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Posted in: Grand Slam leaders pledge to address Naomi Osaka's concerns See in context

Ganbare Naomi chan

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Posted in: Prosecutors decide not indict 40-year-old woman for killing mother See in context

why wont they indict her, Is she not fit to stand trial. I cany believe this.

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son raises fresh doubt over Tokyo Olympics See in context

Japan missed their chance to have a 2nd postponement. The IOC made it clear to them last year, it the games is not held in 2021 forget it. Tokyo should have insisted at that time they have the right to postpone till 2022.

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Posted in: Japan OKs Moderna, AstraZeneca vaccines, but AstraZeneca to be put on hold See in context

Japan must donate its AstraZeneca vaccines to the WHO COVAX scheme.

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Posted in: Shinkansen driver leaves controls for toilet while train running at 150kph See in context

There should be two drivers in the cabin so if one has to visit the washroom the other can takeover. Or give them adult diapers to wear., simple.

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Posted in: Biden cancels Trump's planned 'Garden of American Heroes' See in context

It was meant honour himself.

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Posted in: Sri Lankan's death in detention in spotlight as Japan debates immigration bill See in context

Oh Japan , be a little progressive and humane when dealing with foreigners. Why deny her proper medical attention and allow her to die?

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Posted in: Masters champion Matsuyama receives Prime Minister's Award See in context

Congrats to Matsuyama. Was Naomi Osaka also given this award when she became the first Japanese to win a major tournament in tennis?

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Posted in: After Super League chaos, City and Spurs win in Premier League action See in context

Why do they fire Mourinho before a cup final tat he was destined to win Spurs their first trophy after a very long time? I don't understand.

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Posted in: Police appeal for help 6 years after arson-murder of woman in Kanagawa See in context

It risks becoming one of many cold cases in Japan. 6years?

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Posted in: Aso repeats claim that treated Fukushima water is good to drink See in context

Let Aso prove it by drinking aglass of it in front of the cameras for all to see.

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Posted in: Prosecutors charge 2 Americans with helping Ghosn flee, jump bail See in context

"If convicted, the Taylors face up to three years in prison and a fine of of $2,900"

$2,900 out of $1.3m, good deal.

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Posted in: Do you agree with the decision not to allow spectators from overseas to attend the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games? See in context

Bad idea. Bad for business, bad for Japan bad for the Games

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Posted in: Coe urges Tokyo not to rush decision on fans for Olympic events See in context

Don't rush this, Japan. Most rational advice.

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Posted in: Japan plans to cap daily arrivals at 2,000 ahead of Olympics: Nikkei See in context

It will be profoundly racist to ban foreign national from coming to watch the Olympic Games. If conditions are not ripe for the Games to be held, scrap it. Cancel the damned thing. It is morally wrong to ask the world to come perform for the entertainment of the Japanese but say we are sorry , you are not allowed to come and watch.

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Posted in: Leader of political party that refuses to pay NHK ordered to pay NHK See in context


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Posted in: Europe applauds Biden's approach, stresses cooperation See in context

America is back !!

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Posted in: A look at what quarantine is like in Japan See in context

Are taxis included in the public transport category? So how are they supposed to get to their next place of quarantine after three days and haven tested negative? Walk?

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Posted in: Mori resigns over sexist remarks: Hashimoto being considered to replace him See in context

Public outcry about Mori's sexist comments particularly pressure coming from outside forced the 83 year old oyaji to resign. But when I heard that he was to be replaced with an 84 year old racist oyaji in the person of Kawabuchi who once denied that Auswitch never happened, I wondered what has become of Japan. A sexist oyaji out, a racist oyaji in. I publicly condmed that and called for a younger candidate preferably a woman who embodied the Olympic spirit and values. now Kawabuchi San has been forced out too. Down with oyajis control and stranglehold on power in Japan.

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Posted in: With Olympics at stake, Mori seen as too influential to push aside See in context

Ojisanism ! Must retire and never be seen occupying any public office that will give him the platform to make such offensive remarks again.

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Posted in: 100th goal for Son in Spurs victory; Arsenal wins 3rd straight See in context

Son is really good. Arguably the best player ever from Asia in the PL.

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Posted in: Veteran talk show host Larry King hospitalized with COVID-19: report See in context

I wish him well

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Posted in: Male-only rule should be prioritized in imperial succession: Suga See in context

Seriously?! And this guy is still the PM of JapAn?

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Posted in: Shichigosan celebration See in context

753 shichi go san

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Posted in: Gov’t to arrange shuttle buses from airports to hotels for travelers arriving from overseas See in context

So this bus is for both who test negative and those who test positive?

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Posted in: In new blow to Trump, U.S. court rejects Pennsylvania election case See in context

DiaperDon at the kiddie table throwing tantrums.

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Posted in: Japanese spacecraft carrying asteroid soil samples nears home See in context

Safe journey back home Hayabusa2

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Posted in: Past and present Japanese players pay tribute to Maradona See in context

Maradona was a great footballer and a flawed individual, period.

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Posted in: Biden solidifies U.S. election win; Trump says 'time will tell' if he stays in power See in context

Despite calling African countries sh*thole, Trump secretly admires African dictators who lose elections but refuse to give up power claiming a non existent fraud. Now he is taking a chapter from the play book of African dictators. Who would have imagined the president of US after losing the WH refuses to concede and spreading baseless conspiracy theories about election fraud. This is a serious blow to democracy in America.

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Posted in: School vice principal arrested for smearing bodily fluid on girl on train See in context

i don't understand this story. Smeared bodily fluid o. the little girl? Does it mean he ejaculated in a packed train on her? That's beyond crazy. And he is a vice principal dealing with little girls all the time

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