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It was written on April 1st, so I hope it's a very poorly planned joke.

We don't know what really happened. Although it's a horrible thing to do, I can't say I condemn her either way. I lived in Fukuoka for 2 years as a single mother of a preschooler and oftentimes I hit rock bottom and contemplated suicide. I never hurt my daughter, but one time I cried so hard the neighbors called the police. And the first thing the police did when they came to my house was to ask me to wake up my daughter and checked her for physical injuries. They never asked me why I was crying or screaming.

There are ZERO mental health options for nationals, let alone for foreigners. Unless you pay huge amounts of money of course. Visits to the mental institutions are not covered by insurance. I went to the city hall's free counselor for help and they literally told me there's nothing they could do. They only asked about my sleep patterns, if I was abused or if I ever hurt my child.

It could be SIDS like someone mentioned, it could be something else. The fact that the husband said she's the one who suffocated the daughter is actually terrifying. You can understand how much "love" the woman received from her husband.

It's not summer yet, but sometimes it gets really hot in Fukuoka. I didn't have an air conditioner and one night I had to call the ambulance because I wasn't able to breathe in the house and I was worried for my daughter. Luckily she was fine, but I had to get a brain CT scan because of the heat stroke.

So we should never jump to conclusions before we learn the whole story!!

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