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Posted in: Trump lashes out at NASCAR over flag, noose; criticizes Redskins, Indians for weighing name changes See in context

Trump’s tweet “a late, misinformed, and factually incorrect statement.”

Long way of saying "lie".

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Posted in: Survey finds 77% of Japanese think Olympics cannot be held next year See in context

i think it should have been put back to 2024 and the one planed for 2024 put back to 2028.

That would give 4 years to find a vaccine for Covid 19 and everyone to be inoculated.

Without a vaccine, such events like the Olympics could be strip back in number of events and smaller crowds watching.

Currently the USA is a very dangerous place due to Covid 19 not being handled/controlled properly there. Would anyone want to be in the same crowd as USA supporters come to the games ?

Or any from other countries that has rising daily death count from Covid 19.

Until a vaccine is found and handed out, the world could be face years of unknown.

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Posted in: Japan puzzled by Indonesia's policy shift over high-speed rail plan See in context

Railway experts say it would be difficult to integrate the two projects in practical terms as the width of the tracks differs.

Two track widths will mean trains from one track will not run on the other.

140-kilometer high-speed rail service linking Jakarta and Bandung, the capital of West Java Province, commenced in 2016 by an Indonesia-China consortium

Japan in September last year reached a deal with Indonesia on the outline of a separate railway project to cover the full 720 km distance between Jakarta and Surabaya,

So the 140 km from Bandung to Jakarta will be china width and 720 km from Jakarta to Surabaya another width.

So all change in Jakarta if traveling from Bandung to/from Surabaya. No non-stop express.

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Posted in: It’s time for Japanese convenience store fried super sweet corn and chicken sticks See in context


And it does look like i WILL NOT be back anytime soon

i must double check for more than just spelling.

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Posted in: It’s time for Japanese convenience store fried super sweet corn and chicken sticks See in context

it is the crazy things like this, i miss about Japan.

And it does look like i be back anytime soon. :(

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Posted in: Hong Kong security, police chiefs warn of growing 'terrorism' as Taiwan promises assistance to people See in context

Hong Kong security, police chiefs warn of growing 'terrorism'

From China as the freedoms of Hong Kong are removed along with those who just want true freedom.

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Posted in: Outrage in Hong Kong as China pushes security law See in context

"This is the end of Hong Kong, this is the end of 'One Country, Two Systems', make no mistake about it," Civic Party lawmaker Dennis Kwok told reporters.

They have just admitted the ending the agreed "one country, two systems" years earlier than it was suppose to be.

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Posted in: Victims absent from S Korea's 'comfort women' rally amid graft allegations over ex-leader See in context

Out of all the money that has been sent, since the first agreement, reached the victims ?

Where has that money gone ?

STOP using these victims in political games.

Release the previous payments sent by Japan to them, as they are nearing the end of their lives and have already suffered so much during WW2 and since.

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Posted in: Anthem bill sparks new clashes in Hong Kong legislature See in context

and more patriotic education in schools.

AKA brain washing.

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Posted in: IOC plans to hold cancelled Tokyo session remotely See in context

Would it not be better to postpone the Olympics by four years ?

To undo the lockdowns will take several months if done safely and a vaccine is still months, maybe as much as two years away.

If they moved Tokyo to 2024 and France to 2028 it would give the world a few years to recover and properly prepare for the Olympics.

France has lost time with their lockdown to prepare for the 2024 Olympics

If the virus does hit hard again it could put their preparing for 2024 in doubt.

World economy will take time to recover and world travel even longer.

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Posted in: World leaders pledge billions for virus vaccine research See in context

French president Emmanuel Macron said he is confident that the U.S. will join the initiative at some point,

After Trumph is kicked out at the next election.

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Posted in: U.S. coronavirus deaths surpass Vietnam War toll as Florida governor meets Trump See in context

number of known U.S. coronavirus infections has doubled over the past 18 days to more than 1 million. The actual count is believed to be higher, with state public health officials cautioning that shortages of trained workers and materials have limited testing capacity, leaving many infections unrecorded

Trumph is proud of passing one million tests.

further evidence that caution may still be in order, an influential University of Washington research model often cited by White House officials and public health officials revised its projected U.S. coronavirus death toll upwards on Tuesday to more than 74,000 by Aug. 4, against its previous forecast of 67,000.

Is he also as proud of the 50,000 plus deaths ?

I seen a report on BBC News where the vice-president went about a ward WITHOUT a mask.

He said he did not need it as he and the people around him are constantly tested.

I pity the USA people having them as their current leaders.

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Posted in: Apple rolls out cheaper iPhone See in context

I always wanted an Iphone but the price put me off.

My current Android phone cost me less than $300.

Maybe some day i will get one.

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Posted in: Dams overflow as parts of Australia brace for more floods See in context

First fire and now floods.

What is next ?

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Posted in: WHO says prepare for local virus outbreaks; China slams U.S. control travel controls See in context

infected people don't show symptoms immediately and may be able to pass on the virus before they appear sick.

That is the scary part for me.

Harder to protect against something that can infect before showing symptoms.

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Posted in: Iran attacks U.S. forces in Iraq in retaliation for killing of commander See in context

U.S. officials have said Soleimani was killed because of solid intelligence indicating forces under his command planned attacks on U.S. targets in the region, although they have provided no evidence.

Sounds like something we heard before. Something about weapons of mass destruction that were never found.

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Posted in: Landslide democratic win in HK election raises pressure on city's leader See in context

She said the party rejected her offer to resign earlier on Monday

That is cause no one wanted to take her position of main China puppet.

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Posted in: Huawei sells folding smartphone with no Google after U.S. ban See in context

U.S. accusations the company might facilitate Chinese spying. The Trump administration is lobbying European and other allies to exclude Huawei equipment

Maybe we should also exclude USA made stuff to avoid Homeland spying on USA allies

Which country does not spy on Friends and Foe ?

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Posted in: Vietnam arrests eight in connection with UK truck deaths See in context

Why does it takes a large amount of deaths in one smuggling run before anything happens in the countries these poor victims came from.

They sought a better life and found only a slow horrible death.

where poor job prospects, encouragement by authorities, smuggling gangs and environmental disaster all contribute to the wave of migrants.

On Friday, police in Ha Tinh said they had arrested two people and summoned others for questioning on suspicion of involvement in the incident.

Any of those arrested or going to be questioned have any links to the authorities that encouraged ones to leave ?

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Posted in: Coast Guard searching for North Korean fishing boat reported to have sunk See in context

North Korean fishing boat that was reported to have sunk in the Sea of Japan.

A North Korean boat telephoned a Japanese fishing office to report that another North Korean vessel had sunk in the northern part of a rich fishing ground

Was this a false report ?

A phone call from a NK ship that would send Japanese patrols North away from the southern fishing grounds making detection less likely.

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Posted in: Boeing spacecraft astronauts see new frontier for commercial space See in context

In the early NASA years, astronauts demanded some manual controls as they did not want to be simply cargo. Who can blame them. If some thing goes wrong you want some way to take control and survive.

automated Boeing CST-100 Starliner,

There is two worrying words together.

(Boeing) knew how big it was going to be, how it was going to be powered, but they really hadn't thought a whole lot about what the inside would be and how does the crew interface with the vehicle that's designed to operate automatically,

Nothing new there.

The design "is a great compromise between keeping it minimalistic yet at the same time giving the pilot the ability to understand where am I, where do I need to be, how am I going to get there, if things go wrong how do I fix them."

Yes, How do you fix a craft that will be fully automatic ?

"It comes down to watching (the spacecraft's) behaviour," said Ferguson, who led NASA's final space shuttle mission in 2011 and spent more than 40 days in space over his career. "We just want to make sure it doesn't throw us a curve ball."

An auto system caused the fatal crashes of two aircraft and they are still (months later) trying to fix it. So far they have a PATCH.

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Posted in: Crew describe climate of fear at Cathay Pacific after Hong Kong sackings See in context

papigiulioToday 08:42 am JST

Time to boycott Cathay. Phone searches? Is that even legal?

In China it is.

Once they landed in China they had no choice but to hand over their phones.

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Posted in: Man arrested for spraying NHK fee collector with fire extinguisher See in context

I would like this question answered.

Did the NHK collector try to enter the house ?

If some one tried to enter my house i would defend myself with what was handy.

So him using a fire extinguisher to stop an intruder is no surprise.

I wonder if it was a powder extinguisher ?

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Posted in: U.S. labels China a currency manipulator; China halts U.S. farm purchases See in context

Also Monday, China's official Xinhua news agency reported that Chinese companies have stopped buying U.S. farm products - a direct shot at Trump supporters in rural America.

It is not the China government fault if companies do not want to buy import stuff.

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Posted in: Apple will face tariffs on components imported from China: Trump See in context

Trump will be happy charging USA citizens his tariffs.

Trump should have enough from his tariffs now to pay for his wall.

What is he doing with all of the income from his tariffs ?

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Posted in: China accuses FedEx of 'holding up' Huawei parcels See in context

China has hit back by announcing it would create its own blacklist of "unreliable" companies and individuals

Would Boeing come under that list with its current problem aircraft ?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic construction race raises worker safety questions See in context

They should increase the gap between picking the country and when the olympics are held there. Then there would be more time and less rush.

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Posted in: 2 Australians arrested, paraded before media in Bali over cocaine possession See in context

Risking death (you can never know how safe the drug is that you are smoking/injecting) in less harsh sentencing countries is bad enough without going to one where you risk the death penalty.

Using or dealing with drugs in those countries with such harsh sentences is totally stupid thing to do.

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Posted in: U.S. says Navy ship destroyed Iranian drone in Gulf See in context

So far Iran is winning the cost war.

Cost to Iran. "using off-the-shelf, commercially available drones"

Drone and missile to shot down USA drone $ 1,000,000 ?

Cost to USA ?

one of the US military's most advanced drones — it costs more than an F-35 stealth fighter

US drone shot out of sky by Iran cost $123 million

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Posted in: American Airlines extends Boeing 737 MAX cancellations for fourth time See in context

Boeing hopes a software upgrade and new pilot training will add layers of protection to prevent erroneous data from triggering a system called MCAS, which was activated in both the planes before they crashed.

That is not very reassuring.

How much time did the pilots have before the two crashes ?

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