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Posted in: Flow of arms into Libya risks proxy war See in context

Iraq shows what happens when a dictator is removed and the area turns into hell for the ones living there.

Did the western powers learn from that ?


Removal of another dictator in Libya and a repeat of Iraq troubles.


It is easy for those supporting either side to supply arms and other equipment and avoid sending their own forces to fight and die.

They can tell their own people we are helping our friends without risking our own people lives.

A repeat of what happen to other countries that were caught in the USA and USSR proxy wars during the cold war era. Now with different backers.

The losers in these and any conflicts will always be the innocent civilians caught in the middle.

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Posted in: Police checking dash cam over car accident that left 2 toddlers dead See in context

stormcrowToday 06:59 pm JST

Dash-cams are the way to go folks, especially those of you who are foreigners driving in Japan. I don't trust the police to believe my version of events when up against a Japanese citizen. Anyway, I feel much better now with the dash-cam backing me up as a witness as to what occurs in front of my car.

I fitted two cams to my car. One front and one rear facing.

The number of tailgater i have reported.

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Posted in: Japan keeping tabs on Iran decision to quit part of nuclear deal See in context

use Tokyo's amicable ties with Tehran to ensure peace and stability in the Middle East

We hope to use our traditionally friendly relations with Iran to solve problems through dialogue and achieve peace and stability in the region

Trump actions make that impossible.

By pulling out of the deal and now demanding everyone else do the same and apply sanctions on Iran.

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Posted in: Iran says it will resume uranium enrichment if world powers do not keep promises See in context

Sources at the French presidency said on Tuesday that international sanctions could be reimposed on Iran if it reneges on commitments under its nuclear deal.

So far Iran has not reneged on their part of the deal.

If the ones who still support the deal FAIL to do what they agreed to, then Iran should be able to ignore the deal as everyone else (USA first) failed to uphold the deal first.

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Posted in: Parts of crashed F35 stealth fighter jet found in sea off Aomori See in context

Some debris, including a part of the flight data recorder, were recovered

but at this point, the all-important memory (of the flight data recorder) has not been recovered."

So they found part of the flight data recorder but not the important memory.

Did the air craft break up or went out of control and crashed at such speed that smashed the flight recorder apart ?

F35-As, each of which costs more than 10 billion yen ($90 million)

That is nothing compared with the cost of the pilot life that was lost and the loss his family and friends are suffering.

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Posted in: Asian finance chiefs to mull expanding currency swaps to yen, yuan See in context

TrevorPeaceToday 07:44 am JST

Damn good idea! First step back to the gold standard

I also thought why not go back to the gold standard till i read this article

Extract from article

The size and complexity of the U.S. economy would also make the conversion extremely difficult.

Just to back the dollars now in circulation and on deposit—about $2.7 trillion—with the approximately 261 million ounces of gold held by the U.S. government, gold prices would have to rise as high as $10,000 an ounce, up from about $1,780, causing huge inflation.

“It could do massive damage to the economy,” said John Makin, an economist at the American Enterprise Institute

A fixed link between the dollar and gold would make the Fed powerless to fight recessions or put the brakes on an overheating economy.

“If you like the euro and how it’s been working, you should love the gold standard,” said economist Barry Eichengreen.

Beleaguered Greece, for instance, cannot print more money or lower its interest rates because it’s a member of a fixed-currency union, the euro zone.

A gold standard would put the Fed in a similar predicament.

Going back to the Gold Standard could cause problems like Greece (and others) is having now due to it being part of the countries using the euro.

So increasing from just the US$ to include the Yen and Yuan is the better option.

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Posted in: Japan resists U.S. pressure on FX in trade talks ahead of Abe-Trump summit See in context

keeping the yen low

Compared to 2004 when i was in Japan, the yen has NOT dropped.

I got 186 Yen to the £ sterling (about 298 Yen to the $us)

Now it is about 143 Yen to the £ sterling

It costs more now to buy Japanese stuff than back then.

If I was to buy the same stuff now as back then it would cost me about 25 % more.

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son loses $130 mil on bitcoin: report See in context

after the digital currency had already risen more than 10 fold that year.

The 10 fold increase should have been a warning NOT to invest.

When something rises that fast that quickly, the risk of the bubble bursting goes through the roof.

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Posted in: Gundam vs Hello Kitty Project asks you to choose between Japan’s greatest pop culture icons See in context

I prefer hello kitty.

I like cute things.

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Posted in: Researchers discover Japan's oldest rock dating back 2.5 billion years in Shimane See in context

Many rocks of the same age exist in North Korea and northeastern China, and analysis of the latest specimen is likely to provide insight into the formation of the Japanese archipelago, which was originally connected to the Asian continent.

"We will study the chemical composition of the rock and make clear from which part of the continent it came," said Yasutaka Hayasaka, an associate professor at Hiroshima University.

if it is found to be originally connected to NE China or North Korea, they will be making claims for the return of the land.

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Posted in: In major shift, Trump says time for U.S. to recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights See in context

I wonder what the Russian and Iran forces in Syria will do once they finish wiping out the opposition in the Syria civil war.

Will they go south to the Golan Heights and return them to Syria using force ?

Is this another step to the end of the world according to the bible ?

The end of the world is suppose to start in the Middle East.

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Posted in: Actor Jussie Smollett indicted on 16 counts of lying to Chicago police See in context

Cry wolf and others may suffer for it in the future by not being believed.

There is already too much hate in the world without faking it to improve a carer.

I hope they throw the book at him and he spends a long time thinking about it in his cell.

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Posted in: Japan's beef imports from TPP members soar more than 50% in January See in context

Has the amount of beef imported from the USA decreased ? (if any is imported)

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Posted in: Australia to reopen island detention camp after refugee bill passed See in context

If they sent a medical ship to the Christmas Island immigration detention camp to treat the ones in the camp instead of flying them.

The person would receive medical aid faster and any serious medical conditions could be diagnosed and a decision as to whether to treat on board or fly to an Australia hospital could then be made.

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Posted in: EU rebuffs May; says no-plan Brexiteers deserve 'place in hell' See in context

Switzerland has no border checks with the EU and it is NOT a EU member.

So why have a border between Northern ireland and the Republic of southern irelend ?

Such border checks will hurt the Republic more than the UK.

If the EU can not stop the UK from leaving, other countries who are thinking of leaving may follow.

So the EU is trying to make it as hard as possible for the UK with demands that they know will not pass in Parliament .

How many other EU countries are thinking of leaving ?

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Posted in: U.S. sends aid to Colombia-Venezuela border; Maduro rejects help See in context

approval of the United Nations Security Council to deliver aid without Maduro's cooperation, but Russia would likely block such a move.

"The more it looks like an overt attack on the authority of Maduro, that makes the aid more of a target," said Konyndyk, who has led U.S. government responses to international disasters.

Why not say to Russia, China and Turkey "Yous take the food etc in and hand out to the people" That way Maduro can not say that it is a overt attack his authority as it will be his allies delivering the stuff.

If they say NO, then it makes them as bad as Maduro. That NO would say they openly agree to Maduro actions that are making his people suffer.

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Posted in: JAL plane skids off taxiway, closing part of Narita Airport See in context

Ones arriving for a holiday can write home about their exciting start

and ones returning home can say the ending was full of excitement.

no serious injuries.

Thankfully just minor injuries. Hopefully just bumps and bruises from being bumped around as it went off the runway.

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Posted in: Trump slams his 'naive' intelligence services; says they should go back to school See in context

SchopenhauerToday 07:56 am JST

America's No. 1 enemy is not Iran but China.

Trump is the No. 1 enemy of the USA with his twit tweets and actions.

He has done more harm to USA relations externally and internally.

If he is not the anti-christ then he is taking orders from him. The end of the world is suppose to start in the middle east and he is making the M.E. more unstable.

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Posted in: Hyundai shows off walking car project See in context

Not a new idea.

There is already diggers, tree cutters and other machines that walk and use wheels.

Google picture search,g1:spider:APLxUn0a2wo%3D&usg=AI4-kQwxpXtdDveVnl5YnkyVJBB7CsIVA&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiA9r_Xl9_fAhU7RhUIHenvCZkQ4lYIKygA&biw=1791&bih=956&dpr=1

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Posted in: Japan protests over China's unapproved maritime survey See in context

China, while recognizing Okinotori as Japanese territory, argues that it is a "rock" and not a base point

"Okinotori reef does not meet the basic requirements to be recognized as island," Lu said

Kettle calling pot black.

The reefs China turned into islands are artificial in their making.

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Posted in: Apple's bombshell and the trillion-dollar question See in context

Apple shares plummeted nearly 10 percent on the news Thursday, with the company shedding some 38 percent since its valuation hit $1 trillion last year.

I wonder how many sold shares before that happened ?

Huawei has overtaken Apple as the third largest global smartphone maker despite limited presence in the United States. The update suggested a disappointing figure for iPhone sales, the key driver of revenue and profit for the California tech giant.

Some analysts said Apple erred in boosting the price of its new iPhones to well over $1,000 in a global smartphone market that is largely saturated and facing tougher competition.

One of the reasons i never bought an Iphone is its price is too high. Their are other phones that can do the same as Iphone at a lower price.

"This is not a catastrophe nor is it a sign that Apple is losing its grip on the smartphone market but merely a misjudgment by Apple with regard to how much money people will pay for an iPhone."

An item true value is what people are willing to pay for it. Had they priced the Iphone lower they may have sold more phones and more apps through their store and therefore made more profit.

Carolina Milanesi of Creative Strategies said Apple is unique among smartphone makers because it has a wide array of apps and services that produce revenue.

"While it is true that no other single product has done for Apple as much as the iPhone, the product offering as an aggregate still puts Apple ahead of all other vendors who might be selling higher volumes but have no direct way to monetize from their users once the sale has occurred," Milanesi said in a blog.

While other phone makers let others create and sell apps for their phones, Apple forces any one who makes an app for the Iphone to only sell it through Apple and Apple takes a fee for that.

Apple users have no choice but to buy apps etc from Apple. Other phone users can chose who to buy their apps from.

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Posted in: Russia eyes missile defense buildup on disputed isles See in context

Russia will never hand back the islands as they are very strategic importance in defending the Sea of Okhotsk and its nuclear force stronghold

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Posted in: At 20, euro is currency giant on fragile footing See in context

I wonder how Italy feels about the euro after the recent giving way to the other euro countries demands. Italy wanted to make some heavy finical changes to improve their country but had to cut back as the actions would have affected the euro. Which the other euro using countries did not want.

That is one problem with the euro as all of the countries involved have to have similar taxs and spending policies.

In theory a single currency is good idea, but with such different demands from each countries population, national spending, etc it is harder on the poorer southern countries than the richer Germany and France.

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Posted in: Trump starts pulling U.S. forces from Syria See in context

CrazyJoeDec. 20 07:57 am JST

Every decision Trump makes Russia is a winner.

More like every decision Trump makes is under his master Putin order.

bonesDec. 20 08:00 am JST

more like “Comrade Putin, we have done our part, Syria is all yours “

Yes. Trump with draws US troops and lets his master Putin and Iran have a more free hand in Syria.

Concerned CitizenDec. 20 03:18 pm JST

The defeat of ISIS is something to be truly celebrated. They were evil.

ISIS may have lost the homeland they tried to create but they are still not fully defeated. They have just went back below the rocks they came out from.

CrazyJoeDec. 20 04:53 pm JST

I wish this article had reminded us who is involved, and what is at stake. This is about Putin and Assad finally leveling any opposition. They've used chemical weapons, they've bombed playgrounds and hospitals, and now the Trump administration, in what was surely at Putin's request, wants to bow out and leave those despots to murder everybody who resisted.

Assad gets to murder those who wants freedom and Putin gets to keep the Russian naval port in the mediterranean.

2020hindsightsToday 02:30 am JST

The only reason that Trump wants to pull out is because Putin told him to. Putin is keeping his troops in Syria, and yet he supports Trump getting out.

ISIS isn't defeated and what about US allies, the Kurds? Trump will just walk away? Remember ISIS pretty much started when the US pulled out of Iraq.

Trump = Putin's puppet.

I agree

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Posted in: Reports of drones shut London Gatwick airport amid busy holiday period See in context

WakarimasenDec. 20 05:52 pm JST

also why is the flying of a drone near an airport considered sufficient by authorities to shut the whole thing down?

An aircraft taking off could suffer damage that means the aircraft will have to fly around to use up fuel and then land to be repaired.

If it causes enough engine damage it would result in an emergency landing with almost a full load of fuel. That would be very dangerous as speed and weight would be high.

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Posted in: Police arrest 11 Chinese for working without visas; 47 others missing See in context

arrested 11 Chinese nationals in Hokkaido for allegedly working at a construction site without passports or proper visas, and later discovered that dozens of fellow workers had fled.

Officials were looking for 47 other Chinese who disappeared from the construction site after the arrests.

I do not know about Japan but in the UK every illegally worker cost the company they work for a fine of £10,000 (about 1.5 million Yen) per illegal worker found.

11 caught ones would equal ¥ 16.5 million

For all 58 workers it would equal about ¥ 87 million


Fines like that could persuade employers to avoid cheap illegal labour from outside Japan and to pay better wages to encourage more Japanese to work for them.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court leans toward allowing Apple App Store antitrust suit See in context

Apple has said it is acting only as the agent for app developers who sell the apps to consumers through the App Store.

If a developer wants $1 for their app they have to add Apple charge of 30% ($0.30) to it.

As Apple controls the selling of apps for Apple devices, developers have no choice but to pass Apple charges onto the customer.

By stopping developers selling their apps via any other source but the Apple store, Apple is monopolizing the Apple app market for iPhone software applications

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Posted in: Internet traffic hijack disrupts Google services See in context

SpeedToday 02:32 pm JST

China and Russia again.

Why isn't there ever retribution from the US government regarding these two?

With Putin pupet Trump in office, retribution is unlikely to happen.

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Posted in: One of our islands is missing: Japan 'loses' a bit of land See in context

YubaruToday 07:00 am JST

It is not impossible that tiny islands get weathered by the elements,"

Or it could have disappeared because of polar ice cap melt and rising levels in the ocean. Japan has literally gone to untold lengths to protect even specks of land in the Pacific, but considering it's location it probably wasnt worth the cost.

What caused it dissapear ? Weathering, rising sea level or someother reason not yet found.

At lest they have not gone to the lengths of building an airstrip on it.

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Posted in: China cutting rare earth output, unnerving global manufacturers See in context

HawkeyeToday 12:25 pm JST

I dont know much about rare earth minerals but are they only found in large quantities in china? If not why are we worried about China's threat.

China is the largest supplier of rare earth minerals.

They are used in almost everything with electronic components.

Like smart phones, computers, USA airforce (and other airforces) aircrafts electronics, Boeing dreamliner, europe Airbus, electric car batteries.

The U.S. military is worried about China's dominance of the rare earths market, calling it a "significant and growing risk," according to a Pentagon study released earlier this month.

Can not have more, newer advanced aircraft without rare earth and certain replacement parts for current in service aircraft can not be made without it.

If China cuts the USA off, it could have a serious impact on the USA (and other countries) military abilities in the future.

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