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Posted in: Prosecutors file charges in set shooting by Alec Baldwin See in context

In his lawsuit, Baldwin said that while working on camera angles with Hutchins, he pointed the gun in her direction and pulled back and released the hammer of the weapon, which discharged.


So he has changed from

"i did not fire the gun. it went off on its own."


"pulled back and released the hammer of the weapon, which discharged"

Sounds like he changed his story.


But real questions are still out there

Did he know it had a live round ?

Why did he not check the gun himself ?

Who put the live round in the gun ?

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Posted in: Indonesia soccer disaster trial begins for 5 charged See in context

more than 42,000 spectators inside the 36,000-seat stadium


1.66 times the number of seats.

Who ever allowed that should also be up for murder

Why would anyone think of putting too many people in enclosed area.

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Posted in: China reports 60,000 COVID-related deaths See in context

Fighto!Today 08:49 am JST

You can multiply that figure by 10.


stormcrowToday 01:06 pm JST

It’s probably more like 600,000, or maybe even 6,000,000.


fatrainfallingintheforestToday 01:26 pm JST

It’s probably more like 600,000, or maybe even 6,000,000.

And likely much higher than was admitted to throughout the rest of the pandemic.


i would put it at 60,000 per city

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Posted in: Up to 70% of Shanghai population infected with COVID: top doctor See in context


They offer protection against but do not fully protect from catching covid.

Some are better than others.China did admint theres was only 50%

If you catch covid and you have had a vaccine and boosters, then the effects of covid is reduced.


Now there is 10s of millions of chinese moving about China and going abroad, there is a chance of a new varent appearing and being spread.

The health systems in rual China will be past their breaking point when there is mass covid infections in the rual areas as ones go visiting for the first time in over 2 years.


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Posted in: EU doesn't follow Italy with COVID checks on China arrivals See in context

Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni on Thursday increased pressure on the EU to join Italy's approach. She said requiring COVID tests of all passengers from China “is only effective if it is taken at the European level,’’ noting that many arrive in Italy on connecting flights through other European countries.


Italy is trying to protect it self, but the rest of european countries goverments do not seem to care.


Considering the reluctance from several EU nations and experts, the EU's health security committee said in a statement after meeting Thursday that “we need to act jointly and will continue our discussions.”


Italy seems to be alone as it acts to protect itself, but is being hampered by other EU countries carelessness.


Holding off was certainly something Germany wanted. "There is no indication that a more dangerous variant has developed in this outbreak in China ... which would bring corresponding travel restrictions,” Health Ministry spokesman Sebastian Guelde said.


And when there is an indication of a more dangerous strain from China, it will be too late.

China is having mass infections and that could result in new strain/s being created and spread.

The EU should do what other countries (and Italy is doing and wants the EU to do) are doing when they test ones arriving on Chinese flights.


Test the ones coming in and catch a possible new strain before it escapes into the EU and spread across the rest of europe and further afield.


When 50% flying in from China are infected with current strains, when will a new strain arrive with them ?

It has already mutated several times already.

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Posted in: Russia steps up artillery attacks on liberated Kherson and eastern Ukraine See in context

BroncoToday 07:05 am JST

The 30 countries of NATO have already made it clear that they are unwillingly to face Russia's directly in battle so it has come to a battle of economic resolve.


Ukraine stopped and then kicked the northern part of the Russian invasion back with what they had.

Then with NATO weapons, they have forced the Russians further back in the east and south.


As NATO was not attacked, it cannot send forces in to help Ukraine.

If NATO had been attacked, Russian forces would most likely be back in Russia by now, considering how badly the Russian forces were mauled by the weaker Ukraine forces.

With limited NATO weapons the Ukraine army received, they have inflicted serious damage to Russian forces and have forced them to retreat. The Russians are now digging in to lick their wounds.


Ukraine may have more Russian type tanks now, than before the war started. Due to capturing serviceable tanks off the Russians.


Russia is like an old toothless bear.

Lost its bite but it still has its claws.


While Putin is in power, the war will last for another 6 months at lest.


Until removed from power, he will not admit failure and end the war.

His big mistake was to think Ukraine would give in like the time he invaded the Crimea

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Posted in: China-Russia navy drills to begin Wednesday See in context

China declared a “no limits” friendship with Russia just weeks before the invasion and remains a major customer for Russian oil and gas bought at a heavy discount, although it is not known to have sold military hardware to Moscow.


While the oil and gas is heavly discounted, China will remain a good friend.

I wonder if the price China is paying is more OR less than the $60 western goverments have said they would only pay ?


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Posted in: Thai navy searches for 33 missing marines after warship sinks See in context

corvette sank overnight in choppy waters in the Gulf of Thailand, the navy said.

HTMS Sukhothai warship suffered an engine malfunction and went down



the 35-year old ship started to take on water due to strong winds and waves, causing a power outage and subsequent loss of control of machinery and steering mechanisms. The HTMS Sukhothai continued to take on water until eventually sinking overnight


The ship sank after a storm in the Gulf of Thailand on 18 December 2022.

She developed a heavy list after electrical systems and pumps failed due to flooding. The failures were caused by sea water entering an exhaust port in heavy seas, which led to a short circuit in the ship's electrical system.

She sank at around 23:30 local time (UTC+07:00).

A weather advisory for the area had been issued by the Thailand Meteorological Department before the sinking, warning of 4-meter (13 ft) high waves and advising ships to "proceed with caution."[END-QUOTE]


Without power and stearing it would turn sideways to the waves and wind.

Which would force the ship to lean over and allow the waves to wash over and enter through any opening.

Without power to pump out the water or turn the ship into the waves she was doomed.


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Posted in: Ukraine attacks occupied Melitopol See in context

"All logistics linking the Russian forces on the eastern part of the Kherson region and all the way to the Russian border near Mariupol is carried out through it," Arestovych said in a video interview on social media.

"If Melitopol falls, the entire defense line all the way to Kherson collapses. Ukrainian forces gain a direct route to Crimea."


2nd paragraph should have been written

"If Russian held Melitopol falls, the entire Russian defense line all the way to Kherson collapses.

Ukrainian forces will then gain a direct route to Crimea."


All of Russian logistics that goes through Melitopol supplies the Russian forces from the eastern part of the Kherson region and all the way to the Russian border near Mariupol.


Ukraine captures Melitopol, it will be a nasty blow to Putin.

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Posted in: Rakuten Mobile warned over widespread network outage See in context

serious incident and also deems the company's failure to swiftly notify its users and the public problematic.


Think they noticed when they could not connect.

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Posted in: China's Xi vows to buy more Mideast oil as U.S. focus wanes See in context

The money China is saving on buying Russian oil they can use to buy middle east oil.

By buying oil from there they increase demand and oil prices rise.

Western and other goverments will have more pressure on their economies.


Desert Tortoise

The nations in that area has oil.

While oil is in demand world wide, goverments will do what that want to get the oil.

Even if it costs lives.


Untill oil can be replaced, people will die because of it.

How many oil palm trees would be needed to produce a single barral of oil ?

Rape seed, peanut and other plants oil can be taken from.

The current demand for oil out strips the world ability to use plant oil to replace it.


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Posted in: Ukraine gets more U.S. aid as Russia-Iran ties worry West See in context

Moscow seeking hundreds of ballistic missiles and offering unprecedented military support in return.

Russia is offering Iran an unprecedented level of military and technical support


Considering the hammering Russian troops have received in Ukraine, what support could Moscow off That Iran would want ?

Putin needs all of the aircraft, tanks and other vehicles he has.


technical support

Iran: Hello, technical support. i need help with .......

TS: please hold....................................................................................................................

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Posted in: Russia attacks in east Ukraine; appears to scale back war aims See in context

Belarus authorities have increasingly spoken of a threat of what they call terrorism from partisans operating from across the border.


Would that be across the Belarus / Russian border ?


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Posted in: Japan's upper house expresses concern over rights in China regions See in context

Referring to Japan's PAST military aggression, Mao said Tokyo has a bad record on human rights and that it cannot cover up its own misdeeds by criticizing other countries.


That was over 75 years ago.

Since that time China has

1950 Annexation of Tibet

1989 Tiananmen Square protests and massacre

Committed genocide against the Uyghurs and other Muslim ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

Crack down on Hong Kong freedoms and removing anyone they want to China where no one knows where.

Building islands out of submerged reefs and claiming areas of the seas, which belong to other neighbouring nations.

Threaten Taiwan with invasion.


and there more than that.

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Posted in: Apple Inc supplier Foxconn's China plant hit by fresh worker unrest-social media See in context

frustration mounted over how COVID cases were handled and over the treatment of employees, including what they said were insufficient provisions of food.

the manufacturer began a drive to convince workers to stay and to recruit more staff, promising higher per-hour salaries and bonuses.

Paying them and feeding them properly would be a good step.


Low wages

Low costs

Poor treatment

Poor food or not enough of it

Now is a hugh pain for Apple

That is what you get when you have most of your eggs in one basket and the workers want decent pay, food and working conditions.

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Posted in: East Asia chipmakers see high-tech decoupling with China inevitable See in context

Taiwan makes 65 percent of the world's semiconductors and almost 90 percent of the advanced chips.


That is a lot of eggs in a small basket.

If China went to war with Taiwan, it would bring chaos as supplies of semiconductors and advanced chips would stop.


Will China go to war ?

It would hurt them as much as, or more then, the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Zelenskiy, visiting Kherson, vows to drive Russia from all of Ukraine See in context

Just seen on the BBC news, Russian missile killed 2 people in Poland.

Putin is in deeper crap now.

Getting his azz kicked in Ukraine

People at home protesting at his war

Now the bear has poked a hornet nest

Before the war started Russian miltary was thought to be stronger than it is now.

Then it gets its teeth smashed as a smaller army is equipt with modern weapons start kicking the invaders out

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile toward eastern sea See in context

one of the North Korean missiles that flew southward last week was determined to be a Soviet-era anti-aircraft weapon that dates back to the 1960s.

Over 50 years old and it still worked


How much of the North Korea weapons is that age


Fat boy throwing another tantrum and throwing his toys out of the pram

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Posted in: Liz Truss quits after six chaotic weeks as UK prime minister See in context

It was neck breaking watching her U-turn so many times and in such short time.

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Posted in: Fewer Americans applied for jobless benefits last week See in context

unemployment rate dropped from 3.7% to 3.5%, matching a half-century low.

Americans collecting unemployment aid rose by 21,000 to 1.39 million for the week ending Oct. 8.

The unemployment rate droped but the number claiming unemployment aid rose ?

when unemployment rate drops, should the number receiving unemployment aid also drop ?

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Posted in: Japan rushes to rearm with eye on China's Taiwan ambitions See in context

it will help Japan increase stockpiles of spare parts and ammunition that its untested military would need to sustain any fight.

That is something Putin should have done before invading Ukraine.

Taking Crimean made him error when he thought Ukraine would give in like the last time.

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Posted in: New Zealand farmers hit streets to protest cow-burp tax plan See in context

If the farmers turned to growing crops, what would happen to the meat factories and exportering companies ?

There would be massive layoffs as you need less workers to process crops than animal products.


Also how much of the current farm land can be used for crop production ?


They are taxing the farmers so they can say blame the farmers for higher prices.

If they introduced a meat tax at places like shops, take aways, restraunts, etc

Then the people would see it is a direct tax from their goverment.

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Posted in: Putin declares martial law in occupied Ukraine as battle for Kherson intensifies See in context

Putin’s drastic efforts to tighten his grip on Ukrainians and Russians follow a series of embarrassing setbacks: stinging battlefield defeats, sabotage and troubles with his troop mobilization.

The martial law order belies the Kremlin's attempts to portray life in the annexed regions as returning to normal. The reality is that a military administration has replaced civilian leaders in the southern city of Kherson and a mass evacuation from the city is underway as a Ukrainian counteroffensive grinds on


Putin must wish by now that he had not invaded Ukraine.

Losing ground, troops and war material in Ukraine

Facing more angry Russians at home as the people start more protests against the war.

Tens of thousand flee Russian to avoid being called up.

Lacking proper equipment and training soldiers being sent to the front. Just like cattle to the slaughter.

The dead Russians solder just rotting where they fell. Left behind as their fellow soldiers ran for their lives.

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Posted in: Nintendo takes steps to protect staff from growing problem of customer harassment See in context

The customer is not always right.

It is annoying when you get an insultive person calling.

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Posted in: China delays release of economic data during key political meeting See in context

Following years of explosive growth fueled by easy access to loans, Beijing launched a crackdown on excessive debt in 2020

The crack down maybe too late.

Only time will tell.

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Posted in: China delays release of economic data during key political meeting See in context

China is also battling an unprecedented crisis in its real estate sector -- historically a driver of growth in the economy and representative of more than a quarter of the country's GDP when combined with construction

Was there not a crisis in usa real estate that caused the last finical crunch

Will China cause another one ?

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Posted in: China's consumer, factory activity improve but still weak See in context

The ruling party is sticking with a “zero COVID” strategy that calls for keeping the disease out of China by isolating every case.


You can not keep out something that started there.

It is already there as it began in China.

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Posted in: Emperor expected to attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral See in context

Awa no Gaijin


Roman numerals are used to describe the king not Arabic


englisc aspyrgendSep. 10 10:15 pm JST

Tell that to Apple, my tablet doesn’t do Roman numerals!


A captial i = 1 in roman numerals

So 3 captial iii = III

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Posted in: JAXA aims to launch new flagship H3 rocket in FY2022 after delays See in context

The agency had delayed the launch after a test conducted on the H3 rocket's main engine found holes on the wall of a combustion chamber as well as a defect in a turbine that feeds fuel to the chamber.


How did the parts pass inspection durring assembly ?

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Posted in: Nissan keen to leverage U.S. tax credit on electric vehicles See in context

bass4funkSep. 3 07:23 pm JST

I would never buy an EV at least not in the near future.

i recently got a diesel car and get about 50 MPG (UK gallon) (18 km per liter)

Half of my driving is in town.

So no plans to change to an electric car in the near future.


AntiquesavingSep. 3 10:01 am JST

EV California. On the 27th of August announced ending gas cars by 2035 then on the 2nd of September asks EV owners not to charge their cars because of the strain on the grid.


When i do, i would go for a Hybred as power outlets are not common and as electric car numbers increase access to a non private chargers will become harder. Mainly due to the time it takes to charge the battery.

It could be like the 70's and the long ques at the fuel stations to get fuel.


As most of electricy is produced using fossel fuels, most of the pollution would move from the roads to the power plants. Not so good if you live near one, but the air quality in cities and towns would improve.


To recharge (for an hour) the same number of cars that can fill their tanks up in an hour, the forecourt would need to be massive.

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