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Posted in: Police arrest 11 Chinese for working without visas; 47 others missing See in context

arrested 11 Chinese nationals in Hokkaido for allegedly working at a construction site without passports or proper visas, and later discovered that dozens of fellow workers had fled.

Officials were looking for 47 other Chinese who disappeared from the construction site after the arrests.

I do not know about Japan but in the UK every illegally worker cost the company they work for a fine of £10,000 (about 1.5 million Yen) per illegal worker found.

11 caught ones would equal ¥ 16.5 million

For all 58 workers it would equal about ¥ 87 million


Fines like that could persuade employers to avoid cheap illegal labour from outside Japan and to pay better wages to encourage more Japanese to work for them.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court leans toward allowing Apple App Store antitrust suit See in context

Apple has said it is acting only as the agent for app developers who sell the apps to consumers through the App Store.

If a developer wants $1 for their app they have to add Apple charge of 30% ($0.30) to it.

As Apple controls the selling of apps for Apple devices, developers have no choice but to pass Apple charges onto the customer.

By stopping developers selling their apps via any other source but the Apple store, Apple is monopolizing the Apple app market for iPhone software applications

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Posted in: Internet traffic hijack disrupts Google services See in context

SpeedToday 02:32 pm JST

China and Russia again.

Why isn't there ever retribution from the US government regarding these two?

With Putin pupet Trump in office, retribution is unlikely to happen.

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Posted in: One of our islands is missing: Japan 'loses' a bit of land See in context

YubaruToday 07:00 am JST

It is not impossible that tiny islands get weathered by the elements,"

Or it could have disappeared because of polar ice cap melt and rising levels in the ocean. Japan has literally gone to untold lengths to protect even specks of land in the Pacific, but considering it's location it probably wasnt worth the cost.

What caused it dissapear ? Weathering, rising sea level or someother reason not yet found.

At lest they have not gone to the lengths of building an airstrip on it.

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Posted in: China cutting rare earth output, unnerving global manufacturers See in context

HawkeyeToday 12:25 pm JST

I dont know much about rare earth minerals but are they only found in large quantities in china? If not why are we worried about China's threat.

China is the largest supplier of rare earth minerals.

They are used in almost everything with electronic components.

Like smart phones, computers, USA airforce (and other airforces) aircrafts electronics, Boeing dreamliner, europe Airbus, electric car batteries.

The U.S. military is worried about China's dominance of the rare earths market, calling it a "significant and growing risk," according to a Pentagon study released earlier this month.

Can not have more, newer advanced aircraft without rare earth and certain replacement parts for current in service aircraft can not be made without it.

If China cuts the USA off, it could have a serious impact on the USA (and other countries) military abilities in the future.

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Posted in: May struggles to sell at home Brexit deal emerging with EU See in context

The EU is showing that it is not too bright saying

Professional qualifications from European nations may no longer be honoured.

Qualifications from other countries have been honoured otherwise doctors, nurses and others who have come into the UK would have have had trouble getting work.

And threating to tamper with the power supply to Northern Ireland to cause black outs, if their no border between United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland but one down the Irish Sea demand is rejected.

No matter which way it goes it is a no win for the people of Northern Ireland. If the EU gets its way in ireland there wil be disruptions by the anti-united ireland ones and if RoI do not get their way criminals like the IRA and others may increase their actions to the levels they were.

I still believe Free Movement of People and Goods should have been part of the vote. The UK needs those workers.

Options for that bad vote should have been

1) Leave the EU

2) Leave but keep Free Movement of People & Goods

3) Stay in the EU

With that vote being so close they should have waited 6 months or a year and then have another vote as more information would have became aviable to the people.

Does there have to be a border between the UK and EU ? There is no border between Switzerland (a NON-EU country) and the EU. The traffic flows freely with just signs saying you are leaving/entering another country.


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Posted in: Canada makes final preparations before cannabis becomes legal See in context

I wonder if Trump will build a northern border to stop the flow of USA citizens and then charge Canada for it ?

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Posted in: Trump helped parents shield millions from taxes: New York Times See in context

Trump had virtually no involvement whatsoever with these matters

So he did have some involment in tax fraud.

Unlike other White House candidates and presidents in recent decades, Trump has declined to release his tax returns

Cause it would show more fraud which could still be inside the statute of limitations.

Trump promoted himself as a self-made real estate mogul who started out with only a "very small" loan from his businessman father,

Trump received the equivalent today of at least $413 million

Yes, a very small loan of at least $413 million (in todays equivalent)

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Posted in: How Japan viewed the UK before and after Brexit See in context

However, with the UK scheduled to depart from the EU on 29 March, 2019, perhaps another survey after then might yield an interesting set of results.

I would like to see those results. I live in Northern ireland area of the UK.

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Posted in: With grid now crowdsourced, digital maps can steer you wrong See in context

Quite often i get text messages asking me to comment on my visit to a restraunt or some other place. Places that i drove past on my way to somewhere.

I use google maps in satalite view so i can see the roads around where i am. Then i plan my route.

Print out the route and mark the rout. Also using street view print out land marks like a church, bank, so i would know when i was close to a turning that i needed to take.

Google map on the phone was handy when there was diversions.

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Posted in: Next battle in war over Kavanaugh: FBI probe See in context

The white house says

We're staying out of the way" and letting the FBI do their job

> White House denied it was trying to control the probe

Yet their actions says otherwise

White House was working with Republicans to narrow the scope of an FBI investigation

> White House had defined the parameters of the probe for the FBI

> White House made clear there would be limits to the probe.

> clear conflict of interest" for White House officials involved in Kavanaugh’s confirmation process to interfere with the FBI’s investigation.

Why is Trump trying to rush the FBI investigation ?

A week does not seem long enough for a proper investigation.

Is it because Trump is afraid after the upcoming elections that he will lose seats and power.

If his postion is strong (his policies are working and everything is better in the USA now) as he has been saying , then why not wait till after the elections and give the FBI proper amount of time ?

Or is there problems waiting to surface from his policies that will weaken his hold on goverment ?

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Posted in: Gunmen kill 24, including 12 Revolutionary Guards, in attack on Iran military parade See in context

The attackers could have been from Syria, seeking revenge for the military support Iran gived to Syria..

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Posted in: Trump blasts GOP spending plan that lacks money for wall See in context

spending plan pushed by congressional Republicans is "ridiculous" because it does not include funding for a border wall with Mexico.

Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall.

So why is he seeking funding from congress for the wall ?

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Posted in: Railway services to typhoon-hit Kansai airport resume See in context

Now is the time to consider building another Road and Rail bridge. That way in a future disaster there is another escape route.

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Posted in: 74% of Japanese companies against daylight saving time for 2020 Olympics: poll See in context

"could be held during cooler hours if clocks were moved forward by one or two hours."

Easier just to move the time they start to a cooler time.

When i worked in a hotel cleaning the kitchen at night, When the clocks went back an hour, the extra hour was handy but when the clocks went forward an hour, i had an hour less to do the job in.

When working in an office, every time the clocks moved forward or back, my sleep pattern was disrupted.

When the clocks go forward i had an extra hour of darkness to drive in the mornings.

I live in the UK and do not see any advantage (for me) in going from GMT to BST (summer time) and back again.

Personaly I think the back and forth time should be scraped world wide.

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Posted in: Russia says U.S. dropped phosphorus bombs over Syria See in context

As an defence against heat seeking missiles, flares are fired.

Could it be these flares hit the ground still burning ?

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Posted in: May stands firm on her Brexit plan; says no to 2nd referendum See in context

48.5% leave

51.5% stay

Before the vote they shound have had something about if the vote was this close there should be another vote.

I think the vote should have been about the UK returning to the original "Free movement of goods and people." and undoing all of the other stuff since then.

We need the people as they are willing to do work others in the UK are too lazy to do.

Like picking strawberries and other fruit crops. Working in the NHS.

If we had the information back then as we have now, the vote may have been different.

Another europe goverment had a second vote on an europe thing.

The republic of Ireland first voted NO to using the euro. Then their goverment had a second vote that turned out Yes.

By the time of the second vote more information was aviable to the people.

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Posted in: Trump accuses Google of promoting negative news articles, hiding fair media coverage of him See in context

Twitter have also been pressed to remove conspiracy driven content and hate speech.

Should Trumph account be closed due to its content ?

On his twitter account, there is a lot of his theories of conspiracy of others making fake news about him and a lot of what he has said can be considered as hate speach.

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Posted in: Tokyo restaurant that charges rude customers more sees dramatic increase in number of rude orders See in context

Konro-ya, citing a desire to reduce employee stress, has done away with making customers order beer at all. Instead, it’s instituted a self-serve beer system, where customers pour their own drafts and can drink all they want

Even if a customer drinks at the leisurely pace of one beer every 30 minutes, 290 yen is cheaper than even the politest 380-yen beer under the old pricing structure

Has members of the staff changed the stress of working with annoying customers to the stress of being unemployed ?

When it is self service you do not need so many staff and the reduced out goings on wages probly makes up for the lower cost beer.

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Posted in: Florida shooting suspect was twice hospitalized for mental illness See in context

Federal law requires gun buyers to disclose whether they have ever been involuntarily committed to a mental institution.

The one who made that law should be up for an award for being an idiot. Why would anyone wanting a gun disclose any form of mental illness.

Anyone buying a gun should go through a medical to check for their mental abilities.

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Posted in: Over 2 million Muslims begin annual hajj pilgrimage See in context

JeffLeeToday 05:24 pm JST

if discovered, the penalty can be a prison sentence and deportation.

Assuming you survive the worshipers anger.

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Posted in: Honda employs 1.5GPa-class high-tensile steel plate for N-Van See in context

Several times i could have done with one of these.

This would be good for driving my disabled brother-in-law to shops and medical appointments.

Also for when i buy DIY materials. Currently i have to use a trailor with my current car.

Also handy to carry my bycycle.

I wonder how much it would cost to buy and export it to the UK.

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Posted in: Pompeo creates 'Iran Action Group' to up pressure on Tehran See in context

high-level team to focus U.S. and international efforts to increase diplomatic and economic pressure on Iran.

A team of one is not a team.

Washington is stepping up its effort to get other countries to fall in line with economic pressure on Tehran,

Known as blackmailing the companies of other countries to stop traiding or suffer unjustified treatment in their dealings with the USA

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Posted in: Two blazes form California's largest wildfire in history See in context

The wildfires are "extremely fast, extremely aggressive, extremely dangerous," said Scott McLean, a deputy chief with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

They are as close to hell as anyone can get as they fighting those fires. It is sad that lives have been lost, but they keep going back to fight the fire.

The loss of the great grandmother and her two great grandchildren sticks in my mind the most.

Donald Trump raised eyebrows by tweeting about the wildfires inaccurately

Why did that raise eyebrows ?

Nothing new about DT tweeting inaccurately.

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Posted in: 69-year-old camp site employee kills man, injures man's son in Gumma car incident See in context

Sad that she lost her husband but her son is still alive.

A holiday of camping turns into a nightmare.

I wonder if the son knows about the death of his father ?

vehicle hit them from behind,

What was the road like ?

Was it on a bend or a stright part of the road ?

There are questions that this artical does not have the information to.

When walking on a road it is safer to walk on the right (for countries that drive on the right, walk on the left) so you are looking at oncoming traffic.

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Posted in: Window falls from U.S. military chopper near Tokyo, no injuries See in context

They can not blame Chinese poor workmanship.

Why did the window fall off ?

Were they not fitted properly or was some one messing with the window and droped it ?

Will they ever say why there has been two windows falling off so far this year ?

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Posted in: World's oldest person, a Japanese woman, dies at 117 See in context

She lived a long life and the world changed much in that time. R.I.P.


She credited eating eel, drinking red wine, and never smoking for her longevity

There is nothing about a feeding tube.

So before posting comments check the facts.

On that page is a message saying

This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia's deletion policy

So if you wish to read the Wikipedia entry about Chiyo Miyako you better do it before it is deleted.

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Posted in: U.S. airlines cave to China's demand on referring to Taiwan See in context

U.S. carriers "lose face to some degree,"

They care more about their $$$ than face.

but they preserve their ability to sell tickets in China

and keep making what they love best. $$$$$$

When i worked in the accounts of a courier company China was band 6 while Taiwan is in the cheaper band 5.

If some one marked the package Taiwan China they were charged at the higher rate while ones marked Taiwan were charge at the lower rate.

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Posted in: Ivanka Trump announces closure of namesake fashion brand See in context

Maybe she is having trouble with her manufactor in China.

The trade war with China, falling sales so she decides to cut and run before her brand sinks.

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Posted in: Japan lifts ban on Canadian wheat imports See in context

proxyToday 04:43 am JST

@Azzprin 300 km but it is not a poison and presents no risk to human or animal health

300km in 20 years. So how far in another 20 years from this and other escaped trial zones.?

In theory there is no danger. But tests would need to run for decades on generations of animals to see if there are any effects.

It could ( I can not say it will or will not) end up like the pesticide DDT. It was very effective at what it did, but was finialy band world wide after its side effects were discovered after decades of use.

But as there has been escapes of other GM crops out of controled GM tests zones over the decades, the geni is out of the bottle.

Will there be good or bad outcome from these escapes, only time will tell.

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