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Azusa Suzie comments

Posted in: 3 adult siblings arrested for living with mother's skeletal remains See in context

Ikemen, ”I love Japan. 90% of the people are completely normal and boring. But ten percent are off the planet crazy”. Wow,,.

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Posted in: Aso says elderly should be allowed to 'hurry up and die' See in context

I don't want to be hospitalized with food tube if my conditione is permanent. So, thank you Aso, pls open up the debate and change regulations at hospitals.

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Posted in: Ho high ho See in context

Luv your great spirits!!

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Posted in: Is the JET Program right for you? See in context

Tessa "Some of the most miserable people I know are guys who came over as bright-eyed, bushy-tailed JETs and then married their Japanese girlfriends. The phrase "living death" springs to mind. "...

Well, the writer of this is my fiance.

And all he is writing about is general introduction to the JET program, not about what comes after. And you do know that really varies person to person. I'm just sorry that you had to make the comment here.

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Posted in: Japanese model crowned Miss International 2012 See in context


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Posted in: Roller coaster inspector dies after park employee starts ride See in context


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Posted in: Student abducts 12-yr-old girl, confines her in travel bag in taxi trunk in Hiroshima See in context

Oh thnx so much to the great taxi driver!

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Posted in: Ex-IBM Japan president questioned over upskirt filming See in context


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Posted in: Female teacher arrested for photographing 11-year-old school girls naked See in context

lost for words...

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Posted in: 'Diet glasses' fool wearers into eating less See in context

Letter to the researchers, pls make it so it shows centipede and caterpillars I'd def lose weight.

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi compares same-sex marriage with bestiality See in context

The article heading is not quite as Kitano said in words, thus very misleading and can provoke cotrovesy. Media, u've done it again.

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Posted in: Japan's rocket alert system failed due to lack of info from defense ministry See in context

Don't get fooled by our government. They never tell us truths until much much later.

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Posted in: Mask carver dedicates exhibition to daughter, 3 grandkids who died in tsunami See in context

Agreed... Wish I could go see his masterpiece, engraved with all his emotions, love and passion.

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Posted in: Tsunami debris spreads halfway across Pacific See in context

As much as we want to "Chop chop" and collect those debris, sometime like now it's getting hard just to survive each day in Japan. But we are certainty very aware that all sorts are out in the ocean, floating, in the water or at bottoms damaging/polluting all sea environment and coastlines in other countries and I know just saying sorry is no way enough...

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Posted in: Olympus executive in India dead in apparent suicide See in context

Arigato Mark. Because I do believe he didn't wants to die, like I once tied rope at a high tree brance ,made a ring, put my head in it, apologised to all my family remembering their faces. I was on the branch for a long time, but couldn't just jump. I think I can say I know little bit more than who has never gone to life's edge that far. I am the coward. I am still living but just living, not because I decided to face my problems. Sometime situation gets too much to solve alone, and I am sorry he couldn't tell anyone.

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Posted in: Olympus executive in India dead in apparent suicide See in context

So many heartless comments here, if u don't know why he had to committ suicide pls don't call him coward. We all know it's surely not easy to do.

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Posted in: Australian man fined for mooning Queen Elizabeth See in context

Never knew there's verb use for the word moon, so I had to look it up, then had to imagine and figure out the act. But isdoesn't it have to be in plural, I mean, "to moons"... I still find it hard.. is it like moon = shining, buttock = shiny or what?!

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Posted in: Emperor to have heart bypass surgery next Saturday See in context

Who knows if the Emperor himself is hoping to rest and let his son take on his duties now. I myself, seeing how he visited the earthquake devastated areas 7 consecutive weeks feel the Emperor still wishes to be active and keep meeting and cheering for us. If the surgery was his own choice then the best wishes for the Emperor.

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Posted in: Woman conned out of nearly Y4.5 mil in bank transfer scam See in context

This type of crime's been around in Japanese for quite a while now. We see on TV, newspapers, ATM walls about the newest tactics used and how not to get conned, but the scammers r getting ever more skillful. It's sad to say but old people will continue to be targeted at. I imagined how this lady spent the two days in panic and worry, making the trips to the adressed ATM....

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Posted in: Man attempts suicide after police find mother's corpse hidden in vacuum bag See in context

It would be to do money, sad.

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Posted in: Woman sentenced to 4 1/2 years for breaking babies' legs See in context

Firstly I wouldn't let a stranger at a shop hold my child, full stop,

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Posted in: Gov't to set up 24-hour nursing care service See in context

Worked at nursing home, hospital (old peoples' word. There is long waiting lists for nursing homes). Private and pubic sectors r trying to build/set up more services, but Japan's aging population r swelling much faster. So many reasons, all different cases, when a person comes to nursing home. So many who r at home alone or with family. Seeing them (what I saw is only a tip of sad huge iceberg), any help/support will be welcome to them (family members, service providers and minimum-wage-careworkers like me) Young people will (r) carrying the burden? Yes. Should follow other welfare success countries? Yes. Maybe Japanese long life is the problem? To see it as a result of 'academic success+good money job is life in Japan's success, let ur kids study hard, nurture, protect and over protect them, set up good family and prestige, and u r a good Japanese' hidden propaganda by ourselves. Never new the story continues and u might end up as 1 of 4,000,000 aged Japanese with diapers 24/7.

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Posted in: Brothers reunited in Japan after 6 decades apart See in context

Eskaton Wilson Manor home for the elderly, it's administrator Debbie Reynolds and all who contributed for the fundraising, what an amazing effort.

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Posted in: Sega seeks stream of success with 'Toylet' games See in context

"to blow up a virtual girl's skirt".... so only in Japan, and I'm sad to say, Japanese guys will all give it a try.

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Posted in: Activists hurl stink bombs at Japanese whaling ship See in context

Vikingflute, I first found about Japan whaling when I was living in Tasmania, Australia, surprising hey. But in fact in Japan before the fact was hardly in news. Only recently this started to appear even my local paper of Kagoshima, Japan. When I first heard the Japan whaling bashing news in Australia my first honest thought was, "well, u western people breed tons of cows and kills each year". But now I know these issues r separate and after seeing whale breeding on TV, because of its enormous size, the cruelty looks as bad as slaughtering humans.

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Posted in: Activists hurl stink bombs at Japanese whaling ship See in context

"the fleet aiming to catch around 900 minke and fin whales," We most Japanese (who never eat whales nor even think about it ) would've never known just how many whales r being caught by Japan. Our ignorance is worse than those catching whales.

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Posted in: Bum's the word in Japan security scans See in context

I luv this group of scientists! I'm sure they r sacrificing their own butts for this!

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Posted in: University of Tokyo considering autumn start to academic year See in context

Any change that overturns big institution or traditions/habits is worth trying, as a Japanese I am excited if they will really do this.

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Posted in: Japan to let some nuclear plants operate after 40-year limit See in context

Just today watching this news I learned there r bit over 50 nuclear plants around Japan..,? How was I ignorant.

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