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Posted in: Japanese experimental nuclear fusion reactor inaugurated See in context

Researchers at ITER, which is over budget, behind schedule and facing major technical problems, hope to achieve nuclear fusion technology's holy grail, net energy


Nothing new there.

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Posted in: S Korean opposition leader hospitalised after hunger strike; prosecutors seek arrest See in context

opheliajadefeldtToday 01:32 pm JST

Hospitalised after going a few days with out food, some thing does not add up up right here.

Not just refusing food as he was transferred to a hospital after suffering from dehydration so he must also have been refusing fluids.

transferred to a hospital from the National Assembly in Seoul Monday morning after suffering from dehydration and dizziness, his party said.

Dehydration can hospitalise a person in days.

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Posted in: Russia targets Ukraine's farm storage sites after days of hitting Black Sea port facilities See in context

TaiwanIsNotChinaToday 06:51 am JST

A clear warcrime.

another struck during firefighting efforts

They've even started using terrorist tactics.


Putin has been using terrorist tactics from the beginning, when Russia targeted civilians.

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Posted in: Putin tells Poland any aggression against Belarus is attack on Russia See in context

On Wednesday, Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin was shown in a video welcoming his fighters to Belarus, telling them they would take no further part for now in the war in Ukraine but ordering them to gather strength for Wagner's operations in Africa while they trained the Belarusian army.

Prigozhin says Wagner, which led the conquest of the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, is Russia's most effective fighting force. But his frequent clashes with the Moscow defense establishment led him to stage an armed mutiny four weeks ago.

The insurrection ended with an agreement that Wagner fighters - many recruited from prison - could move to Belarus if they wished


Moving Wagner forces to Belarus and close to the Ukraine border, may be a first step in another attack on Ukraine from Belarus.

Will Putin lapdog Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko send his forces into Ukraine, opening the northern front to stretch Ukraine forces ?

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Posted in: School vice principal suspended for sexually harassing teacher by asking for kisses See in context

The board said the vice principal admitted to the allegations and quoted him as saying his questionable acts were intended to improve communications in the workplace.


Well he did not understand her saying NO.


suspended the 59-year-old vice principal of an elementary school in Chikusei, Ibaraki Prefecture, for one month


sexual harassment began last September and continued until March


He should have been suspended for at lest one month for every month he harassed her.

His punnishment should have been AT LEST Seven months suspended and demoted two levels.

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Posted in: Worker killed in chemical factory explosion in Niigata See in context

were cutting pipes at chemical maker Denka Co's plant in Itoigawa on Japan's coast facing the Sea of Japan when the explosion occurred,


Maybe something inside the pipe reacted to the cutting tool.


Another possibility is the cutting tool was the thing that exploded.

What type of cutting tool was it ?

Did it use a flame or a cutting disc for cutting ?


Only after an investigation will we know what happened.

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Posted in: Trump pleads not guilty in federal documents case See in context

Trump faces charges that include violations of the Espionage Act, which criminalizes unauthorized possession of defense information, and conspiracy to obstruct justice, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

That is the maximum sentence he faces, as he would serve any sentences concurrently if convicted.


Why should any criminal serve "Sentences Concurrently"

If you do several crimes you should serve all of the sentences one after the other.

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Posted in: Man arrested for driving minivan onto train tracks See in context

Police said Taiko Shibuya drove his vehicle for about 130 meters along the tracks


Shibuya initially told police that he “mistakenly entered the train tracks.” However, eyewitness reports suggest that he intentionally drove onto the tracks.


after the first 13 meters he should have noiced the very bumby surface he was on, was not a road.


eyewitness reports suggest that he intentionally drove onto the tracks.


Was this an attempt to commit suicide ?

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Posted in: Separatists in Indonesia's Papua threaten to shoot NZ hostage if denied talks See in context

A low-level but increasingly deadly battle for independence has been waged in resource-rich Papua ever since it was controversially brought under Indonesian control in a vote overseen by the United Nations in 1969.


Before Indonesia toke control of it, did it have its own identy, goverment ?

Who was in control before 1969 ?

Was this a mistake by the UN like what was done after WW1 when areas of the world map was rewritten and countries were formed by the League of Nations ?

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Posted in: Man who opened Asiana plane door in mid-air tells police he was 'uncomfortable' See in context

he opened a door on the plane minutes before it landed in Daegu, South Korea, on Friday because he was "uncomfortable"


Was he one of those who are afraid of flying ?


he was stressed after losing his job recently.


Was it an attempted suicide ?


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Posted in: Woman dies from injuries after being struck by police escort for UK royal See in context

struck by a motorcycle that was part of the UK royal’s police escort


He/She should be suspended without pay and charged with death due to dangerous driving like any one else would be.


Then through the court case the truth will come out as to what happened and if the police motorcyclist was at fault.


Was she crossing the road at the intersection on a green pedestrian traffic light ?

And the police motorcyclist going through a red light came round the corner too fast ?


Her son said she fought “for her life for nearly two weeks


That should have been more than enough time to find out the truth and released the details


The police cameras on the bike and surounding street cameras would have shown what happened.

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Posted in: Bear attack on angler suspected after human head found at lake in Hokkaido See in context

fatrainfallingintheforestToday 07:50 am JST

.. a member of the group killed one on Monday afternoon, according to a town official.

Why? The damage was already done. I can understand shooting a bear that has come into a populated area and is a threat, but this one (if it was even the one that attacked) was out in its own habitat doing what bears do. This is just vengeance.



Simple answer

Once it tasted human flesh it would see the next human as food.

Hopefully it was the one that killed the man.


Fishing in bear country, you should have at lest one person with you.


As others have said, having a bear repellant spray with you at lest is a must in bear country.

After catching a fish, you would have it smell on you. Maybe that is what attracted the bear.

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Posted in: Russian strikes in Ukraine kill 25 including five children See in context

Moscow said it had targeted reserve units of the Ukrainian military and that "all assigned objects were hit."


In another 10 to 20 years the children would have been old enough to join the reserves.


Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin said on Friday he had paid a rare visit to the embattled city and vowed Moscow would rebuild it.

If moscow had not invaded, there would be no need to be rebuild it.

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Posted in: 4 in 10 Americans say next vehicle may be electric: poll See in context

Air conditioners.

Durring hot weather, the goverment has asked people to reduce their use so to lower the strain on the power grid and avoid power cuts.

So what will they ask if every car and truck was electric powered ?


Is there any country in the world that can go full electric cars within the next 30 years ?

Without building more power stations and/or covering the land and costal seas with wind and solar power ?


There is still the problem of recharging time.

When will that problem be solved ?


Can batteries be made that will charge up in minutes than hours ?

If 100 of these super charging batteries started to charge at once.

Would the local power grid survive the sudden drain ?


Will batteries be made a universal shape and capacity ?

So you could pull into a electric station and swap your battery for another.

That would be faster than waiting for your battery to recharge.

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Posted in: Trump arrives in New York for surrender; opposes TV court coverage See in context

He got out of the vehicle, waved to people behind barricades set up by police for security purposes and walked into Trump Tower while making no public comments.

Beefing up his legal team, Trump hired Todd Blanche, a prominent white-collar criminal defense lawyer and former federal prosecutor, to join his defense, two sources familiar with the matter said. Blanche and other Trump lawyers on Monday urged the judge not to allow videography, photography and radio coverage of the arraignment.

In a letter to the court, they argued against allowing such coverage, saying it would "exacerbate an already almost circus-like atmosphere around this case" and "detract from both the dignity and decorum of the proceedings and courtroom."


For once Trumph seems to be doing what his legal team want. To keep his mouth closed and not dig himself deeper and make their jobs harder.

But for how much longer can he stay from putting his foot in it ?

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Posted in: Covering over well at Indian temple collapses, killing 35 See in context

They went to the temple to perform a fire ritual and celebrate the Hindu festival.

Sadly it ended in a watery death for many.


The mouth of the well was covered using iron grills and tiles several years ago. Municipal authorities in January ordered temple owners to remove the covering of the well because it was an unsafe and unauthorized structure, but temple authorities ignored the warning, the newspaper said.


The temple owners should be prosocuted for the deaths and injuries they caused.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach slams 'deplorable' government views on Russia See in context

Russian and Belarusian athletes could be denied visas so when they turn up in France they could be held and then deported as undesirables.

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Posted in: Bank failures and rescue test Yellen's decades of experience See in context

A former Federal Reserve governor, Sarah Bloom Raskin, said Yellen and other policymakers will now have to determine “how two banks that many didn’t think would pose a systemic risk to the banking system" could so threaten the nation's financial health.


They did not till


The crisis became apparent on Wednesday, March 8. Silicon Valley Bank's chief executive officer, Greg Becker had sent a letter to shareholders stating that the bank would need to raise $2.25 billion to shore up its finances after suffering significant losses.

The bank held an unusually high level of uninsured deposits, and many investments in long-term government bonds and mortgage-backed securities had tumbled in value as interest rates rose.


So a rise in interest rates cause long term bounds and mortgage-back securities to quickly lose so much value, the bank needed to raise $2.25 billion fast to survive.

Thought banks were supose to have reserves to cover things like this.

To protect their customers from such dangers of losing their money if the bank failed.

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Posted in: New Zealand tells China its concern on lethal aid to Russia See in context

Wang said the pressing task is to achieve a ceasefire and resume peace talks, and that China would continue to play a constructive role to promote a political settlement, the agency added.


A ceasefire would fail as putin would use it to rest and rearm his invasion force before attacking again.


Peace talks can start ONCE the invading Russian army leaves ALL of Ukraine. Including the Crimea.


Play a constructive role, by condeming the invasion and saying the Russian army is to leave.

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Posted in: Hong Kong government announces measures to lure wealthy family offices See in context

authorities try to restore business confidence and investor allure after three years of severe COVID-19 rules.


Hong Kong's push to attract wealthy families comes as many wealthy individuals and companies shifted to rival financial hubs such as Singapore after Beijing's imposition of a national security law on Hong Kong in 2020.


Covid damage can be reversed in time as restrictions are lifted.


With Beijing national security law in place, who would want to move there ?

While Hong Kong had freedom, it was a financial hub to rivil other hubs.

Now it has fallen down the financial hub list due interference from main land China.

It is not likely to recover from that.

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Posted in: New 'glass-like' orchid species discovered in Japan See in context

Nice looking flower

i wonder what it smells like ?

I also wow many more undiscovered plants are there in plain sight ?

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Posted in: Poland to be 1st NATO member to give Ukraine fighter jets See in context

Poland said Thursday it plans to give Ukraine about a dozen MiG-29 fighter jets


Once handed over they can go into combat as Ukraine pilots already fly them.

Unlike F16 and other NATO aircraft which would require training before handing over.

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Posted in: Japanese scientists create mice with two fathers See in context

Algernon LaCroixToday 08:11 am JST

This is truly sickening. How did it get through any kind of ethics screening?


Most likely because they were not working on human cells.

Experimenting on on human cells would involve thinking about the ethics involved.

But on animal cells, ethics are ignored as they are only using animal NOT human cells


dagonToday 08:52 am JST

We are living in creepy times

God created Mickey and Minnie, not Mickey and Mike..




Mickey and Minnie mouse form one of the most iconic cartoon couples in the world. Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks came up with the characters in 1928



Could a simular process be used on a female ?

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Posted in: Choc shock! Toblerone drops iconic Swiss peak from package See in context

A law on “Swissness” of products was adopted in 2017 and aims to protect the cachet of Swiss manufacturing. When it comes to foods, two criteria have to be met: At least four-fifths of the raw materials that go into the product have to come from Switzerland,


The chocolate bar, made of honey and almond nougat


four-fifths = 80 %

Chocolate makes up a lot of the bar.

More than 20% i would say.

So where in Swiserland do they grow the Coco Beans and Almond Nuts ?


I use to eat this alot years ago.


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Posted in: Japan, U.S. negotiating return of detained Navy officer: sources See in context

Among U.S. Congress members, Republican Sen Mike Lee of Utah said he met with Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi in August last year and demanded an early transfer of Alkonis to the United States.


Demanded !

With talk like that, it is more likely not to get the transfer done.

Not very diplomatic of him.

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Posted in: China says it refused U.S. call about balloon because atmosphere not 'proper' See in context

KniknaknokkaerToday 02:44 pm JST

Time to send some balloons over China eh


They would not see much from 90,000 feet due to the high polution in China air.

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Posted in: Ukraine-led 2024 boycott call against Olympic principles: IOC chief Bach See in context

IOC president Thomas Bach has told Ukraine that its calls for a boycott of the 2024 Paris Games over the possible participation of Russian competitors goes against Olympic "principles".

"Threatening a boycott of the Olympic Games which, as you inform me, the NOC of Ukraine is currently considering, goes against the fundamentals of the Olympic Movement and the principles we stand for," Bach said in the letter to Ukraine's Olympic chief Vadym Goutzeit.


The only principle Bach knows, is his FAT pay check being in danger of being cut.


Bach said the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes "has not even been discussed in concrete terms yet".


But they HAVE been discussed and most likely behind very closed doors

Why not have the discussion in the open ?

Open and no secrets being hidden.


"Therefore, your letter at this premature stage to your fellow NOCs, to the International Federations, IOC Members and to future Olympic hosts, pressuring them in an attempt to publicly influence their decision-making, has been perceived by the vast majority of them as, at the very least, extremely regrettable," Bach added.


How does he know the vast majority perceived it as extremely regrettable ?

He is putting HIS words into their views.


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Posted in: Seeing is believing? Global scramble to tackle deepfakes See in context

I wonder if Trumph would like this to make his evidence real ?

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Posted in: Prosecutors file charges in set shooting by Alec Baldwin See in context

In his lawsuit, Baldwin said that while working on camera angles with Hutchins, he pointed the gun in her direction and pulled back and released the hammer of the weapon, which discharged.


So he has changed from

"i did not fire the gun. it went off on its own."


"pulled back and released the hammer of the weapon, which discharged"

Sounds like he changed his story.


But real questions are still out there

Did he know it had a live round ?

Why did he not check the gun himself ?

Who put the live round in the gun ?

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Posted in: Indonesia soccer disaster trial begins for 5 charged See in context

more than 42,000 spectators inside the 36,000-seat stadium


1.66 times the number of seats.

Who ever allowed that should also be up for murder

Why would anyone think of putting too many people in enclosed area.

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