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@StormR, Malin's is excellent - it ain't Kiwi Friday night style but it's as good as any British place I can remember eating at in the 10 years I lived there.

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@ebisen wrong - iPhone is NOT a platform. iOS is a platform. iPhone is just one phone with 3 variants. Since you don't realize that, the rest of post can't be taken seriously...

That one company should achieve a majority of sales in ANY country with one product of 3 varieties against multiple vendors with multiple models and in Japan's case, unavailable on the biggest network Docomo at all - is pretty astounding.

And what "closes in system"? Apps built for iOS work on... iOS. Apps built for Android work on... Android (conditionally...) What's the diff? If you're referring to music - you don't have to buy from iTunes, you can buy MP3s from Amazon, you can use streaming apps... Books? Apple supports ePub for iBooks, there's a Amazon Kindle app for books...

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