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Posted in: China's consumer, factory activity improve but still weak See in context

The ruling party is sticking with a “zero COVID” strategy that calls for keeping the disease out of China by isolating every case.


You can not keep out something that started there.

It is already there as it began in China.

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Posted in: Emperor expected to attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral See in context

Awa no Gaijin


Roman numerals are used to describe the king not Arabic


englisc aspyrgendSep. 10 10:15 pm JST

Tell that to Apple, my tablet doesn’t do Roman numerals!


A captial i = 1 in roman numerals

So 3 captial iii = III

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Posted in: JAXA aims to launch new flagship H3 rocket in FY2022 after delays See in context

The agency had delayed the launch after a test conducted on the H3 rocket's main engine found holes on the wall of a combustion chamber as well as a defect in a turbine that feeds fuel to the chamber.


How did the parts pass inspection durring assembly ?

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Posted in: Nissan keen to leverage U.S. tax credit on electric vehicles See in context

bass4funkSep. 3 07:23 pm JST

I would never buy an EV at least not in the near future.

i recently got a diesel car and get about 50 MPG (UK gallon) (18 km per liter)

Half of my driving is in town.

So no plans to change to an electric car in the near future.


AntiquesavingSep. 3 10:01 am JST

EV California. On the 27th of August announced ending gas cars by 2035 then on the 2nd of September asks EV owners not to charge their cars because of the strain on the grid.


When i do, i would go for a Hybred as power outlets are not common and as electric car numbers increase access to a non private chargers will become harder. Mainly due to the time it takes to charge the battery.

It could be like the 70's and the long ques at the fuel stations to get fuel.


As most of electricy is produced using fossel fuels, most of the pollution would move from the roads to the power plants. Not so good if you live near one, but the air quality in cities and towns would improve.


To recharge (for an hour) the same number of cars that can fill their tanks up in an hour, the forecourt would need to be massive.

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Posted in: Russia reports 50,000 COVID-19 cases for second day running See in context

I am waiting for Putin to say the Ukraine are responsible for the increase in numbers as a biologial attack.

Then use it as an excuse to use chemical weapons in Ukraine.

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Posted in: Zoo director begs people to stop screwing with air conditioner, setting it to lowest temperature See in context

i would have put a toy snake inside the box.

So when opened it would pop out and a voice saying loudly "Keep your hands off my temperture setting"

If the temperature goes too low, reptiles digestion can slow down or stop.

Then what they are digesting could then rot and kill them.

Last year a giant python escaped from its owner and had a neighborhood in Yokohama on edge for about half a month. It wasn’t until Tsuyoshi Shirawa, the director of Shizuoka’s iZoo, used his keen sense of the reptile mind to quickly locate the animal in the ceiling above its owner’s apartment.

For those who say "why did it take him so long to find it"

It did not.

He was called in after time had passed and using his experience quickly worked out where it was most likely to be and caught it.

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Posted in: Europe plan for floating gas terminals raises climate fears See in context

Europe's gas scarcity has escalated global LNG prices, leading buyers in China and elsewhere to sign long-term contracts with suppliers in the United States. American LNG exports will likely grow by 10 million tons over the next year, said Bromander, the Rystad analyst.


Thought China would offer to buy more gas from Russia at a decent price and keep their friend Putin happy and China gas powered stations running costs lower.


More likely they are signing long-term contracts to rise prices and reduce supply to western countries.

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Posted in: Robot issue delays fuel removal from Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

The continuing need to cool the fuel remaining in the reactors has resulted in massive amounts of treated but still radioactive used cooling water that is being stored in about 1,000 tanks on the grounds of the plant.


Can they not reuse the radioactive water to cool the reactor and avoid increasing the number of tanks needed for storage ?

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Posted in: Iran denies being involved in attack on Salman Rushdie See in context

WilliBToday 03:05 am JST

Remember that the Japanese translator of the book (professor Igarashi) was also murdered for his crime of translating the book.


There was no crime commited by professor Igarashi.

The only crime was his murder.

He was murdered because he translated a book.

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Posted in: Iran denies being involved in attack on Salman Rushdie See in context

An Iranian government official denied on Monday that Tehran was involved in the assault on author Salman Rushdie,


Iran's late Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini had issued a fatwa, or Islamic edict, demanding his death. An Iranian foundation had put up a bounty of over $3 million


They can denie it all they want, but the fatwa with a bounty issued on Salman Rushdie is still in force.

Now some one has acted on it for the $3 mill bounty and/or due to their belief they are doing it in the name of alla.


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Posted in: Fujitsu, Hokuhoku Financial Group develop algorithm for efficient flood risk calculation See in context

algorithm for efficient flood risk calculation


So if your home is one meter lower than your neighbour, then you could pay more for flood insurance than them.


Best way to reduce your risk of flooding by not building on flood risk areas lthat were/are natural flood planes.


As cities, towns and villages expand they reduce the area that rain water can be absorbed naturally into the ground and that water ends up flowing down to the nearest low area which becomes overwhelmed as the ground can not absorb it fast enough.


Flood defences in one area can push their problem onto another area that previously not flooded.

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Posted in: Veggie 'steak' spared the knife in France See in context

i just wish non meat produce is more clearly marked.

Some of the labels can be mistaken for meat if not looked at closely.


i got nothing against vegan meat alternatives as i have tried some and found them okay.

i like some of my meat well done (some says cremated) and non meat just not there for me.

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Posted in: Greece, Saudi Arabia seal deal on data cable, discuss power grid link See in context

undersea data cable

linking their power grids


How about a Gas and Oil pipe lines as well.

The infrastructure for half or more of the EU is there.

Just disconnect the Russian pipe and replace it with one from Saudi Arabia.

Will take a few months to do after agreements for where to put the pipes after land fall.

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Posted in: Japanese, Irish leaders agree Russia must face 'severe consequences' See in context

The leaders of Japan and Ireland


Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and his Irish counterpart Micheal Martin


Micheal Martin is not the leader of Ireland

He is the leader of the Republic of Southern Ireland.

Which is part of the island of Ireland.

Northern Ireland is an separate country and part of the United Kingdom and not under his control.


That may change in the future.

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Posted in: Sunak, Truss ready for battle to be Britain's next PM See in context

blueToday 09:38 am JST

But Britain is already guaranteed to get either its first prime minister of color or its third woman leader.

And its third PM in 6 years...

3 PMs in 6 years is nothing compared to the history of Prime Ministers in office.

The record number of PM in the shortest time was back in 1834.

There was 4 PMs in one year.of different parties.


Sir Robert Peel 1834 – 1835 Conservative

Duke of Wellington 1834 Tory

Viscount Melbourne 1834 Whig

Earl Grey 1830 – 1834 Whig

In a space of 2 years from 1922 to 1924 the was a total of 5 different PMs of different parties.

Stanley Baldwin 1924 – 1929 Conservative

Ramsay MacDonald 1924 Labour

Stanley Baldwin 1923 – 1924 Conservative

Andrew Bonar Law 1922 – 1923 Conservative

David Lloyd George 1916 – 1922 Liberal

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Posted in: Europe burns as heatwave breaks temperature records See in context

On Monday evening, prosecutors in the southwest city of Bordeaux said a man suspected of having started one of the fires in the region had been taken into custody.


Natural fires are terrible enough without ones starting them


European Commission researchers, meanwhile, said nearly half (46 percent) of EU territory was exposed to warning-level drought. Eleven percent was at an alert level, and crops were already suffering from lack of water.


Ukraine food exports being blocked by Russia and now EU crops being effected by lack of water.

I see food prices rising higher again.


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Posted in: South Korea seeks to kickstart talks to resolve historical feuds with Japan See in context

South Korea seeks to kickstart talks to resolve historical feuds with Japan


Every time something is agreed, the next lot tears it up.

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Posted in: Australian gov't faces pressure to reinstate COVID quarantine pay See in context

compensation pay for casual workers forced to isolate due to COVID-19

end date of June 30 for quarantine pay of up to A$750 ($500) for casual workers was put in place by the previous Liberal-National coalition government.

We inherited these decisions, but we also inherited a trillion dollars of debt

And WHO is going to end up paying for that debt, the people in extra taxes and/or reduced services

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Posted in: Many won't rely on virtual options after COVID: AP-NORC poll See in context

after the coronavirus pandemic is over,


When will that be ?

Coronavirus can still change and pop up anywhere, as in China current lockdowns.

Maybe the next mutation will make all current vaccines worthless and we be back to step 1.

Will we be able to say when the pandemic will be over ?

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Posted in: OPEC Secretary General Barkindo dies unexpectedly at 63 See in context

wider group known as OPEC+ in a bid to better tame global oil prices,


Oil prices do not look tame the past year.

The way the have in the past months shot up.

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Posted in: ANA to resume one-way flights from Beijing to Narita after 2-year suspension See in context

ANA to resume one-way flights from Beijing to Narita


How are the ones flying from China supose to get home, as ANA only flies passengers out of China ?


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Posted in: ANA to resume one-way flights from Beijing to Narita after 2-year suspension See in context

Since early 2020, when the outbreak began, China has suspended all direct flights between Beijing and every city in Japan with the aim of preventing the virus from entering the country.


Too late

The virus has already spread to Japan from China.

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Posted in: Japan begins 3-month energy-saving period to conserve electricity See in context

Energy-saving measures are especially encouraged between 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., when solar power generation declines.


And after 8p.m. when the sun has set and is NOT shinning on the solar panels, What meassures should be taken then when they produce ZERO energy ?


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Posted in: Japan halts aid for coal-fired plants in Indonesia, Bangladesh See in context

end new forms of aid by the year-end for coal-burning power stations that fail to take measures to curb emissions.


They may now turn to China to build their coal powered stations.

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Posted in: Keeping China fed as inflation surges brings risk for commodity prices See in context

Russia could sell the stolen crops of Ukraine along with it own harvest to China.


China could offer to buy it at a reduced cost, as it is only one of a few that still does not have restrictions of trade against Russia.

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Posted in: Start-up firm develops tiny portable toilet See in context

Handy to have if trapped in an elevator.


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Posted in: NHK can now pester you through your mail thanks to new service from Japan Post See in context

On May 17, Japan Post announced a new special service where post can be delivered without the need for the recipient’s name — just an address will be enough to get it delivered.


spinningplatesMay 24 07:25 am JST


Dear 'Un-named Occupant' you owe us $200.

That can't fly.


Without my name on the address, it is not for me.

Here in the UK, i would.

Cover the address and simply mark it "Not known at this address" and "Return to Sender".

Then put it into a post box.


Would Japan Post charge them for the return of the letter ?


Not sure if you can do that in Japan.


If every suffer of NHK did that, the NHK post room would be overflowing with returned junk mail.

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Posted in: Divers prepare for search inside sunken Hokkaido tour boat See in context

Very unlikely for anyone to have survived at 120 meters in an air pocket at zero temperature .

PepepopoMay 17 05:05 pm JST

Hope they can find and rescue some survivors. Stranger things have happened, like the African cook who was trapped in an airpocket for days.


you are referring to May 2013 ..... from ...


"after surviving for three days at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in an air pocket on a sunken tugboat.Harrison Odjegba Okene, a Nigerian cook, survived by breathing an ever-dwindling supply of oxygen in an air pocket. As the temperature dropped to freezing, Okene, dressed only in boxer shorts

Okene believes his rescue in May after 72 hours under water at a depth of 30 metres (about 100ft) is a sign of divine deliverance. The other 11 crew on board the Jascon 4 died when it sunk."


Had it been 120 meters, the air pocket could have been too small due to it being compressed by water pressure.


Depth .... atmospheres Volume of air

meters pressure

0 ............. 1 .......... .......... 1 cubic meter

10 .......... 2 .......... .......... 1/2 cubic meter

20 .......... 3 .......... .......... 1/3 cubic meter

30 .......... 4 .......... .......... 1/4 cubic meter ..... Cook survived for 3 days

120 .......... 12 .......... .......... 1/12 cubic meter ..... Depth of sunken Tour Boat

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Posted in: McDonald's to sell all 850 stores in Russia See in context

Let’s go and see what a healthy society has to offer,

I would not call western society healthy.

With our high rates of obesity and the medical problems that goes with it.

Main problem with fast food is it's taste. It is too good and so easy to eat more than planed.

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Posted in: Shanghai announces gradual reopening of businesses See in context

painkillerToday 08:28 am JST

Is Pfizer, or Moderna considered effective vaccines?

Because the US has over 1,000,000 million covid related deaths, while China has about 7-15,000,

The USA has so many deaths due to lack of leadership by the then president, when it was hit by the first infections.

When the bodies started to pile up, local officals introduced mask wearing, etc while the then president kept denying facts about covid from the experts and spread false information.

Pfizer, or Moderna are more effective vaccines with rates of above 75 %.

China has admitted their vaccine is only 50 % effective

Vaccines only reduce the risk of catching covid. It does not give you zero risk of catching it at all.

Vaccines help reduce the effect of covid and increases survival rate.

You can still die or suffer long term/permanent disability from covid but the chance is far lower than some one who has not been vaccinated.

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