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Posted in: Tokyo police hold events to help stamp out molesting on trains See in context

Cartoon characters? The only worse choice would have been to have the AKB 48s kick off the campaign.

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest things or people's behavior you have seen in Japan? See in context

There could be a whole category for weird behavior of pet owners. Top of the list for me was when I witnessed a man taking his dog for a walk, bending over with a tissue, and wiping the dog's ass.

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As an American living in Japan, I was warned about this, specifically that nobody would believe the gaijin. Let's stet the record straight, this rarely (almost never) happens elsewhere in the world (at least not in America). Nobody I know back home has ever had this happen to her, been accused of this, nor have I ever witnessed a situation like this. This is a cultural phenomenon that is unique to Japan (just like manga, anime and the obsession with AKB48's). The next time this happens on a crowded train, don't point the finger at the gaijin.

The idea of extortion over this is absurd, the reaction is creating a problem nearly as bad as the groping. The woman should give the groper as swift punch in the groin, cause a scene to embarrass the guy, any real men nearby should step up and protect her from any retaliation, and everybody goes about their business.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic bid chief vows 'safe' Games after Boston blasts See in context

Mizuno should know it is not very "clever" to reference a tragedy that happened less than 12 hours ago for personal gain. And also, I always thought Mizuno sports gear was garbage.

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Posted in: U.S. reassures Japan, S Korea after fresh N Korea threats See in context

On the bright side, if this results in war, the U.S.'s biggest military base in Asia will be in NK, not Japan. I don't think China will let it get to that point.

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