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Posted in: LDP to skip talks with Komeito, present constitution change proposals to Diet See in context

All Japanese should support PM Abe for carrying out changes in Art 9 of the PACIFIST CONSTITUTION to confer legal status on SDF so that Japan could become a strong and vibrant country to strengthen security of Japan and face challenging environment with confidence existing in the region.

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Posted in: Pompeo in Japan to discuss N Korea en route to Pyongyang See in context

Pompeo should also sound Kim Jong Un about urgent necessity of releasing the abducted Japanese nationals without further delay to assuage the offended feelings of JAPAN on this issue .

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Posted in: Abe re-elected LDP leader, setting stage to become Japan's longest-serving PM See in context

PM Abe 's victory was a forgone conclusion . He should now get ready for 4th term also.

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Posted in: Yamaguchi secures 6th term as Komeito chief See in context

Komeito Chief Yamaguchi got 6th term , so will PM Abe in LDP . His victory is sure today in the leadership contest of LDP

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Posted in: Abe, Ishiba face off in debate over economy, constitution See in context

Victory for PM Abe is a foregone conclusion in Sept 20 LDP party presidentship election.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka wins U.S. Open after Serena Williams penalized a game See in context

Great feat , at last NAOMI OSAKA ,has broken the monopoly of Williams over the game.

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Posted in: Japanese swimmer Ikee named Asian Games MVP for winning 6 golds See in context

Feel proud at Rikako IKEE's achievement She is a promising champion swimmer of Asia.

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Posted in: Abe expected to win leadership race despite flat ratings See in context

If PM Abe decides to stand for the fourth term , he will win with flying colours.

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Posted in: Abe declares candidacy in 2-way race with Ishiba to lead LDP See in context

Sure victory for PM Abe in September election over Ishiba .

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Posted in: Hato Bus still helping tourists discover Tokyo after 70 years See in context

Hato Bus must cover all places of tourist interest , so that nothing is left for a new first time visitor to see in TOKYO

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Posted in: Ex-defense chief Ishiba declares candidacy in LDP leadership race See in context

PM Abe will have a walkover victory over his rivals in September elections of LDP

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Posted in: Abe to announce candidacy for LDP leadership race in Aug See in context

None of the present leader in JAPAN is capable to offer any formidable challenge to PM Abe .He is sure to win presidentship of LDP for the third time in September.

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Posted in: ‘Jisa Biz’ campaign to ease overcrowding on Tokyo trains starts Monday See in context

JR should introduce more trains in the rush hours to accommodate huge rush of commuters . This situation of overcrowding in trains is intolerable.

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Posted in: Support for Abe rises, boosting chance at historic tenure See in context

PM Abe must win September vote as lot of Japan's future depends on his winning the third term.

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Posted in: Trump giving Abe a hard time on trade despite close ties See in context

Not only Japan , Trump is giving hard times on trade to many countries in the world .

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Posted in: Japan must boost protection for sexual harassment victims, says Noda See in context

HOW Seiko Noda can provide relief and protection to women in Japan if sexual harassment is not made a criminal offence and stringent penalties are prescribed for it by law.?

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Posted in: Abe tells N Korea: Release Japanese abductees or no aid See in context

Resolution of Japanese abductees issue is a must before any resumption of economic aid from Japan to North Korea can start , is the right approach adopted by PM Abe. This matter has been agitating the minds of Japanese people for a long time .tIme has now come for the final settlement of this issue.

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Posted in: India seeks Japan's help to build LNG facilities See in context

Opportunities for joint collaboration in different fields of economies are enormous .We need to tap them for our mutual benefits.

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Posted in: Sit and think See in context

Dil ka haal soone dil walla ( Only a person of heart will listen to the plight of this man )

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Posted in: Abe, Israeli PM discuss Iran, trade See in context

PM Abe's visit to Israel is highly successful and increase bonds of close friendship between the two countries.

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Posted in: Abe seeks support for constitutional revision See in context

There is no harm in recognising the constitutional reality of S D F by revising the Japan's constitution. All Japanese should fully support PM Abe's move for such revision.

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Posted in: Abe arrives in UAE See in context

PM Abe's visit to Middle East is going to be a great success . It will have a positive impact on his popularity rating among the Japanese public .

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Posted in: Golden goal See in context

PM Abe should score a GOLDEN GOAL by winning the leadership contest of LDP in September.

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Posted in: Abe to visit UAE, Jordan, Israel, Palestine from Sunday See in context

While others will enjoy their golden holidays in Japan , PM Abe will work hard during this period to promote Japanese economic interests Middle East countries and try to promote the peace process between Israel and Palestine .

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Posted in: 60% opposed to amendment of Japan's Constitution under Abe See in context

Present constitution of Japan written by U.S has become controversial among people .It is better to scrap it and Japanese should rewrite it again keeping in view the future challenges which Japan is facing at present.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker calls sexual harassment whistleblowing almost 'crime' See in context

No rational person can uphold the views expressed by Hakubun Shimomura who has equated whistleblowing in sexual harassment cases equal to crime . Whistleblowing, trumpet and drum beating is essential to catch and expose all those who indulge in sexual harassment of women in the society. PM Abe government should make law against sexual harassment cases more stringent as is recently made by Modi government in India to curb such evil practices and protect women from sexual harassment.

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Posted in: Voter support for Abe slips amid calls for Aso to quit See in context

PM Abe must handle opposition vicious propaganda against him with courage and determination . Do not allow them to succeed in their designs to overthrow the established government by levelling all sorts of fictitious allegations to create doubts in the minds of public and erode the popularity ratings with the help of their friends in the media under a well orchestrated vested strategy.

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Japan's adversaries frequently talk about Japan's past militarism which ended long back with the end of WW 2 in 1945 to pin it down . But today , Japan is the most peaceful country in the world .It has not developed any nuclear bomb or intercontinental ballistic missiles nor is threatening any country in its neighbourhood . But these adversaries never talk about their own militarism and the threats they issue every day. This exposes their biggest hypocrisy before the world .

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Posted in: Rally in Tokyo calls for end to sex crimes against young women See in context

Japanese government must make laws against sexual harassment more stringent and provide maximum punishment for crimes committed against young women to curb such evil practices in the society.

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Posted in: Rally in Tokyo calls for end to sex crimes against young women See in context

Japanese government must make laws

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