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Posted in: Japan soul-searching over freedom of expression See in context

Japanese artist and perform the best in expressing their freedom of expression when they are not tied in to any government sponsored project. Example is Hirokazu Koreeda who are not bothered to get Japanese government's recognition.

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Posted in: Sadako Ogata, ex-U.N. high commissioner for refugees, dies at 92 See in context


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Posted in: Nissan mulls pulling out of S Korea, Financial Times reports See in context

If Japanese lenders starts pulling out their money from then it's going to be trouble for SK

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Posted in: Seoul, Busan pass bill to boycott 'war crimes' Japanese firms See in context

Everyone keeps bring Germany as a example, but remember Germany has been very strict of not paying any more compensation to both Poland and Greece based on past agreement.

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Posted in: Japan to revoke S Korea's trusted trade status Wednesday as planned See in context

South Korea: I as a not so good friend of yours who had a rocky and feisty relationship demand you to put me on your GOOD FRIEND LIST..

Japan: Hold it, let me put you back to normal list...

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Posted in: No.of S Korean tourists to Japan drops 7.6% See in context

2.99 million foreigners visited Japan last month, up 5.6 percent on-year. The biggest proportion were 1.06 million Chinese, up 19.5 percent to take up the slack. So, in short, business as usual for Japan's tourism, in fact it's increased ironically.

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Posted in: S Korea to tighten inspections on waste imports from Japan See in context

Urm isn't waste import should be tightened and monitored regardless anyway? So, what the Korean government have done before this? Sleeping on jobs?

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Posted in: S Korea warns of security impact if dropped from Japan's easy-trade list See in context

The irony of wanting to have easy access to your precious/sensitive material without having to fill up paperwork (which China, India and Taiwan are doing just now with no complaint) and yet constantly bashing and hating and not fullfiling the agreement. Of course Japan would say no more close friend for you!

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Posted in: S Korea warns of security impact if dropped from Japan's easy-trade list See in context

ASEAN countries, Taiwan who are friendlier towards Japan all get normal treatment. And we are just fine. Just think about it, South Korea enjoys the preferential treatment since 2004 despite having negative view just demoted to be just normal like the rest of us.

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Posted in: Japan, South Korea clash at WTO over trade dispute See in context

EU even have less countries in their whitelist, only 8 including Japan and so do Australia. However South Korea is not included on the whitelist countries which is telling...

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Posted in: International Atomic Energy Agency chief Amano dies at 72 See in context


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Posted in: Japan, Ecuador eliminated from Copa America 1-1 after draw See in context

Tried play in a Latin American where your team is not being destroyed and defeated all the way. Japan team improve a lot and I see great future if they keep improving all the way...

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Posted in: Copa America guests Japan, Qatar still alive before final decisive games See in context

I suspect this will not be a complaint if the guest countries (regardless from which continent) are not doing well and is beaten, but arises when ironically the guest countries perform well and supposedly Latin American giants do poorly in the tournament. (btw Japan was invited 20 years ago so it is not something new at all)

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Posted in: Nishikori sets up quarterfinal clash with Nadal; Djokovic easily advances at French Open See in context

Good luck on all of them!

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Posted in: Bail set at ¥5 mil for actor Hirofumi Arai on sexual assault charge See in context

Little side note Hirofumi Arai real name is Park Kyung-Sik, third generation Korean in Japan

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Posted in: Abe orders safety checks in all child abuse reports See in context

Government not just in Japan but all over the world should take child neglect and abuse seriously.

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Posted in: Nishikori, Pliskova win Brisbane International titles See in context


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Posted in: 16-year-old Japanese star Rika Kihira wins Grand Prix Final See in context

Congratulations Rika!

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Posted in: Ghosn arrest shakes Franco-Japanese alliance See in context

In France there is whisper and allegations regarding Ghosn's conduct as well over the years....

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Posted in: Nissan Chairman Ghosn arrested over financial law violation See in context

Not suprising as in France there is a series of allegations and rumours surrounding Ghosn as well, it seems the French also particularly fond of him as well.

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Posted in: Arrest of Ghosn and another top exec sends shockwaves through Nissan See in context

Regardless whether he is Lebanese, Brazilian (it seems Brazilian elites and leaders have never ending corruption scandals these days) or Japanese, cheating and corruptions should not be tolerated.

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Posted in: N Korean official urges Japan to apologize over forced labor See in context

Coming from a country that right now force their own citizens into forced labor and concentration camps such as manual labor in other countries such as in Middle East, Africa and Russia is kinda ironic.

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Posted in: TV Asahi cancels performance of K-pop group BTS over A-bomb shirt See in context

That t-shirt is in a poor taste regardless whether you like Japan or not...

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Posted in: Hanyu wins Grand Prix skating gold in dominant style See in context

Congrats Hanyu!

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Posted in: Okinawa rally mourns governor, opposes U.S. base relocation See in context

It's the conservative leadership in Japan who prefer to have US military to keep China in check but not on the main island of Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku or Hokkaido. Okinawa is perfect because is very2 far away from Japan main island and being ruled by Yamato from its former Ryukyuan kingdoms with its own unique language and culture.

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Posted in: Record heat broils Japan, prompting warnings See in context

Stay safe everyone, heard from my friend in South Korea as they are also suffering from heatwave as well resulting in multiple deaths.

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Posted in: Death toll in heat wave tops 30; more than 10,000 taken to hospitals See in context

It's not just in Japan. A lot of countries especially from four seasons nation are underestimating the dangerous effect of the sun. 93 deaths are also recorded in Quebec Canada so far

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Posted in: At least 66 dead, 61 missing as record rains devastate parts of Japan See in context

My heart goes out to all the people out there. The weather is very extreme, While Japan having heavy rains, North America have been suffering from the extreme heat wave.

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Posted in: Japan's World Cup team sends trapped Thai boys good luck wish See in context

Hope the best for the boys and the coach!

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Posted in: World Cup quarterfinals exclusive to Europe, South America See in context

European but majority of the players originates from Africa, Middle east and North Africa....

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