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Posted in: Many won't rely on virtual options after COVID: AP-NORC poll See in context

after the coronavirus pandemic is over,


When will that be ?

Coronavirus can still change and pop up anywhere, as in China current lockdowns.

Maybe the next mutation will make all current vaccines worthless and we be back to step 1.

Will we be able to say when the pandemic will be over ?

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Posted in: OPEC Secretary General Barkindo dies unexpectedly at 63 See in context

wider group known as OPEC+ in a bid to better tame global oil prices,


Oil prices do not look tame the past year.

The way the have in the past months shot up.

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Posted in: ANA to resume one-way flights from Beijing to Narita after 2-year suspension See in context

ANA to resume one-way flights from Beijing to Narita


How are the ones flying from China supose to get home, as ANA only flies passengers out of China ?


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Posted in: ANA to resume one-way flights from Beijing to Narita after 2-year suspension See in context

Since early 2020, when the outbreak began, China has suspended all direct flights between Beijing and every city in Japan with the aim of preventing the virus from entering the country.


Too late

The virus has already spread to Japan from China.

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Posted in: Japan begins 3-month energy-saving period to conserve electricity See in context

Energy-saving measures are especially encouraged between 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., when solar power generation declines.


And after 8p.m. when the sun has set and is NOT shinning on the solar panels, What meassures should be taken then when they produce ZERO energy ?


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Posted in: Japan halts aid for coal-fired plants in Indonesia, Bangladesh See in context

end new forms of aid by the year-end for coal-burning power stations that fail to take measures to curb emissions.


They may now turn to China to build their coal powered stations.

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Posted in: Keeping China fed as inflation surges brings risk for commodity prices See in context

Russia could sell the stolen crops of Ukraine along with it own harvest to China.


China could offer to buy it at a reduced cost, as it is only one of a few that still does not have restrictions of trade against Russia.

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Posted in: Start-up firm develops tiny portable toilet See in context

Handy to have if trapped in an elevator.


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Posted in: NHK can now pester you through your mail thanks to new service from Japan Post See in context

On May 17, Japan Post announced a new special service where post can be delivered without the need for the recipient’s name — just an address will be enough to get it delivered.


spinningplatesMay 24 07:25 am JST


Dear 'Un-named Occupant' you owe us $200.

That can't fly.


Without my name on the address, it is not for me.

Here in the UK, i would.

Cover the address and simply mark it "Not known at this address" and "Return to Sender".

Then put it into a post box.


Would Japan Post charge them for the return of the letter ?


Not sure if you can do that in Japan.


If every suffer of NHK did that, the NHK post room would be overflowing with returned junk mail.

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Posted in: Divers prepare for search inside sunken Hokkaido tour boat See in context

Very unlikely for anyone to have survived at 120 meters in an air pocket at zero temperature .

PepepopoMay 17 05:05 pm JST

Hope they can find and rescue some survivors. Stranger things have happened, like the African cook who was trapped in an airpocket for days.


you are referring to May 2013 ..... from ...


"after surviving for three days at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in an air pocket on a sunken tugboat.Harrison Odjegba Okene, a Nigerian cook, survived by breathing an ever-dwindling supply of oxygen in an air pocket. As the temperature dropped to freezing, Okene, dressed only in boxer shorts

Okene believes his rescue in May after 72 hours under water at a depth of 30 metres (about 100ft) is a sign of divine deliverance. The other 11 crew on board the Jascon 4 died when it sunk."


Had it been 120 meters, the air pocket could have been too small due to it being compressed by water pressure.


Depth .... atmospheres Volume of air

meters pressure

0 ............. 1 .......... .......... 1 cubic meter

10 .......... 2 .......... .......... 1/2 cubic meter

20 .......... 3 .......... .......... 1/3 cubic meter

30 .......... 4 .......... .......... 1/4 cubic meter ..... Cook survived for 3 days

120 .......... 12 .......... .......... 1/12 cubic meter ..... Depth of sunken Tour Boat

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Posted in: McDonald's to sell all 850 stores in Russia See in context

Let’s go and see what a healthy society has to offer,

I would not call western society healthy.

With our high rates of obesity and the medical problems that goes with it.

Main problem with fast food is it's taste. It is too good and so easy to eat more than planed.

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Posted in: Shanghai announces gradual reopening of businesses See in context

painkillerToday 08:28 am JST

Is Pfizer, or Moderna considered effective vaccines?

Because the US has over 1,000,000 million covid related deaths, while China has about 7-15,000,

The USA has so many deaths due to lack of leadership by the then president, when it was hit by the first infections.

When the bodies started to pile up, local officals introduced mask wearing, etc while the then president kept denying facts about covid from the experts and spread false information.

Pfizer, or Moderna are more effective vaccines with rates of above 75 %.

China has admitted their vaccine is only 50 % effective

Vaccines only reduce the risk of catching covid. It does not give you zero risk of catching it at all.

Vaccines help reduce the effect of covid and increases survival rate.

You can still die or suffer long term/permanent disability from covid but the chance is far lower than some one who has not been vaccinated.

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Posted in: Battery-powered Greek island bets on green future See in context

But the mayor stayed on the island and took university correspondence courses to put herself through business school and learn about public administration.

Think there is a lot of ones in government offices around the world need to do that.

Great planning has shown great results.

Now if all islands around the world could match them, it would improve lives around the world.

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Posted in: Kim slams North Korea pandemic response; deploys army See in context

In a sign of how serious the situation may be, Kim "strongly criticized" healthcare officials for what he called a botched response to epidemic prevention -- specifically a failure to keep pharmacies open 24/7 to distribute medicine.

Keeping them open 24/7 would not have helped much, if any.

You can not distribute medicine you do not have or is affordable to the ones who need it.

The failure to distribute medicine properly was "because officials of the cabinet and public health sector in charge of the supply have not rolled up their sleeves, not properly recognizing the present crisis," state media KCNA reported Kim said.

Who of them would stick up their heads to have it shot off or worse by criticizing the system ?

Kim, who visited pharmacies to inspect first hand, "strongly criticized the cabinet and public health sector for their irresponsible work attitude," KCNA said.

More like his double did the visiting

He also criticized lapses in official legal oversight, flagging "several negative phenomena in the nationwide handling and sale of medicines."

Does the normal working (slave) class have the money to pay for medicines ?

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Posted in: Final refrain for iPod as Apple stops production See in context

the do-it-all iPhone would eat away at sales of one-trick devices such as iPod MP3 players.

Yet the iPod endured.

Joswiak said that the "spirit of iPod" lives on in its lineup of products including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and its HomePod smart speaker.

The iPod endured despite analyst worries that the release of the iPhone in 2007 would destroy demand, since the smartphones provided much more than just digital music.

iPhone, iPad, Apple TV are far more costly and therefore more profitable to Apple.

jansob1Today 05:48 pm JST

Using your phone for all music just wears out your battery (which now cannot be replaced by the user). And my old Nano weighs next to nothing, so strapping it to my arm is way more comfortable than doing the same with my phone on a jog.

The main problem i see with smart phones (apart from their high prices) is the "it does everything"

So if (or more likely when) the smart phones fails due to battery failure (most likely due to age and lots of discharging and recharging), accident, thieft or something else.

You would lose the use of many things.

Still picture Camera, Video recorder, Music player, Video player, Phone calls, Texting, etc in one go.

So having an iPod just for music while jogging, resting on the beach or on a chair, etc would be handy.

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Posted in: California ban on selling semi-automatic guns to young adults overturned See in context

Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which says that Americans have a right to "keep and bear arms."

America's war for independence almost 250 years ago.

Back then they used muskets

Today it semi-automatic weapons

If they want to bear arms as in the 2nd amendment written 250 year old, then they should be limited to weapons from that era.

Would the founding fathers have written that if they knew what the weapons and the ones holding them would be like today ?

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Posted in: Chinese web users get creative to dodge COVID censorship See in context

The "hardship, discontent and anger" they have endured in lockdown have "far outweighed the fear" of punishment for posting sensitive content, (The Truth)

Top Chinese leaders vowed at a meeting on Thursday to stick "unwaveringly" to zero-COVID and "resolutely fight against all words and deeds that distort, question or reject our nation's disease control policies".

resolutely fight against anything that questions, show the truth and/or the policies are more harmful than good for the people suffering under the imprisonment of lockdown.

State media has played up the positives and "sidelined private difficulties", said a Beijing-based journalism professor who requested anonymity.

The State media has played up the positives (mostly lies) and "sidelined private difficulties", (know as the truth)

"two Shanghais", where official portrayals (lies and misinformation) contrast sharply with (the truth) what people view online,

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Posted in: Beijing COVID spike prompts mass testing, panic buying See in context

nandakandamandaToday 03:15 pm JST

Could it be that their Sinovac/pharm vaccines are not as reliable as they first made out,

China did admit that their vaccine is only 50% effective.

I wonder what vaccine the elite of China communist party used ?

The people in the ques are not staying 2 meters apart. I wonder how long the ques would be if they did ?

If there is any infected in the ques, the virus could spread faster, further and not be detected till the next testing day. Which would be followed by mass lockdowns.

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Posted in: Who left the tap on? Teacher in hot water for pool bill See in context

Japanese school has been hit with a 3.5 million yen water bill

This may be for the total water usage by the school

Local authorities in Yokosuka are now demanding the teacher and two supervisors pay half of the 3.5 million yen bill.

estimated 4,000 tons of excess water

1 ton of water = 1,000 liters.

So 4,000,000 liters of water cost about 1,750,000 Yen

2.3 liter per 1 Yen

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Posted in: Shanghai lockdowns threaten China auto production See in context

Supplies being stooped by trouble caused by China stamping down hard with it's version of virus control.

That is what happens when you go for the cheapest parts supplier.

All of your eggs in one basket.

Shanghai being a critical port, is one big bottle neck in the supply chain when it is closed down by covid restrictions.

Maybe VW and others will learn that saving money by using cheap labour is not worth it in the long run when Shanghai and other main transport hubs are effected by covid to the point of slow down or stopping transporting goods.

Having two or more suppliers of a part may cost more, but when one is hit y covid restrictions the others will keep the part supplies flowing instead of stopping dead.

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Posted in: Ukraine evacuees to get up to ¥2,400 a day as living allowance in Japan See in context

2,400 Yen is more than than what i get per day on unemployment benefit here in the United Kingdom.

I get about 1,800 Yen at today's exchange rate per day.

But 2,400 Yen per day is better than nothing and they are now safely out of the war zone.

But they still have family and friends in the hell of a war zone.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam says she won't seek second term See in context

“I will complete my five-year term as chief executive on the 30th of June this year, and I will also call an end to my 42 years of public service,” Lam said at a news conference. She thanks her team of local officials and the central authorities in Beijing, and said she plans to spend more time with family, which is her “sole consideration.”

Public service !!!

Most of Hong Kong hate the introductions she has brought in under her Chinese boss orders.

Suppressing free speech and allowing ones to be sent to China under dubious charges to vanish or under gentle talks to change their minds to support China.

Allowing false charges to any who would oppose her (and China) in elections and there fore stopping them from being candidates for elected government positions.

And many other things she has done for China and NOT for the people of Hong Kong.

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Posted in: 19-year-old Ground Self-Defense Force member dies in apparent suicide See in context

In the 1980s.

When my older brother was on guard duty with another at the gate.

The other one accidentality discharged his weapon in the pillar box and the round bounced around.

Neither were hurt, luckily.

So could the gun have went off in error ?

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Posted in: EU negotiators agree on landmark law to curb Big Tech See in context

The rules could come into place starting on January 1, 2023, though tech companies are asking for more time to implement the law.

9 months seems long enough to me.

They are large companies and should have enough staff to put towards looking deep into the new laws for loop holes, etc.

Will the law work as the EU plans, we will find out next year.

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Posted in: Russia keeps up attacks in Ukraine as two sides hold talks See in context

The latest negotiations, held via video conference, were the fourth round involving higher-level officials from the two countries and the first in a week. The talks ended without a breakthrough after several hours, with an aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy saying the negotiators took “a technical pause” and planned to meet again Tuesday

I do not think Putin see the talks as nothing more than a side show to the Russian people that he is willing to make peace talk.

and when they make no headway or fail (as he most likely plan) he will blame the Ukrainians for it.

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Posted in: Europe new hot spot for arms imports: report See in context

Europe saw the world's biggest rise in arms imports in the past five years, a trend set to accelerate following recent rearmament commitments amid the threat posed by Russia

Several NATO members have been spending less than they agreed to and now that has came back to bite them.

United Kingdom is one of the few that maintained the agreed spending limit on weapons.

When it comes to exporting countries, the U.S. leads the pack with 39 percent.

No surprise there.

Just wish the human race would come out the primative barbaric age and spend those weapon trillions on improving the lives of the people of the world.

But that is in the very distant furure, if the human race is still around.

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Posted in: As foreign companies leave Russia, their assets could be seized See in context

A draft law could allow Russian courts to appoint external administrators for companies that cease operations and are at least 25% foreign-owned. If the owners refuse to resume operations or to sell, the company's shares could be auctioned off, the ruling United Russia party has said, calling it “the first step toward nationalization.”

Chris Weafer of Macro-Advisory, a consultancy specializing in Russia, said the Russian government "is adopting a carrot-and-stick approach to foreign business,” with talk of nationalization balanced out with government help for those who stay. A key reason, Weafer said, is the Kremlin's desire to avoid mass unemployment.

When it comes to social pressures or potential public backlash, what they understand, I guess, is that people will not take to the streets because they cannot buy a Big Mac,” Weafer said. “But they might take to the streets if they have no job and no income.

If they star doing that, Russian assets being held should be used to compensate the companies for their losses.

All of the million dollar houses and yachts owned by Putin and friends abroad could be auctioned off as a start.

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Posted in: Millions locked down as China wrestles worst virus outbreak in two years See in context

"There is insufficient understanding of the characteristics of the Omicron variant... and judgment has been inaccurate."

Sounds like most dictatorships.

The mayor of Jilin and the head of the Changchun health commission were dismissed from their jobs Saturday, state media reported, in a sign of the political imperative placed on local authorities to contain virus clusters.

Just pass the buck.

Not our fault or our policies we made to deal with the virus that is wrong.

It is the persons way down the ladder that is responsible for failures of our policies.

How many more will lose their jobs as they are blamed for the goverment policy failures ?

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Posted in: U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy overshadowed as Russian threat looms large See in context

In February last year, the United States and Russia extended the last remaining treaty capping their nuclear arsenals, the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. They have also launched "strategic stability" arms control talks agreed upon by Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin in June in Geneva.

There is more than enough nukes to wipe out the world several times over. Building more would make little difference.

It is been believed that a limited nuke war in Europe would throw up enough radioactive dust to cause an ice age.

So if they all in the world were launched, the lucky ones will be the dead.

The Ozone would be destroyed in the northern hemisphere and the air filled with radiation would after time cover the world.

Even cutting the current numbers to half, it is still over kill.

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Posted in: Japan aims to block sex offenders from jobs in schools, child care See in context

Like many posters above.

I am surprised that such a simple law of not allowing sex offenders access to children is not law (O.O)

Also horrified and several other things as i try to work out why it has not been put into law yet.

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