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Posted in: Compulsory power usage cut implemented for 1st time in 37 yrs See in context

@globalwatcher wow that sounds terrible! oh my god. I have no words for that. What is the government doing for this!!??

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Posted in: Rilakkuma official goods shop re-opens at Tokyo Station See in context

I want lots of the Rilakkuma because it is so kawaii!! I have lots of the Rilakkuma at my home and work.

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Posted in: Senate Republicans block hearing on free trade See in context

No members are republican on japantoday?

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Posted in: M5.4 quake jolts Nagano; 7 hurt See in context

The Ring of Fire and Nuke Energy do not mix well, don't they?

Yeah they should have thought of that before they got down to construction

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Whats up with the leg fetish on JT? Did I miss something??

Yeah Itano does not match the picture. Even her expression shows she knows it. Shes usually smiling from ear to ear in every photo but in this one LOL looks totally depressed and not happy to be there at all.

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Posted in: AKB48 album sells over 600,000 copies in its first week See in context

@stranger_in_a_strange_land - Thanks heaps! :) AV "idol". What a misleading occupation title; its most definitely not something to be idolized lol. Quite a strange land indeed if I do say so myself!

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Posted in: KARA to appear on Music Station See in context

@bass4funk Agreed. Groups are getting bigger and bigger while population is getting smaller. Wish it was back to the 2 - 4 members again

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Posted in: AKB48 album sells over 600,000 copies in its first week See in context

Simple. Weird gravure books → rubbish bin → problem solved!

She is so gorgeous in them except for the lack of clothes thats why I keep them. I should do some sort of craft exercise where I cut the clothes out of a magazine and stick it where they are needed. Like a self-censorship.

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Posted in: AKB48 album sells over 600,000 copies in its first week See in context

@mrdog I reckon she looks like a cross between Kitagawa Keiko and Amuro Namie

But they do all look very very young. And heres an example of where it can get a bit awkward. It wasnt AKB but, I saw Sawajiri Erika in a film and I was so impressed by her acting ability I watched all her films and dramas. I heard she had photobooks out so I bought them all and turns out two of the three were some very weird gravure books. I still have them, and I dont know what to do with them, but I hope nobody sees it. Otherwise I would look like I have a lot of explaining to do...

Just like this, I stay away from AKB material, merchandise etc now. I dont know what tone their work is in, but I sure dont want to look like some sort of um..pedophile.

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Posted in: AKB48 album sells over 600,000 copies in its first week See in context

No, because she's got a face like a bulldog licking urine off a thistle

Really? But youve got to admit she has at least a very much above average face and not to mention a bangin bod

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Posted in: AKB48 album sells over 600,000 copies in its first week See in context

Maeda Atsuko (19) – 20 million yen (~243,140 USD)

Shinoda Mariko (24) – 20 million yen (~242,140 USD)

Oshima Yuko (21) – 18 million yen (~218,502 USD)

Kojima Haruna (22) – 16 million yen (~194,224 USD)

Itano Tomomi (19) – 16 million yen (~194,224 USD)

This is news to me as I thought Itano Tomomi would be the one earning the most because I see her everywhere

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

Also, I think you should make an edit/delete function for our own comments

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

I like it better than the last one. It looks very professional. Just give a bit of time for people to get used to it.

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Posted in: Are people hired based on their looks? See in context

@dammit Yeah; it was just a comment in passing that I wrote but it had to turn into multiple comments; the other posters' comments went too past the line.

The past few exchange of comments between myself and genjuro makes it sound like I have taken some offence of epic proportions to the journalist but this is not at all! Just a observation in passing.

But in regards to genjuro that was very unfortunate.

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Posted in: Are people hired based on their looks? See in context

@azninvasion wow, I'm flattered you went to the trouble of looking at my previous posts. Desperate for a rebuttal much? I just find it funny you bend over backwards to defend Korean culture in a Japanese news site. Doesn't matter how much denying you do, Korea is known for its plastic surgery and is a popular destination for many Asians for a cheap tuck and lift. Sorry if that blemishes the all-natural, perfect image you have of Koreans and Korea that exists in your head. But hey, whatever makes you happy and sleep better at night. KP!!

I never denied anything. You seem to find a lot of things funny. A persons body does not constitute a beautiful heart therefore I do not care whether anybody has surgery because it is not my business nor my country. I just think you were too one sided.

And I'm confused by your point. How does having cosmetic surgery blemish somebody? They are the same person?? But if you think differently that is superficial and no way to be with people. The image I have of Koreans and Japanese I never think of looks but I know they have warm character. Do you judge people based on their face? It sounds like you think anybody who has had work done is sub-par or a second grade citizen; thats shallow. But based on your other (less hateful) previous posts and I know you are not shallow.

My only point was that this article could have incorporated Japanese examples instead of an international one because there are more than many sufficient local examples. A suggestion for the journalist for maybe a little bit more balanced reporting- just that one point, (this article is beautifully written however.)

I love Japan, why do you think I spend time on But again, balance is important and I believe I am free to criticise especially considering this is a site intended for international people. You might like to cool it with the explicit Anti-Korean/Chinese sentiment in your posts though. You might not like the countries, but I can promise you there are very interesting people from those countries that it would be a pity not to know due to prejudice. Not everybody is a dog eater or are unrefined in basic manners (your words) you know.

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Posted in: Suspect in slain student case says he set fire to apartment to erase evidence See in context

when he began describing the details, she covered her face with a handkerchief and remained motionless.

Oh heart goes out to her. That is really saddening. I did some work at a magistrates court in queensland (australia) and the details of the crimes remind you that we are just unbearably human. Let alone for her to hear it happened to a loved one...with the perpetrator right in front of you.. camera footage of him withdrawing money from the victim’s account at an ATM machine.

Disturbing. Classic traits of a sociopath eg. incapable of feeling guilt, remorse or empathy for their actions

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Posted in: Are people hired based on their looks? See in context

being polite, just a curiosity, why do you assume people will be offended when you point out that people get surgically enhanced? Why is it so taboo for you?

Whether a Korean or Japanese goes under the knife it is none of my concern or business but I dont know why you are so invested in the topic.

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Posted in: Are people hired based on their looks? See in context

PS. The only thing that didnt sit well with me was the random comment they felt the need to incorporate.

For me personally, I do not care what people have to do. I think we can all agree that looks can be a factor of influence for jobs.

So if people want to get plastic surgery (I dont care where they are from) because they think it will help them get ahead or open employment prospects, then, more power to them.

Who am I to say that is right or wrong. I'm not going to put my moral code onto anybody else because that is just beating a dead horse.

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Posted in: Are people hired based on their looks? See in context

At genjuro

@azninvasion you sound Korean. Well, Korea IS the cosmetic surgery capital of the world. Where else in the world can you find all sorts of people from ordinary joes to politicians going under the knife just to look good? No, Japan doesn't have 'parallel attitudes and practices' as Korea. Plastic surgery is rampant and socially accepted in Korea, anything from double eyelid surgery to jaw-grinding to nose enhancement. I find it funny that you're trying to deny this. No wonder actresses in those sappy, cliched K-soaps start to resemble one another after a while.

You have to admit when an article about plastic surgery comes up such as this one, Japan has enough cases of plastic surgery themselves so they do not have to point to Korea as a reference if they want to talk about it. Yes, Korea plastic surgery is common, but it is not the plastic surgery capital of the world. Your emotionally fuelled reply has made you stray from fact and turned into finger pointing.

Double eyelid surgery to jaw-grinding to nose enhancement is also practised in Japan. At no point in my comment did I deny Koreas plastic surgery rates. You may want to read a comment before replying on it genjuro.

And those 'sappy cliched K-soaps' have been very successful when exported.

Im sorry that you have a personal vendetta against Koreans. Going through your comment history I see you like to define them as:

Koreans - Uncouth, loud less than the Chinese but coupled with inferiority complex toward Japanese + backward(dog-eating)culture place them high.

yawn Yet another prefab, run-of-the-mill K-Pop group imitating what J-Pop has been doing for decades. Nothing new here.

I am sorry that Korean culture is just not enough for you or that Korean plastic surgery means so much to you emotionally that you feel the need to post such derogatory comments repetitively

I am also sorry that your distasteful sentiments on the Chinese have resulted in emotionally fuelled nasty comments on the same note.

Looks do matter when hiring for sure.

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Posted in: MTV reinvents itself — again — with new generation See in context

In the 90s MTV was THE channel. Now it is the kids, disney and god knows what else. Have kids lives become so boring the need reality shows instead of reality? We're sanitizing our children by letting them live at home till a later age and communication mostly behind a computer screen.

What happened to playing in the streets getting dirty with the neighbourhood kids, toys, adventure games, SPORT?? Now the most interaction children have is what they do when they have their heads stuck in an iphone or facebook.

The 90s were a good time. Im glad I was born before.....THIS happened.

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Posted in: Ladies love cool Japan, and so does LL Cool J See in context

HEY! Don't be doggin' the Fresh Prince! :-)

Ahh and the M.I.B dont forget ;)

When I saw LL Cool J on the TV show I couldnt believe it was him. I was like huhh?? I thought he would have selected a more... intense role.

Still quite surprised to be honest. But nevertheless, hes a cool guy

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Posted in: Emiri Henmi and Kenji Matsuda marry at Meiji Shrine See in context

I love the hat, which is actually the cake for the ceremony. Kill two birds with one stone.

Is it really? Wow, way to save space

Kill three birds with one stone

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Posted in: Finally, an E. coli answer: It was German-grown sprouts See in context

Another little bit of humor in this terrible situation. I note that its not GM foods that kill people, but that organic stuff.

Ha! Right on point with that. The inflated costs also come with inflated risk. Which is ironic because the reason why people pay the premium prices is to avoid that risk.

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Posted in: Finally, an E. coli answer: It was German-grown sprouts See in context

Interviews with thousands of patients—mostly women ages 20 to 50 with healthy lifestyles—led investigators to conclude initially that salads could be the problem.

That must have been a very thorough investigation because it got very very close to the root cause

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Posted in: Poster girl See in context

Totally jealous atm!! I wish I was on a billboard somewhere.

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Posted in: Pink Lady play in Tokyo during reunion tour See in context

Reunion tour = "we need the money tour"

Hahahahahaha!!!! So true that.

Amazing how people still remember pinky reidi after 30 years

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Posted in: Is Internet sex cheating? See in context

What do people get out of internet sex? A: Heres a picture of my schlong B: Yay. And heres a picture of my tatas A: That was some rough sex we had

I cant even conceive how that would be anything more but a digital exchange or images and how that would be gratifying by any stretch of the imagination.

That said, I simply think that anything sexual, or insinuating sexual activity without the consent of ones significant other is cheating. So yes, its cheating in this case.

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Posted in: TV comedian Tanoshingo promotes '3D bra' See in context

Where can I order this bra online?

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Posted in: Are people hired based on their looks? See in context

Whats with the Korea scapegoating that Japan seems to use whenever a topic on cosmetic surgery comes up?

Do they think nobody in Japan has had a nip and tuck? Or does it make them feel better to say those things so it makes them feel above the Koreans aesthetically because their precious little faces have never been touched by the knife?

After talking about AKB48 and Japanese TV shows (which is rampant with surgically enhanced people), they make comparisons to Korea out of the blue, even though both countries have parallel attitudes and practices when it comes to plastic surgery.

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Posted in: Summer's here See in context

Their hair is too done up for someone who is going for the 'beach' look. Too many accessories too. It doesnt make any practical sense. They are going swimming not a walk in the mall. Other than that, looks good

But then again, the Japanese beaches are completely different to the beaches where I live, where surfing competitions are held here all the time etc. To look like those girls and go to the beach around my area would look totally odd and out of place

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