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Posted in: Spain arrests eight over global bank cyber heists See in context

Lots more of this stuff going on in Thailand and Vietnam by other similar gangs, esp Russian, Roma, Africans and other sub-hominid criminal types....

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Posted in: Mother, three youths arrested over robbery in Kanagawa See in context

The era of peace and love it AIN'T!!! Watching all this crime in Japan now makes me realize how much more civil things were when I was there in '90-'91....

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Posted in: U.S. advises airlines to comply with China air zone demands See in context

Best thing is to BOYCOTT ALL Chinese made items. Give up all the mainly useless things made by china's huge slave-labor industries. 90% of what most people own is superfluous anyway, get back to essentials and FORCE more accountable, environmentally friendly, and locally made items to re-appear once again, re-invigorating neglected, abandoned small businesses and industries. Buy more second hand, refurbished thing keeping the money locally. REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE more and more....

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Posted in: Boeing asks for beacon checks on up to 1,200 jets See in context

To get few guys at the top of their corporate heap richer, Honeywell farmed out it's manufacturing to some 3rd world toilet -factory after firing all the conscientious US employees and is now reaping what it has sown...

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Posted in: Philippine investigators seek to pursue charges against gambling tycoon Okada See in context

The Sorianos are another run-of-the-mill clan of miscreants like the Cojuangco-aka Aquino family clan in cahoots with the other ruling elitist creeps Lopezes, Tans, Marcos-Romualdez and other criminal cretin, inbred moronic clans who control the whole stinking, rotten archipelago with strong arm tactics, bribery, extortion, thuggery, murder, thievery, and EVERY diabolical and nefarious method ever concocted on earth...... nice company of Nobel Laureates, eh??

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Posted in: Woman attacks high school girl with knife outside apartment See in context

Hmmm, about 40, wearing dark clothes, glasses-sunglasses? a Kardashian lunatic on the loose!

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Posted in: 4 teenagers arrested for assaulting man with metal bats See in context

OK....Don't name them, HANG THEM! The cretins already show what they are capable will only get worse as these psychos age and join the yakuz! Stomp the cockroaches quickly.....they wont spend their lives making daisy chains!

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Posted in: Airline bomber set to be released from prison See in context

Just let him outside the prison, put a bomb under HIS seat, and detonate the thing. Let him experience his own handiworks....think he'll get the message in that last 10,000th of a second on earth as a dangerous hominid?

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Posted in: FBI probe of Universal focuses on $25 mil consultant fee company now disavows See in context

Nothing new gangster family slipping cash to another to making sure the bribes muscle their way in where the money lies--gambling and whooring. The sorianos are just another brutal, corrupt gang/clan that have dominated the "ppines" for 200 years or so, just like The Lopezes, Cojuangcos-aka Aquinos, Marcoses, and a handful of others in that sleazy, rotten, corrupt toilet known as "the Philippines"...

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