftermath of the March 11 disaster come in for so much derision from some people who labeled them with words like 'flyjin?' See in context

Phillip, You said it perfectly.

Even the Japanese are leaving,

What is it with all the foreigners trying to be saints?

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Posted in: Without Steve Jobs at the helm, can Apple still deliver? See in context

We will wait and see.

I don't like Apple's philosophy of keeping things closed and proprietary.

Agree 100% and I dont like how you can only have your ipod connected to one station. I had a friend who had $400 worth of iTunes purchases and many others from limewire but her computer went dead and she had to reinstall and redo her whole ipod.

Even if this is the case, I still love my iPod and iPod touch. It is a beautiful design and unmatched by any other brand IMO; hence it is a more valuable company to the US than the oil company (forgot which one).

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Posted in: Why do so many Japanese women take photos of their food at restaurants and post it on Facebook or their blogs? See in context

Sasoriza: when some lady puts a photo of good-looking, yummy looing food on her blog, this is to show that she really can afford to eat such food therefore she is happy person.

That is a rarity. Through surfing friends blogs or just blogs in general, I have noticed that the trend is more photos of regular, standard fare foods. For example, a bag of chips, or a bar of some chocolate, or a bowl of spaghetti etc. Very rarely has it been some intricately made, unique concoction, in which, I think it is completely reasonable to post. But posting pictures of regular items all the time, you just start to wonder why..

@smithinjapan I cant count the many times I have been out having coffee or a meal with friends and they snap a pic of the meal (its fine up to there) BUT I am left there on the spot waiting for her to finish uploading/ writing up some comment to go with the photo and THEN waiting for it to upload while I just sit there sipping on my drink. Its just rude and I would understand if we were having some unique meal that was worth photographing but all those times, it was things like a regular cup of coffee (believe it or not) or a really regular bowl of pasta or ramen etc.

At that point it stops being 'kawaii' and starts being petty.

I dont impose my beliefs, because that would mean I really DO grab their keitai and smash it, but I do not, for I am not a madman. I just deal with the fact it is irritating and because that person is my friend or acquaintance, I overlook these things and it doesnt change anything in the friendship. But it is a good thing for me that most of my friends do not find simply things like a pocky SO interesting they must spend 3-5 minutes uploading it on their blog every time they meet up with me.

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Posted in: Studies show 15 minutes of daily exercise can help See in context

@Novenachama that was very informative, thank you. So doing the dishes and cleaning the house would not be a workout. Because I am so physically active with daily activities, I didnt think that I needed to be including extra workouts, but now I do.

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Posted in: Pfizer, docs: New cancer pill gives hope, strategy See in context

Always very refreshing to hear news about medical innovation. This new medicine sounds very exciting.

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Posted in: Japan’s crisis of ambivalence See in context

Well researched and written article.

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: adizero vs MiniSkirt See in context

I dont understand. So we see a glimpse of her legs. Big deal. If one likes legs so much one can have a glimpse of one's own legs.

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Posted in: S Korea urges Noda to examine the past See in context


If Japan continues to be "neutral" then she can never be able to be fully respected by its Asian neighbours. It is insufficient to be "neutral" after all the sins have been committed that has led to this.

Japan's power is waning and in times of crisis eg. the nuclear crisis etc, if Japan needs help, and all it has ever done is be "neutral" no neighbour will want to assist and rightly so.

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Posted in: Korean TV drama DVD rentals exceed Hollywood, Japanese films See in context

Or maybe they do not have a real computer at home to do that?

Or maybe they want to collect a copy.

I always collect DVD copies of movies I REALLY like the most because I want a hard copy of it in my collection.

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Posted in: Melbourne named world's most liveable city; Tokyo 18th See in context


Did the Melbourne city council pay for this study to be done???

I am amazed. Wow. Shocked and blown away.

Worst crime rates in Australia, constantly raining and overcrowded. All the refugees live there and it is a breeding ground for crime. Lower wages, very old buildings (some call this culture, but I call it a decomposing wasteland), well, I dont know where to start except I will never go there again, and will strongly advise against everybody else from doing so.

Everywhere else BUT melbourne is generally a nice place to live in Australia IMHO.

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Posted in: Why do so many Japanese women take photos of their food at restaurants and post it on Facebook or their blogs? See in context

cleo; There rae places that actually ban photos and ask for you to turn off your phone because of these idiots. If you are paying a lot of money you expect what you pay for. I think in amny places teh chef or owner would throw peoples cameras or phones in teh aquarium for having poor manners, and too right..

Precisely. Its just like taking a phone call during a meeting. It is quite annoying. If you are eating alone that is one thing, but if you are eating out(or in) with others it is just bad taste to be whipping out your phone and spoiling the whole atmosphere.

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Posted in: Why do so many Japanese women take photos of their food at restaurants and post it on Facebook or their blogs? See in context

I dont understand why people get so catty toward steve. I for one have always agreed with his points, not just on this article, but on all the other articles.

Personally I find when people take pictures of the food they are eating and post them on blogs they appear too simple in the head and very petty. It shows what type of character and frame of mind the person possesses.

Food is just food. A curry rice or a bag of chips is not something worth telling the world you are eating, as if they give a ; as if they care.

But if people want to do it (go ahead!) but I will judge.

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Posted in: Stick-on patch proposed for patient monitoring See in context

This would be awesome. The things they make you put on at the hospital are so annoying, they make me want to stay home even when sick. You cant even get decently comfortable with that stupid sweaty finger pinching item and the saline drip they put on you.

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Posted in: Man commits suicide; mother's remains found in cupboard See in context

We cant understand how this guy could live with the stench, etc etc but I think he must have been very emotionally attached to his mother so he couldnt live without her. I think if somebody you love so much passes it is quite possible to lose your mind out of not knowing what to do, and not being able to handle the situation.

In a sense, I understand where this guy is coming from.

I'm wondering if the mother had some type of pension, and the son was collecting it even after her death by not reporting her as dead, but so ill she can't leave the apartment (same thing goes on here in the US all of the time)? Can't think of any other logic (warped or otherwise) someone would do such a selfish thing.

@weasel I dont think that has got anything to do with the situation at all. If he was collecting such a pension why would he have committed suicide? And in his note he wrote he is going to join his mother. All I can put together from this story is that he had major coping issues following the death, and it seems he loved her very much so he couldnt let her go.

But who knows the real tale. Not any of our business anyway.

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Posted in: Ebi-chan, 2 other models star in Samantha Thavasa ad See in context

I wonder how much one can earn from signing a contract to become a model/spokesperson for a brand like this.

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Posted in: Krispy Kreme to open 73 more stores in Kanto, Kansai and Chubu See in context

Yuck! Who wants to eat those clouds of calories! Seriously! One of those original donuts can be finished in one bite with no substantial 'bite' to it and it costs you 300-400 calories (or is it more?) I dont know what the hype is about these stupid Krispy Kremes, I much prefer Dunkin Donuts or no donuts at all.

When the first Krispy Kreme opened here at Australia everybody was going mad about it and the amount of time people were willing to stand in line for one of them was just sad, but like everybody else, out of curiosity I tried the 12 pack (not all at once lol) and ive never been back, never will be. The only thing I thought was wtf?

Krispy Kremes are pure disgusting. Well at least this move will create jobs and stimulate the economy.

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Posted in: Parody of Girls Generation song proves big hit on YouTube See in context

And why is everybody on here so bitter all the time? Every article that gets posted up is always accompanied by multiple complaints or put downs regarding the content. Why?

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Posted in: Parody of Girls Generation song proves big hit on YouTube See in context

This is quite honestly the BEST parody ive seen EVER!!

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Posted in: K-POP See in context

Ooh, someone's feelings got hurt. Nah, they're natural compared to your surgically altered K-stars. Can't you see their teeth? You must be blind.

They cant afford dental care but they invest in surgically enhancing their features. Just look at Tomomi Itano.

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Posted in: Was I a date, a friend or just a potential English teacher? See in context

Mike, just chill and use any language.. dont overthink and trust your gut

As for being used so that they can learn English, I wonder that a lot myself too with a lot of my friendships with people, but if they speak a little bit of english, speak it back and then just speak Japanese again. If they stay, theyre the real deal, if they throw a fit because you are not speaking English then you know what it is.

This is not just unique to Japan, but people everywhere. I know a lot of Japanophiles in Australia who befriend a Japanese friend because they want to discuss anime etc.

Just chill and dont overthink it

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Posted in: Leah Dizon to make 'comeback' in TV commercials See in context

Hahahaha! Commercials for a plastic surgery clinic?

and that reflects upon Japan and her people.

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Posted in: K-POP See in context

A more appropriate name for them would be Plastic Surgery Generation (seikei jidai).

Yeah and AKB48 can be AKB48 botched surgery jobs

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Posted in: K-POP See in context

Certainly as a guy, when you follow these K-pop girl groups unlike J-pop, there is no 'guilt' to it. They are great healthy looking girls whom you want to hang out with if you ever had the chance. On the other hand J-pop girl bands are mainly about CUTE GIRLS DOING CUTE THINGS where one extreme lies with Tomomi Itano who looks like a 12-year old with one too many plastic surgeries. Even 20 somethings from 'Perfume' are forced to look and sing like young teenagers. There is no way a man in the right mind should be attracted to that kind of stuff.

It cant get any more spot on than this. It is so weird to be a fan of some Japanese celebrities because of the types of work they release (gravure anyone?) and just the fact they try to look way too young and it is just awkward. (When I found out Tomomi Itano was 20 (21?) and the ages of AKB I was so confused/grossed out/confused again). Whats with the whole lolita look direction their agency has going on? I love the solo artists like Namie and Kumi but if I was a fan of AKB48 or any other such 'band; I would certainly never show it. Especially if you are outside of Japan.

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Posted in: Radiation concerns for Japan's beef supply intensify See in context

contaminated STRAW? STRAW??? Come on its the WATER supply not the damn STRAW

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Posted in: Japanese rocker, arrested for unruly behavior on flight to Saipan, hangs himself See in context

rock and roll

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Posted in: Maomi Yuuki guest of honor at Best Kisser awards See in context

Wow you all get so sensitive with Sharpies suggestion

but if you ever come to Australia you will see people have bumper stickers on their cars and its said all the time

"if you dont like it then leave".

sharpie -- good advice. Did just that. And it makes me realize just how silly Japan is and what how much someone has to lower/dumb down their intellect to enjoy life there. But, sharpie, from your posts, that sounds like a perfect environment for you. By the way, what is "sop"? And someone using the word childish to defend this kind of third-grade thinking is amuzing to say the least?

Herefornow, whats with the hardcore comment? I dont completely disagree with your comment, but chill out a little, I dont think the 'best kisser awards' are something to be taken so seriously lol

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Posted in: Johnson & Johnson wins approval for new blood thinner See in context

This is brilliant!

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