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Erm, no it doesn't.

Yes, it most definitely does.

We could always just not build the wall that keeps costing more every time someone tries to quote a price and wouldn't stop illegal immigration anyway and serves as nothing other than a massive government-funded program to troll liberals and enable racists to exercise their hatred of brown people.

Ok, that's your opinion, I'm from a border State and grew up watching all the chaos, yes, it makes a huge difference.

(Yawn) Going on about that again?


But there must be something in it if they let anyone as obviously corrupt, incompetent and generally useless as Trump and the GOP take control of the White House and Congress. Not managing to field a candidate who could beat Donald Trump is, admittedly, pretty embarrassing.

....if not nearly impossible at this moment since Dems have nothing going for them, NOTHING. They can't even win any elections, now that's embarrassing. Lol

But at the same time, funny as heck.

However the GOP have also been getting very good at highly orchestrated negative campaigning, voter suppression and gerrymandering (yes, if you're going to say the Democrats do all that too, don't bother, they're amateurs compared to the Republicans),

Ok, and?

not to mention raking in heaps of cash from shady old men like Robert Mercer and the Koch Brothers.

And want about the Dems and their biggest billion dollar corporate IT friends and the Hollywood stuck up, tree hugging crowd?

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Posted in: U.S. prepared to use force against N Korea: U.N. envoy See in context

This isnt iraq or tiny yemen. Resorting to violence is a 100% sure way of wreaking life in the peninsula. No way in Hades will plan China or Russia sit back and let that happen.

You're playing it the big dogs now merica.

Big dogs? That depends on what your definition of "big" is. If you are talking about the size and scope of their military, then they are the big dog...somewhat, but it doesn't mean anything if you haven't used your military in a long time and that's where the US has the advantage and the Russians and Chinese know this, they know getting into a fight with the US wouldn't be a quick win of any sort.

Having said that, there are No real options to solve this, if the US makes a preemptive strike, the NK will shell the South and they could level the city within hours and the causality rate would be enormous. On the other hand, you can't let the North continue with this nonsense either, the repercussions are growing and the patience from the South, Japan and the US is wearing thin. China is not going to do anything, not really. They don't like a destabilized out of control NK, but having a unified Korea is out of the question for them. Their interests are very different from ours and that leaves us with trying to convince the Japanese to go Nuclear and realistically speaking, that's not going to happen, but if it did, that most definitely would get the attention of the Chinese and NK and for the Chinese that's the worst possible scenario, then you would without a doubt get their attention.

So this is a very messy situation and you don't really have a lot of options. But as unpredictable as Kim is, he's not going to stop until they can have ICBM that can reach the Western part of the US and from what we have seen, they are closer to that goal than previously thought. This is a dilemma that needs to be be seriously and deeply thought out.

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Follow a democratic process of passing it into legislation rather than ramming it through. The guy in the leader's seat claims he is a great negotiator, or is that also in the past?

In other words, don't do what Obama did, consult Congress, gotcha!

Simple enough process, isn't it? How would you rather have your elected leaders make a difference?

If the Democrats get on board and put their party ideology aside, sit at the table and come to a middle point that would be great, the sad thing is Democrats are too focused with trying to get Trump out of office and as long as they hold on to that hate, it won't happen.

How would you know? You don't read about economics.

Had no idea you are standing over my shoulders. Lol!

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You guys think its obstruction, I think its not. Fair enough.

100% agreed!

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"But Obama did nothing and now it is up to Trump."

Korea first announced it had nuclear weapons in the early 2000s - 2002 if I recall correctly.

Kim Jong Il wasn't going off the rails purposely trying to provoke Japan and threatening the US with a preemptive strike.

So you'd agree that long before Obama 'did nothing', Bush 'did nothing' right?

I would agree BUSH didn't have to deal with a crazy Kim Jong On, OBAMA did.

Of course, you kind of have to forgive Bush, as he was off searching for WMDs that didn't exist, rather than dealing with the ones that did, right?

I was never angry at BUSH, it wasn't actually his fault, I blame the faulty intelligence on the Pentagon, Russians, British, Israeli's and the French, everyone had their hand in the stew believing the intelligence they had was sound.

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The Kim's announced they had developed a nuclear weapon in the early 2000s (2002 if I recall correctly). That was early in Bush's presidency.

On wasn't ruling the country then and his father was way more pragmatic.

So it would be accurate to say that you think Bush had a weak-spine right, since he didn't take care of Kim at the time.

NOT AT ALL, but Kim Jong IL wasn't as crazy or suicidal as his son.

What problem? They're saber rattling, same as they've done for 60 years. Why is that a problem? Who does saber rattling hurt?

60 years ago, we didn't have a suicidal loon running the country, that's the difference.

Yeah - no war. That's the ideal result. Not war.

Sonetimes you need war to ensure the peace.

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