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I am almost 100% certain that the people who find Japanese not difficult to learn are barely beginners or at best, mid-field.

Japanese is very easy at the beginning. More so than English.

However as soon as you get to even intermediate and then advanced levels, it is probably as difficult as French. Or even harder than French.

It is easy enough for people to say, who do not already speak or understand Japanese to a 100% native level to say Japanese isn't difficult. Its grammar becomes so complicated and illogical in some the advances cases, its nearly impossible to learn. Even for Japanese people.

In a way I agree with what ThreeTigers and his dad says.

So far, I've NEVER heard any foreigner in Japan, in real life or on TV, speak natively fluently like a Japanese. Its all Gaigin or Textbook style Japanese. Says a lot doesn't it?

I think I can comment because I learnt both English and Japanese the hard way. Japanese is much much much much much more harder as soon as you hit a certain level, as its no longer straight forwardly understandable and often 曖昧。

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