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No, he will not get bail.

They will hold him for a mandatory 10 days, and interrogate the hell out of him even tho he has already admitted to the crime. He will have to see the prosecutor and be interrogated some more during that time.

Then, depending on his history, they will let him go with a hefty fine. Then he has to hope that the victim doesn't file a civil lawsuit on him (which it is very likely he will, just to get some ¥).

At the end of the day... he should have just bought a bike, because by the time he gets done with all the money he has to fork out, he probably would have been able to take the shinkansen there , stayed for a while, went on shopping sprees, and so on.

Or at maybe it would have been more worthwhile stealing a car lol

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Kinda weird considering there is a police car posted outside of that headquarters 24/7 and it has always been like that at least for the past 5-6 yrs.

so...where were the patrolmen when this happened right outside of the building?


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